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New Happiness Code Review (2021): Ways To Get Rid Of Scarcity

So you just stumbled upon the New Happiness Code program and now wondering if it is effective or it’s just another scam? Then I insist you read this review till the end as I’ll be sharing my true experience and what this program is all about.

I got to know about this program through a Facebook group, as I was a firm believer of the law of attraction and hence was connected with some groups, a lady mentioned this program.

The confidence that she had while she was talking about this program was surprising (I thought it’s something like Sara’s weight loss scam), but still out of sheer curiosity (you guessed it) – I messaged her, and by the end of almost 1 hr texting I was convinced that I needed to try it.

Fast forward to today, I’m writing this review as I want to return the favor of that lady by helping someone else. So let’s get started.

What is it all about?

New Happiness Code Review

If you have ever tried any law of attraction/manifestation program, you must be aware of how they ask you to visualize the thoughts and feelings in order to attract wealth, happiness, and much more. But what if your beliefs and behavior that are wired into your brains limit your subconscious to manifest a happy and prosperous reality.

Many manifestation programs do talk a lot about these limiting beliefs, but they don’t understand how permanent they are. These limiting beliefs are wired into our brains with magnetic impulses, with repetition becomes permanent in our brain. This is what this program focuses on, it reprograms your subconscious by using science.

This program is based upon manifestation but they also found the missing piece thanks to the Harvard discovered the neurological trick. And this program will work for anyone out there, the biggest reason being they first focus on “happy abundance” and then “money abundance “, just as its name suggests.

Other programs ask you to manifest positive things in order to attract it, but in this program, they’ll help you manifest. Manifestation works like a magnet as our brain operates on the basis of electromagnetic brainwaves, each end of the magnet has a specific polarity. And when the polarity is misaligned (your permanent beliefs) they push positive things away.

The misalignment of brainwaves might occur due to stress, fatigue, sorrow, pain, or trauma. The New Happiness Code helps in flipping this polarity switch so that you’ll be able to attract what you want with a power that can’t be stopped.


About the Creators

The creators of this program are David X (major role) and Jeff but of course, they alone weren’t the creators, as this program is teamwork of leading audio experts, meditation experts, and top therapists.

David himself experienced scarcity in his life even though he was born with a silver spoon, suddenly going from Riches to Rags was a turning point for him.

After almost spending more than 8 years struggling and trying many other manifestation programs, he met Jeff who introduced him to the polarity switch, and finally, he was able to attract happiness and then wealth. From there they both worked together to work on this program and only after satisfying results they brought it out for us.

What’s inside?

New Happiness Code is a 3-week program, hence they offer three different tracks for each week plus 3 free bonuses.

Week 1 is called Alignment

This track was designed to flip the switch on scarcity resources and help you reprogram your brain to abundant resonance to make it easier to manifest and attract it. While it dissolves the limiting belief that you aren’t worthy enough. You’ll have to listen to their track every day for 1 week.

Week 2 is called Expansion

This track will make the magnetic resonance of abundance even stronger. So that you would no longer be magnetized by your old beliefs about scarcity. Your subconscious will agree that scarcity isn’t your destiny and a life of abundance isn’t just a possibility but it is an inevitability.

Week 3 is called limitless

By now your mindset will be magnetized to abundance and this track will become your maintenance track. Which will make you believe that your abundance, happiness, and prosperity have no limits.

Just like its name suggests this track will ultimately make you a magnet for limitless happiness and wealth. And after eliminating all your old beliefs it will flood your belief with how limitless you are.

That’s not it, to make this transformation even better. David offers 3 amazing free bonuses too. The First bonus is The New Sleep Code”, which is the most valuable track outside of The Happiness Code program.

They offer this as a bonus as if one wants to live a better life it is really important to get amazing sleep. This powerful audio is worth $79 as a standalone product. Listening to this audio for at least 24 minutes before you go to sleep will give you the best sleep of your life.

The next powerful bonus that they offer is called The New Peace Code, which is designed to eliminate anxiety and to replace it with blissful peace.

Even though tracks of the New Happiness Code will help you eliminate old beliefs, this audio will be a plus. This 18 min audio track is designed after working with the top therapist, it is worth $57 as a standalone product.

And the third bonus is The New Confidence Code which will help you discover or develop confidence from inside out. It’s worth $79 as a standalone product.


How to use it?

This program is an audiobook for which you just need to set aside 18 minutes a day, find a quiet and relaxing place. Put on your headphones and just hit play on your smartphone.

That’s it, You don’t have to do any hard work or do any crazy manifestation, you just need to listen to these audiobooks on a daily basis for 3 weeks.

Who it is for?

This New Happiness Code is for those who want to stop seeing obstacles in their journey to happiness and success. It will help you lead a happy and wealthy life.

No matter what you are going through, this program will help you as I mentioned earlier they focus on happiness and wealth follows. If you are someone who tried the law of attraction but failed to make it work, this program has what people have been missing for a long.

But it won’t work for you if you are someone who doesn’t take responsibility for making your life better or just doesn’t take action.

What are its benefits?

So now that you know almost everything about the New Happiness Code let’s see what are the benefits that you can get through this program.

  • This program will help you overcome your limiting beliefs and transform them.
  • It will make you feel more energetic and at peace as it helps in releasing all pressure from your mind.
  • You’ll start seeing results within a few weeks and won’t have to spend months and years for the polarity switch.
  • This program focuses on personal development.
  • It will help you overcome scarcity, no matter how long you have been struggling.
  • There is nothing to lose, no negative impact and if you think that it’s not worth it, you can ask for a refund.

The main goal for David was to reach as many people as he can as he knows how frustrating scarcity is and hence this program has been priced as low as possible in order to remove every possible barrier.

This full 3 weeks program (including 3 free bonuses) costs $39, plus there are literally zero risks to you as they are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. If you feel like it’s not worth it or it’s not for you, you just need to mail them and your request will be processed and you’ll get your refund within 24 hrs.

My Experience

Okay so finally you know almost everything about the New Happiness Code but before you choose to buy or not to buy this program, I want you to know my true personal experience. This program is totally worth it, it’s already been 5 months since I bought this program, and I must say it’s been the best 5 months of my life.

Their tracks are really powerful, within a few minutes of listening it felt like I was full of energy but still at peace. I don’t know how few tracks can do something that powerful but you will actually feel something changing.

From day 1, I started feeling more energetic, fresh, happy, and determined, but as I started using their bonuses with their main tracks I felt so empowered even my friends and family members started noticing changes.

After the 2nd-week things started making more sense, Everything felt a bit different and I’m still getting used to it. I still listen to the tracks on a daily basis as it showed me something that I never knew, how powerful and at peace I feel today was something I never felt before.

You must be wondering “did it work with wealth too?” I believe it does since in the past I had a hard time-saving anything from my paycheck (basically living from paycheck to paycheck), but now I’ve got a pretty good amount of savings.

It depends on the action though, how dramatic the results will be. And of course, everyone’s experience will be different according to their actions and determination.

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