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OnlineDivorce.com Review: Best Online Divorce Service Portal

OnlineDivorce.com Review

The modern trend is to minimize time and effort on legal issues and bureaucratic procedures. Divorce is not an exception. Time is too precious. Advanced technologies should be used in favor of quality, efficiency, and quick results.

An uncontested divorce is the main divorce route for making things easier. Ever since a no-fault termination of marriage without trial was recognized, the majority of all divorce cases in the US have been uncontested. Such splits are welcomed by law, and a lot of auxiliary features and services now exist to make the dissolution process civilized, amicable, and affordable, with minimal negative impact on the spouses and their children.

Among the resources available for uncontested divorces are online divorce services. So what is an online divorce service? And what are the advantages that a service like this provides? Let’s sort out the details.

Do Online Divorces Really Work and How Legitimate They Are?

Typically, the term “online divorce” is used to refer to the online preparation of divorce documents, not filing for divorce online. According to the filing rules in some states and counties, the spouses are obligated to attend the court or court clerk’s office at least once to get divorced, and divorce forms must be submitted in paper form.

In such cases, it cannot be said that one can get a divorce online from start to finish (an entire web divorce). You may, however, prepare all the needed paperwork online. Taking into account that this is the most crucial stage of an uncontested divorce, online divorce really works. Online divorce makes the process more convenient by providing excellent support for those who want to minimize bureaucracy and save their precious time.

Are Online Divorces Legal?

Online divorce relates only to the preparation of the legal forms. These legal forms still must be approved by the court at the time they are filed. As such, online divorces are entirely legitimate.

The judge does not care whether you gathered these forms by yourself or had them automatically generated using an online divorce service based on the circumstances of your case. The main requirement of the court is that the forms must comply with the particular state’s templates and be filled out correctly.

Onlinedivorce.com  | Basic Information

online divorce

OnlineDivorce.com is the most visited online divorce document preparation service in the United States. The operation principle of the service is straightforward. The client logs in to the website and checks whether their dissolution case is qualified for online divorce. If their case qualifies, the next step is paying a fee and answering a detailed online questionnaire. The questionnaire is needed to provide the site with all the necessary data concerning the circumstances of the separation.

Based on the information provided, Onlinedivorce.com will select the proper forms needed to comply with the particular state’s requirements and meet the customer’s vision of the dissolution process. For instance, the forms generated would be determined based on several factors including whether the spouses are going to divide property or debts, if child custody and child support apply, and if alimony is relevant.

Is Onlinedivorce.com Legit?

With 20 years of experience in the market, Onlinedivorce.com has established itself as a reliable service with excellent client reviews. It is even recommended by lawyers and judges. The company ensures that all courts across the US will approve the divorce forms provided. In case of failure, OnlineDivorce offers a refund.

OnlineDivorce is a trusted service that is a true leader in its field. It is preferred over all of its competitors. So it is safe and legal.

Is OnlineDivorce.com Good For You?

To get a definite answer to this question, you can check whether you are qualified for an online divorce by visiting OnlineDivorce.com.

Generally speaking, this online service is a great option for those spouses who have agreed on an uncontested proceeding. For simple divorces, an online divorce can make the procedure as quick and easy as possible.

Conditions that make it worth filing for divorce online include:

  • The spouses have no serious disagreements or claims against each other. They maintain healthy relationships.
  • The plaintiff (the spouse who initiated the case) is aware of their partner’s location. The spouses keep in touch.
  • The spouses do not have huge assets or debts, retirement payments, insurance, a joint business or other items that may be complicated to divide without involving an attorney or other experts.
  • The marriage ended amicably. The spouses have no disputed issues on marital property, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support.

How Can OnlineDivorce.com Help You?

Even though it is not a law firm, OnlineDivorce.com works for those who want to minimize bureaucracy and save their precious time. The website can ease the separation process significantly. The point is, in some cases, gathering the correct paperwork may be a grueling process. Divorce document templates may vary depending on the state and county in which you are filing. The forms can also be tricky to complete for a person without a legal background.

Even the tiniest mistake can cause the court to reject the paperwork forcing the plaintiff to have to fill out the divorce papers all over again. As long as you have a clear vision of your dissolution of marriage, OnlineDivorce.com will make sure that you do not miss any form or document.

OnlineDivorce is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to save time and avoid stress. This service makes completing divorce forms quick and effortless. It also guarantees that your experience filing for divorce will be done right on the first try.

How Can OnlineDivorce.com Help You

How Does OnlineDivorce.com Work?

Let’s consider the main steps the client should take to apply for a divorce with this top-notch online service.

  1. First, the client logs into the website and answers the brief questionnaire to make sure his or her divorce case can be processed online.How Does OnlineDivorce.com Work
  2. The next step is the most important. To proceed further, the client has to spend some time on a more detailed list of questions. This online interview is necessary to get all the information that determines exactly which divorce forms must be completed. Such information includes personal data for the participants in the case, some formal circumstances of the split, and information about property, employment, and children, among other things.working of online divorce
    These details are crucial. OnlineDivorce.com needs this information to prepare a complete divorce paperwork package that will meet the requirements of the particular state in which the divorce will be taking place. The client need not have any reservations about providing confidential information. OnlineDivorce.com promises to preserve its confidential character and will not use it outside of any contract provisions.The client gets filling instructions through the process, but if any questions arise, there is a  ready to help customer support team.
  1. Right after the payment has been processed, the service starts analyzing the client’s answers and gathering the forms. The process is fast. OnlineDivorce.com draws the papers up within two business days, including the revision of completed documents by legal experts.It does not matter if you are in a hurry to start a dissolution of the marriage or not. This website allows you to manage the process at your own pace.
  1. When the papers are ready, the client receives an email notification. He/she logs into their account and downloads the documents in PDF-format. After reviewing the forms, the user may contact online support if it is necessary to make some changes.
  2. The last thing the plaintiff has to do is to print the forms in the required quantity and sign them in the presence of a notary. After that, divorce papers can be submitted to the court. Typically, the plaintiff has to file for divorce with the local court for their place of residence. But Family Law is not the same in every state, so residency requirements for divorce may vary depending on where you live.

