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11 Online Video Downloaders For Social Media

Online video downloaders for social media that help you to repurpose content

And social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so on are the biggest aggregators of contact. The fact is that now you can find not only photos but also videos that are published every second. If in fact, you can download all of these videos if they are published by a public profile.

This means that you discover a huge source for reusing content, and if you know the necessary tools to save insta, FB, Twitter, and other videos from social media you have a great source for content generation. Therefore, in this article, I will tell you about the necessary downloaders that help to improve your digital strategy.

Also, if every time you are puzzled over what to post on Instagram, I recommend you to explore top accounts that produce content on different social platforms. Then you can download videos from these accounts and post them on your other social media accounts. This clever way of reusing content is a great method to interact with the audience at the lowest cost for producing content.

You don’t always need to shoot a video from scratch to get a lot of likes, answers to stories, views, and so on. Even downloaded and re-uploaded videos can bring you success on other sites, especially if you somehow remake it into something unique for publication on other platforms.

So let me tell you further what are the different types of downloaders. These are 11 tools that every account manager on a social network should know.

11 Online video downloaders for profound content makers:

#1 Instagram feed video downloaders

The first is a downloader for Instagram videos. With this downloader and for videos from the feed, you can download any clip that the user posted into the IG feed. The method works only for public accounts.

# 2 Stories downloader

The second type of downloader for videos will help you to get clips that were posted in the format of a story. With these story downloaders, you can download short clips of series on videos that Instagram users upload to stories.

Most often, this content is hidden and if you find a really beautiful fascinating story, you can be sure that hardly anyone else uses them except for you.

Note: Since stories are usually available for a group of subscribers of a certain blogger or followers of a certain account. Users who are not subscribers, will probably never see this story. Therefore, when you download stories and with the help of downloaders, you increase the distribution of more exclusive content.

#3 IGTV downloader

With this type of downloader for online videos, you can download not only videos from the feed but also clips that are uploaded in the IGTV format. Thanks to this downloader, you will get longer clips that you can then use on other social media accounts or other sites.

#4 Live Downloader

In case an Instagramer has an active Live on the account, you can extract this clip with a smart tool. For keeping the Live you will just need to insert a link to a public IG profile where the Live session has been held.

#5 IG Reels downloader

The downloader for Instagram Reels is a must-have in 2021. Since ​​Reels are now an imitation of TikTok, however, in this social network, these clips collect millions of views and interactions. Therefore, you can search for popular Reels and publish them on other platforms after downloading.

#6 Twitch downloader

Downloaders from Twitch will accelerate clips from the largest streaming platform. And sometimes in some streams, you can find interesting information or fascinating content that you can re-publish on other social platforms.

To do this, you need to get the entire stream in perfect quality. Therefore, with the help of downloaders, you can get the whole broadcast in good quality. And after that, you can cut this clip and use some fragments or the whole broadcast for your purposes. To do this, of course, you need to specify the author of the broadcast in the original.

#7 FB video downloader

With a Facebook video downloader, you can download content from private Facebook groups, as well as from the huge Facebook Watch library.

Facebook content uploaded on the internet can help you reach more people on other social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Thus, just by copying one link to a video from Facebook, you will get the episode in its original quality.

#8 TikTok downloader

The downloader from TikTok is extra necessary, although at first glance it may seem to you that you can also download any video from the TikTok application itself. However, this is not always possible and many users do limit this possibility in the privacy settings.

In this case, you will not be able to download TikTok, no matter how much you like it. Recording the screen is also an option, but you will not get high-quality video material.

Therefore, the second problem also lies in the fact that when you download the content from the application, you get a clip with a watermark of the author. This means that the user name will also be visible on the side, along with the TikTok tag (after the clip is played, the TikTok logo will appear). However, if you use a special downloader for TikTok, you will escape this problem and the clip will be saved as if you filmed it.

#9 YouTube downloader

YouTube is a huge database of video content. With the help of special downloaders for YouTube, you will be able to download videos from any channel. Sometimes videos from YouTube or fragments from these video clips will help you get material that you can then reuse on other social platforms, or your website, tutorials, demos.

#10 Twitter video downloader

Twitter users write not only short texts but also post videos and photos. Since the audience is very creative and now businesses are actively entering this platform, then you may often need to download videos from Twitter.

And with the help of special tools, you can get a clip without an avatar of the brand and in the original quality directly from social networks, while there is no such option to download videos from the Twitter app itself.

#11 Online video converters

Also, you should know this kind of downloader that allows you to convert any MP4 videos into text or a voice track. These converters allow you to produce material from one form to another, if, for example, you need to get a podcast from a video, then these converters will help you effectively recognize speech and convert content.

For example, you can also use such a life hack. If you have a video with an interview or a survey of some expert in a niche and you need to convert this video into text, then you can open the video in one window and open Google Docs in another window.

After that, you need to select the voice record function in the document tab and click on playback in the video tab. When you do this while playing the video, the microphone will recognize this speech as dictation and convert this speech to text.

Examples of downloaders:

Toolzu, Instafinsta, Snapinsta, Savefrom.net, Fastfrom.

Finally, it’s possible to accumulate content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. This means that by downloading any video from social platforms, you can not just use the video itself, but also remake these clips into another form of content that can be used for subsequent involvement of other audiences.

Thus, if you curate content, and convert it from one form to another, then you will always have a huge source for publications of any type. All in all, your audience might prefer to watch videos or some people perceive the text more easily and prefer to read articles or posts on social networks to clips so that with the help of such tools and creativity you will reach the largest number of users.

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