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Organix Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil Review With Price

Organix Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Organix Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil is an amazing product with multiple beneficial uses. Made with lavender extracts, this oil possesses the magical aroma of the flower that can easily bring peace and relieve you from stress and tension. The oil can be used for various purposes, be it in aromatherapy, or for its medicinal benefits on your hair and skin, or even just to enhance the vibe of where you live.

The oil is made using the Steam Distillation Process from selected good lavenders to ensure the promise of quality. The oil is cent percent organic, nature-based and free of harmful chemicals; moreover, it has ever been adulterated or diluted. Organix Mantra claims it to be 100% pure, organic and natural.

If you’ve had a difficult day or need that essential nourishment for your hair and skin, then Organic Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil can do it all. Adding just a few drops of it in your bathing water can help soak in all the freshness while melting the stress away from your nerves. Not only is it good for your emotional and mental wellbeing, it is equally beneficial for your skin and hair. With all the good from nature ready to be infused, it works magic on your body and soul. Mix a few drops of the essential oil in some other base oil or lotion and enjoy the goodness of lavender flowers.

How to Use

This Lavender Essential Oil can be used extensively in aromatherapy for its calming ability. It works as a natural aid for stress and disturbed sleep. It can instantly uplift your mood and light up your spirits! Adding a few drops of the oil in your bathing water can help you relax after your busy schedule for the day.

Obtained from the lavender flower extractions by the steam distillation process, it has the goodness and rejuvenating properties of the flora. You can add a few drops of it in your moisturizer or to some other base oil and use. It’ll not only bring the aroma of the oil to you but nourish the skin and hair as well. As of skin, it has healing properties and can contradict the effects of sunburn and wounds caused by burning and relieve the pain.

You can use it to liven up the vibe and spirit of your space, be it your office or home, or even your washroom. You can also use it in an electric diffuser or just some candles to spread its goodness.

If you’re struggling with sleep and have been facing issues of irregular sleep routine and insomnia, a few drops of the lavender essential oil on your pillow as you sleep will help you calm the nerves and bring a deeper peace, helping you fall asleep.

Put a few drops of it in cotton balls and keep them in your cloth wardrobe. This will help the clothes stay protected from bugs. A plus point being, it makes all your clothes smell amazing effortlessly, as well.

Ingredients Organix Mantra Lavender Essential Oil Ingredients

Organix Mantra Lavender Essential Oil is an organic product made with extractions from selected and sorted lavender flowers by the Steam Distillation process. It is 100% pure and organic essential oil made out of lavender flowers and all its goodness packed in one. It is concentrated oil which can be put into various uses.

Benefits or Uses

When to use organix mantra oil

The Lavender Essential Oil by Organix Mantra is full of benefits and can be used in an array of ways.

Starting from the amazing aroma and therapeutic qualities it carries, the lavender essential oil can very well be used in aromatherapy. The pleasant smell can help relax stressed nerves and tired muscles. It can nourish and bring back the lost health of your skin and hair in a natural way. Mixing it with some other base oil, like coconut or jojoba oil can help you do so. It has healing qualities and can cure the sunburns on your skin. Although an oil, it can actually help you fight that stubborn acne and dark spots. Combining it with your shampoo, or even massaging your roots mixed with some base oil can help you fight dandruff and bring back the lost life in your hair and scalp. And not just your body, it helps to uplift your spirit and bring you peace on the deeper levels. All naturally!

It can uplift your mood after a long day or can be the perfect partner for those self-care spa days. Candles infused with the essential oil can set the mood right for be it a date or just a soak-in session. It helps induce sleep too, as it calms your nerves as well as thoughts and relieves that tension. The aroma spreads a positive aura and helps in eliminating the negativity everywhere.

What’s more? This oil is 100% pure, natural and organic and does not have any harmful chemicals. If you are mentally or emotionally stressed or are just trying to heal from a psychological block, it is truly helpful. It also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties and detoxifies not just your body but your mind and space equally.

Packing Sizes  Packging size

The Organix Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil is available in two packaging sizes to meet your conveniences. One is a packaging of 15 ml and the other a packaging of 30 ml. They are available both online and offline.


The Essential Oil is available at different prices depending upon the packaging size of the product. The 15 ml packaging is available for Rs. 349 and the 30 ml packaging is available for Rs. 499 in the market. Although, they are available at discounted prices on different sites online as well. It’s a quality product for the price paid.

Good or Bad Organix Mantra Lavender Pure Essential Oil made up of

The Lavender Essential Oil by Organix Mantra is a rich essential oil full of natural goodness and benefits. It is worthy of the price one pays for it and only needs 2-3 drops per usage with dozens of purposes tended to.

In this world today, where everyone’s working and a large population deals with stress and tension every day, this essential oil comes as a curing therapy that rebounds the daily negativity and helps you uplift your mood while you can also indulge in the medicinal profits of the oil. It can be used in a variety of other ways as well. From relieving mental to physical tension and stress to detoxifying your space to healing and nourishing your skin and hair, its usability is wide.

This is a must try product which can enrich the quality of living while infusing a sense of peace.

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Although this oil is natural and organic, if you have sensitive or easily reactive skin, it’s always better to ask your doctor before personal usage.

Have you used this oil before? Don’t forget to share your experience below.

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