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PayKickstart Review (2022): Affiliate Management Platform

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PayKickstart is a subscription-billing and affiliate management platform for businesses focused on recurring revenue. With PayKickstart, you will be able to start to sell physical and digital goods immediately. The solution will help you in increasing your conversion rates with its smart and powerful conversion boosters.

PayKickstart offers your business a lift by empowering you to go global. It can support more than 32 currencies and translate your page over 12 languages. As a result, you can also encourage your international audience to go through your shop and proceed with their sales transactions. Furthermore, PayKickstart provides you with actionable insights with its business intelligence suite. Using the information, you will gain from the reports, finding ways for improving traffic, sales, and conversions.

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PayKickstart is fully integrated with more than 40 service applications and will provide you various payment gateways, email membership, sign-ups and monitoring, and webinars services. Analytics and developer tools are also included in the integration, and a dedicated fulfillment service provider is also present. There is a known requirement for third-party tax services because pay kickstart offers an integrated tax system compliant with sales and VAT tax collection for international regions, including Canada, EU countries, Russia, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Contrary to most billing solutions, PayKickstart charges zero extra purchase fees for both online and consumers. The programs are delivered in real monthly flat-rate schedules. The features depend on the form and enhanced features in a specific plan and the number of goods or services. Through their 14-day free trial, users can explore the app.

Besides, PayKickstart includes advanced tracking and monitoring of all purchases, commissions, profits, turnover rates, transport analytics, etc., transactions and activities—virtually any mechanism possible for handling your online shops, marketing your goods, and maximizing your income.

With the PayKickStart application accessible for Android and iOS devices, you can keep on top of what is heading in your store while being on the go.

Feature Set of PayKickstart

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Some of PayKickstart’s core attributes are:

  • Payment Processing
  • Plans for payment
  • Model Library Checkout
  • Widgets and Form Checkout
  • Translation
  • Numerous currencies
  • Compliance with tax profiles & VAT
  • Conversion Tools
  • Autocomplete Checkout Forms
  • Pixels re-focusing and monitoring
  • Affiliate Management
  • Integrations
  • Reporting Suite
  • Mobile Application
  • Partner Contracts
  • Offline Order Processing
  • Management of User Permissions
  • Licensing Framework
  • Transaction Surveys
  • Surveys
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Customization of affiliate monitoring connect.
  • Subscription Billing
  • Spam Alerts
  • Audience Market analysis & Demographic trends

PayKickstart Pricing

$99/month – Starter Plan

Everything included below:

  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything for sale (Digital + Services)
  • Checkout Page Template Library
  • One-Click Upsells
  • Payment Synchronizations
  • Email Interface
  • Membership Integrations
  • Fulfillment Integrations
  • Coupons
  • Comprehensive support for tax
  • Saver / Dunning Subscription
  • Reporting

$199/month – Growth Plan

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Center for Affiliate Route
  • User-Based Roles & Permissions
  • Billing Management Portal
  • Cancellation / Retention Flows
  • Advanced decomposition
  • Access to API

$299/month – Scale plan

Everything in Starter + Growth, plus:

  • Appointed Account Manager
  • Demographic groups
  • Feedback polls for consumers
  • Audience Construction
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Social proof

Overview of PayKickstart Benefits

For smooth management of your online shops and affiliates, PayKickstart provides several advantages and services which improve your revenue and profit:

Sell Anything

In PayKickstart, there is no commodity form constraint. Real, automated, or both items and services may be offered.

Multiple options for payment and schedule

Accepting payment through PayPal, Credit Card or ACH/SEPA Wire Transfer from your clients. You can also create various payment arrangements and charges for your subscription, free-/pay trials, proration, multiple-use, measured, mixed, configuration fees, and more. You can also create one-time purchases and expenses.

Choose Your Checkout Page

Choose Your Checkout Page

You may also use checkup templates on your Checkout Design Library to make your checkout pages, check out popup widgets, embed your checkout form, and configure your brand using PayKickstart’s API.

International Currencies

PayKickstart offers the calculation and processing of transactions in up to 32 currencies in real-time.

Conversion and Revenue Boosters

Provide your consumers with ease and improve conversion by using tons of features such as order bumps, popup escapes, auto-fill addresses, coupon codes, and upsells for all payment methods with one swipe.

Take advantage of revenue benefits and functionality such as dunning monitoring, cart recovery and abandonment, pre-filled checkout pages, test/rebill alerts, and many more.

Automatic Profit Division and Management

It would be best if you had not had to think about sharing sales and profits whether you have a company or product partnership partners. Partner/JV of PayKickstart allows you to automatically share income and earnings with your partners and track them.

Advanced Affiliate Management

Advanced Affiliate Management

Get reference fees while you hire members for advertising your goods or services using built-in marketing materials from PayKickstart. You may also authorize the affiliates per campaign or via a live commission program to receive their commissions and create incentive competitions for their affiliate partners.

It can be difficult to handle affiliates and track the appropriate commissions; PayKickstart can, however, be of support in Affiliate Management. You can conveniently track commissions to date, overdue commissions, redemption rates, and general conditions via the app’s At-a-Glance Management feature.

End-of-year accounting is still one more matter of interest since the built-in structure of PayKickstart offers tax forms of W9/W8.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Developing reports for reviewing your sales and revenue status, conversion, subscription and churning, traffic, and associate affiliates.

Mobile Features

Mobile Paykickstart receives revenue and fee notices instantly. It also enables you to track your partner orders, campaigns, and purchases directly from your Android and iOS smartphones.

Role-Based Permissions

Provided your staff, partners, associates, and contractors the unique features and functions to assist you in the management of your company.

Advanced Marketing Features

Performing polls for obtaining more customer insight. Your questions will include particular purchases, such as purchasing, repayment, etc. You will differentiate your audience and partners in multiple ways – based on your customer behavior, demographic profile, etc. You may also create commercials and campaigns suited to a particular audience.

Downtime Alert

Get told automatically if the PayKickstart uptime tracking is downgraded on your website. It sends a warning as soon as the website crashes so that you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Manual Transactions

paykickstart transactions

Taking orders offline and processing the order using the Manual Transactions tab where the order and regulatory standards could be entered.

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