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OrbitGTM – A platform for Newbie and Pro-Alike | 2023


OrbitGTM is a financial broker that allows users to trade via its platform. The company is highly regulated and therefore considered safe. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC) are top-tier regulatory bodies covering the company.

The platform is differentiated from other similar platforms as it operates a dual trading account. Users of these platforms get to choose from either a newbie account or a Pro account which predisposes them to the necessary tools needed for each category of users.


Therefore, this review is not financial advice and only seeks to inform and educate readers about trading on OrbitGTM (orbitgtm-pro.net) and all other available options. It is crucial to understand how trading works on the platform and consider if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Trading Broker Name

To traders, OrbitGTM is popular for its vast trading tools and zero account options but may not be the best platform for various arrays of trading options. Just substantial trading tools and market research.

Find out the Summary on OrbitGTM

From the scrutiny and examination, we carried out to put this review together, we came to find out that OrbitGTM is a decent platform to trade various available options with.

Users of OrbitGTM enjoy negative balance protection for all clients, which brings the account to a zero balance if their trading experience is not such a good one and goes with a minus, coupled with the dual accounts provided for Newbies and Pros alike.

This article will dissect what you stand to gain when you use OrbitGTM and the possible downsides.


Unlike several other trading platforms, OrbitGTM offers its clients the following unique perks of trading with them:

  • No Commission on all accounts. OrbitGTM offers 3 account packages ranging from the Cent account ($250), pro trader ($2,500), and the prime trader account ($25,000) without charging any form of commission from these accounts.
  • Offers as high as 1:500 leverage for its’s trading accounts.
  • A free negative balance protection for all clients. Unlike many other platforms, this sort of perk is usually restricted to premium accounts; however, in the case of  OrbitGTM is open to all account types.
  • They also offer a multilingual Customer support service which runs 24/5. However, operating just five days a week may become a demerit to the app’s laudable multilingual Customer support system.
  • Simplicity in account creation is also a laudable attribute of the platform. Users can kickstart their trading journey without going through complicated procedures.

Advantages of Prime trader account

 The prime trader account is the highest paid-for account package on the OrbitGTM platform. It holds particularly unique rewards for users. Some of those benefits include:

  • Access to the platform web trader
  • Up to 1:500 in leverage option
  • 1:3 pips
  • All year round signals


  • OrbitGTM options are limited, which is why the platform is undesirable.
  • Limited deposit option is also a stumbling block with the platform. The platform does not support multiple payment methods, which may be a barrier to users depositing funds from other viable means not accepted by the platform.
  • Customer service is not 24/7 on the OrbitGTM platform. Clients may have to wait a couple of days before responses are received about any form of inquiry.

Understanding Leverage at OrbitGTM

Leverage on OrbitGTM is the same way leveraging works on other platforms. Leverage allows traders to trade options with borrowed money. Say a client has $1,000 in his balance; 100:1 lets him trade as though he has 100x his balance. It’s a quick way to earn profit and a quick way to lose your capital, so tread with caution.

On OrbitGTM, the maximum default leverage for all new accounts is 100:1. However, accounts on the prime trader package have access to higher leverages of up to 1:500. The more equity in your account or the trading package you run, the more leverage you can trade with. You can leverage your funds at your discretion, but the platform reserves the right to adjust your leverage settings.

Our Conclusion on OrbitGTM

OrbitGTM represents the brokerage platform for traders of all categories worldwide. We believe that

OrbitGTM offers an above-average service, and with its many quality analysis tools, there are not many other platforms up to that par. OrbitGTM is available for and provides all the services available on the platform. Each of the services they claim to render is true and works optimally.

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