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Top 10 Online Learning Tools For University Students (2021)

Online Learning Tools For University Students

The education sector is facing a significant shift in the course of the learning platform. The accessibility of education is the main issue before students’ eyes as they want to learn without any hassle. Students and teachers are now facing a new form of educational streaming through the digital platform. The digital online learning tools are now available on various media platforms in different names.

However even with so much help, students still struggle to keep up with their deadlines and assignments. Don’t be afraid to get some professional help to proofread, edit, and draft your papers and reports.

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Writing an assignment with an online learning platform’s help may seem like a challenging task for students. Traditional education is involved in the practice of near teacher assistance in rectifying and correcting assignments’ mistakes.

Online Learning Tools For University Students learning platform is giving the only subject related lessons and not any third-party correction assistance. Expert Assignment Help is a platform where students can reach out to subject matter experts for assistance. The team has some of the best professionals on board to proofread their papers, edit thesis reports, and provide in-depth industry insights.

This assistance providing platform usually picks up the topic and notes and does proofreading and correcting the grammatical and plagiarism errors. These errors are corrected by the Ph.D. experts who are specialized in creating the best content.

  • Open Source Tools

The open-source tools are used to correct the content and make sure it is a distinctive framework unique. The framework is used to categorize the writer’s and students’ contents and reports to recognize their work in their respective fields. Open source tools are helpful to students, along with them being a powerful platform for web content and blogs.

Apart from that, students can also get framework tools and services on Google itself. Many government and private websites are now using open source tools to create a perfect website.

Here is the List of Online Learning Tools:

To support the upcoming educational transformation, many digital video streaming companies have created top courses. Some of the educational websites and online teaching tools of the year are mentioned below:


If the learners want to pursue an education based on foreign specialization, Coursera is the right choice. The course is a mediator platform connecting both foreign national universities and students in a single website which is why it is a top-notch online learning tool.

Now, students don’t have to worry about getting a student visa for foreign education, as they have foreign academicians giving the education at their doorstep.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Founded as a Non-profit organization, Khan Academy has its base of work at giving primary education for learners and freshers who don’t know anything.

Khan Academy serves its online learning platform in more than 30 languages all over the world. With daily learning schedules, Khan Academy encourages teenagers and adults to learn without any break.


Unlike the above academies, FutureLearn is a bit different. FutureLearn doesn’t provide any more significant courses for the learners. Instead, they focus on offering people skill training for their employment.

Using various universities’ expertise, FutureLearn gives the best academicians and subject field experts available in the field, thus being an incredible online tool for university students.


Similar to Coursera, Edx is focused on providing a middleman service between the universities and students. But unlike Coursera, Edx is a full-time service provider to the students by providing professional certificate courses and creating a partnership program between the universities.

Some of the online educational tools and courses provided to students are marketing analytics, dark science of the universe, business development, etc.

Expert Proofreading Help

Signing up for these online classes is not enough; you also need to keep up with the deadlines. And before you submit your essays, it is important that you proofread it for errors. But who got the time for that!?

Well, you can always send your assignments to a professional proofreading service. These services are helpful to find out the mistakes and other errors. Students are focusing on completing assignments and not on the remaining errors, punctuation, wrong spelling, etc.

Luckily, the online assignment assistance platform is giving proofreading services to the students for their assignments. Now, students don’t have a reason to worry about the submission of assignments on time. Simply reach out to Expert Assignment Help UK and they got you covered!


One of the significant hosts in the conference platforms such as TED conferences and TEDx Talks, TEDEd has started a significant initiative in giving the community practical based education. Its main aim is to motivate young learners irrespective of their age.

Apart from practical learning descriptions, TEDEd courses are conversational and have an actual learning audience, so it is a great online learning tool for university students.

Codecademy – Online Learning Tools

As the name itself implies, this platform is created especially to learn how to code. Nowadays, coding has become a part of everyday studies where the essential coding requirement is needed for professional upgrades.

Many masterminds of the present world have utilized these online coding courses to learn Python, Java, etc.

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The Open University

This is one of the most important institutions that focus entirely on providing free education, so it is one of the most used online learning tools. Working under the Royal Grant of the United Kingdom, this university is primarily concentrated on OpenLearn, a digital platform providing free skillful education to many people. There are various courses in OpenLearn to learn and extract information about educational content.

Students often complete their papers but don’t have enough insights on how to edit and proofread their content. You wouldn’t want to submit incomplete content or worse to your professor right? This is where platforms like EduReviewer come into the picture. You can read up all about the pros and features of EduReviewer online before picking this tool.

LinkedIn Learning

Having its history of creating a prosperous community of professionals, LinkedIn has now started to offer professional courses for learners and college students.

Linked Learning has multi-level access to about 16000+ courses for business, tech, and other departments of professions. There is paid training as well for students to follow online courses. Students can share their certificate as a recognized academic document.

YouTube Home Learn

It is an exciting part for kids where they can increase the level of their knowledge by learning through YouTube videos. YouTube videos have a particular category for kids and adults to browse educational videos without any ease.

Top universities and institutions have their channel for learning on YouTube kids because they provide online learning tools for all standards. Students cannot obtain a certificate from this but can learn a lot anywhere and anytime.

Harvard Online Education Program – Online Learning Tool

Harvard has a different online education platform for many subjects. It came to this decision to go on with the online education streaming industry’s flow for many purposes.

However, Harvard is always known for its quality in education. Such quality can be obtained through an online platform and shows a positive achievement of online education.

Help With Thesis Editing

One of the main problems in research is providing it in paper format. A proper dissertation is proved only by working out the research in the best possible form on a paper. There are no user guides for master students and Ph.D. students to create a research paper. But the online assignment assistance companies are there to help these students finish the assignments on time.

The online assignment assistance platforms like Assignment Essay Help have the best advisors to help with editing theses. These advanced professionals are available round the clock for the students.


In the end, online learning tools are proved to have a greater emphasis than other areas. Many educators are collaborating with other institutions to increase the digital form of learning. Also, Students should not forget to use the logical expression in learning.

The online learning platform is now encouraged by the government, which is why students trust online platforms.

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