How Much Does It Cost to Use OnlineDivorce.com?

How Much Does It Cost to Use OnlineDivorce

The efficient work, popularity, and good reputation of OnlineDivorce.com would not be possible without mutual trust and a transparent pricing policy.

The fee for the basic package has not changed for years. For $139 you get ready-to-file divorce papers, individual customer support, free revision, name change, and state-specific instructions. The site does not charge any hidden fees or surcharges.

The total cost of an uncontested divorce with OnlineDivorce includes the cost of the service itself ($139) and the court filing fee (which usually varies from state to state and from county to county).

Lawyers’ fees are much higher, even for uncontested cases. Attorneys typically charge hourly fees. Those fees can range from around $1,500 for an uncontested divorce to around $15,000 for a contested divorce that goes to trial. So by making a decision to arrange an uncontested divorce using an online service instead of an attorney can save you more than $1,000.

Pros & Cons

The advantages of OnlineDivorce.com service are:


  • Good reputation for quality and reliability


The main asset of OnlineDivorce.com is its excellent reputation and trust from its many satisfied customers during its more than 15 years in the market.

The company’s activities and success have been profiled by many well-known media programs including Good Morning America, Time Magazine, USA Today, and Divorce Magazine. Adding to the company’s excellent reputation of reliability is its high rating on Trustpilot.com. OnlineDivorce.com discloses unfiltered customer reviews so potential users of the website can see that the service is 100% transparent.


  • Non-location-dependent service


OnlineDivorce.com support is available throughout the U.S. and several Canadian provinces (namely, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, British Columbia).

It does not matter in what part of the country or in what province the client lives, terms of service are the same for everyone. And of course, OnlineDivorce.com takes into account the variety of legal requirements of all the different states and provinces, so no matter where you live, the website has the necessary competence to provide you with the correct paperwork .


  • Affordable pricing


The pricing of the given service is $139, with no hidden fees. Thus, you know that you are getting the cheapest cost for the whole uncontested divorce procedure without any surprise charges.

You are only left paying the mandatory court filing fee which differs from state to state (from $50 to $400). Compared to the cost of an attorneys’ assistance, which can be pretty high even for uncontested cases, the OnlineDivorce.com service comes out to be far more inexpensive. By getting a divorce online, OnlineDivorce clients typically save more than $1000.


  • Do-it-yourself divorce is possible


An online service like OnlineDivorce.com is especially helpful if the spouses want to arrange a divorce without a lawyer. DIY-divorce, or Pro Se divorce, is legit and recognized by all the American courts. It can, however, be challenging for a non-professional to sort out all the legal terms and regulations without any assistance.

That’s where OnlineDivorce.com comes into play. With this tool, the couples can file for divorce almost by themselves. If the divorce case is simple, and the spouses can reach an agreement concerning commonly disputed issues such as the division of assets and child-related matters, the paperwork is the only issue to resolve.

Allowing OnlineDivorce.com to take on the paperwork ensures that you have enough time and energy for the more meaningful and personal aspects of the divorce, such as a settlement agreement, a parental plan, or just the emotional adaptation to a new life.


  • Time efficiency


Court visits,  waiting in lines, and attempting to learn and understand the divorce laws and regulations of your state court takes more time than it may seem. Preparing divorce forms over the internet allows you to save precious time by avoiding those tedious tasks. The plaintiff receives the ready-to-sign divorce paperwork packet within two days.

With OnlineDivorce, the total duration of the divorce from issuing papers to entering the final divorce decree depends only on the terms and waiting periods set by the legislation of your state. Clients of OnlineDivorce.com feel safe from delays and unpleasant surprises. They can manage their time during the dissolution process themselves.


  • Stress-free process


If you are not going to contest the case, you probably want to avoid dramatizing the divorce process. OnlineDivorce.com has the same aim. By taking on the critical but complicated and somewhat boring tasks, this service allows spouses to keep calm and pay more attention to other essential things during this transition period.

Among all these amazing benefits of the service, there is one thing which can still be considered as a disadvantage.

While online customer support receives a lot of grateful reviews, the website itself turned out to be not informative enough. OnlineDivorce.com provides an installment payment function for customers that are unable to avoid the entire $139 fee upfront. The problem is that this helpful feature is really hard to learn about, so a lot of users fail to find this information on the website.

If you ask the customer service counselor about it, you will be informed that you have the right to seek an installment payment plan if you can’t afford to pay the full $139 immediately. Although $139 is still a reasonable price, the clients should know more about this additional opportunity.


OnlineDivorce is a legit, reliable, and easy-to-use service. It is something in between the legal assistance for your divorce and do-it-yourself divorce in its true sense. OnlineDivorce is not a law firm, so it does not provide legal advice and cannot guarantee the success of what happens after the filing process. However, OnlineDivorce does an excellent job in its area of responsibility, as it offers a modern, straightforward, and cheap preparation of divorce forms customized to your specific case in the shortest terms.

Given all these facts, online divorce and OnlineDivorce.com, in particular, is the perfect option for every couple who wants to get ready for the termination of a marriage as quickly as possible and arrange it without long-drawn out litigation and huge expenses.

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