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Pristyn Care Review: Best Clinic to Get Your Surgery Done in India

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Pristyn Care Laser Clinic is a modern healthcare partner using best-in-class technologies, advanced treatments and highly precise diagnostic & surgical equipment to treat patients. They are expanding the reach to provide a high quality of care to patients across India. The advantages of getting a surgical treatment from Pristyn Care Laser Clinic are not only limited to better medical devices but also expands to high-success rate, faster recoveries, fewer complications, and excellent after-care policies as well as the quality of care.

Pristyn Care


Why Pristyn Care?

Among other things, if you are looking for convenience and hassle-free experience, visit Pristyn Care Laser Clinic or make an appointment with the best specialists for you. The vision of Pristyn Care is to ensure a seamless surgical experience, hassle-free patient journey, and leverage USFDA approved procedures to help patients.

Website: https://www.pristyncare.com

The company has dedicated many teams to improve the medical capabilities, add highly trained doctors and medical professionals as well as fortify the processes such as insurance approval on the patient’s behalf. Pristyn Care has doctors who specialize in advanced surgical care through modern techniques and recovery measures. They are qualified to perform modern procedures, have years of experience and capability to perform complex yet simple procedures with ease.

Advantages of modern treatments 

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The most obvious advantage of an advanced surgical procedure include better visualization, greater precision and minimally invasive surgery with smaller incisions compared to open surgery. Advanced surgical procedures are minimally invasive or laparoscopic treatments where surgeons use a computer-controlled system in surgical procedures.

The modern daycare treatments offer a high degree of agility, allowing surgeons the capability to operate in very tight spaces in the body that would otherwise only be accessible through open surgery.

The treatments are USFDA approved and allow a surgeon or a specialist to perform complex yet simple surgical procedures through tiny incisions using robotic technology. We are listing some of the advantages which a patient may get while taking a surgical procedure at Pristyn Care.

  • Improved health & relief from conditions
  • Faster healing
  • Shorter stay at the hospital
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Return to normal activities within 2-3 days
  • Smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of complications
  • Reduced blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring

Treatments at Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care Reception

 Pristyn Care is a modern healthcare service provider with over 20 facilities and an expert team of doctors in India for treatment. They perform surgeries under the purview of Proctology, Urology, ENT, and Gynecology. They are using new & latest medical equipment, laparoscopic surgical procedures, and offering a high success-rate for treatments.

Pristyn Care Laser Clinic is modernizing the way we look at surgeries by leveraging most advanced laser-based treatments to perform specialized care treatments. With a team of highly skilled doctors using modern equipment, they take care of patients, perform daycare treatment, and have a long list of satisfied customers.

The treatments have resulted in faster recoveries with nil or minimal risks, are painless, minimally invasive, and have fewer risks. Unlike traditional surgeries, modern treatments don’t leave cuts or surgical marks, nor do they develop into complicated conditions.

Patient journey at Pristyn Care

 In a scenario where a new patient makes an appointment at Pristyn Care Clinic, the medical coordinator manages everything including ensuring the availability of the specialized doctor.

  • Afterward, the details of the appointment such as the address of the clinic or hospital and meeting time for the consultation to the patients via WhatsApp as well as an SMS
  • Once a patient reaches the Pristyn Care clinic, they don’t have to register in the clinic or wait, Team will be waiting for the patient at the pre-booked time
  • After a consultation, depending on the diagnosis, Specialist may recommend treatment with medicine, or a couple of tests, or surgery
  • The domain experts can share the test results with the Specialist so the patients don’t have to go back & forth to get the test results or show the same to the specialist
  • Another relief at Pristyn Care Laser Clinic is the type of assistance they provide to a patient for Insurance claim is extraordinary; they fill the documents for the patients with their support at their home

In cases where a surgical procedure is required, the specialist will recommend advanced daycare treatments. Pristyn Care sends a team member to the patients home, if need be. The Care Buddy will manage the entire schedule of a patient from booking a car for a patient from his home to the clinic, keep an upgraded room ready and provide food on time as prescribed by the specialist.0

One more service that Pristyn Care ideated is allowing a family member to stay with the patient and provide their food as well. If the patient is required to undergo an advanced procedure, he may be given an anesthetic.

How is after-care at Pristyn Care different?

The Specialists and Surgeons at Pristyn Care are highly-qualified, have valued experience and leverage the most advanced, high-precision and technologically sophisticated surgical equipment and modern procedures to diagnose, treat and cure patients. After the treatment is over, patients are discharged within 24-48 hours depending on the type of procedure received. Once the patient is ready to go home, the Care Buddy ensures that a taxi is waiting to drive the patient.

Specialist will provide a diet chart for the patients to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Apart from the hassle-free surgical experience, domain experts will always help the patient in making follow-up meetings after the surgical treatment which are free of charge.

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