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MightyTips Review: Get Free Betting Tips & Sports Predictions

MightTips Review

One thing that raises global fanfare is sports, and out of all the worldwide popular sports, football particularly holds a sentimental value in people’s hearts. Not only do people love watching their favorite teams in action, but they also enjoy predicting which team will win, which players are going to show the maximum potential, and how the game will take a turn for the better or worse.

Hence, this love for match speculation leads to a fan-favorite pastime of sports lovers to bet for the teams they are rooting for or see the tide of the game, make calculations and predict. The wager is usually successful if a precise prediction is made on the basis of calculated moves and by using betting tips. Any person with intuition can mostly guess the upcoming events, but not all sports fans and betters have a knack for successful betting.

But this need not interfere with your passion for wagering and watching your favorite sports leagues, right? Luckily, with the use of MightyTips, you can almost always win eight times from a wager limit of 10!

Here is a MightyTips review to help you carry on with your love for sports and betting.

The journey

MightyTips is a fairly new tips site, but that need not be confused with being amateur. Only in a

year of betting tips and reviews, MightyTips reached the otherwise unthinkable position of being the second-best sports betting site.

They launched their English website in 2019 and have skillfully expanded their betting empire to a five-language website. With people all over the world trusting their insights, reviews, and betting tips, it is only a matter of time for the MightyTips website to rank as the number one sports betting site. Their expertise ranges overall sports and eSports, but presently football seems like a specialty of theirs.

One winning step at a time

The website posted its first bookie review in a month from launching their website. The review became so popular that it helped harvest the website’s first 100,000 visitors!

The website carried on to redesign its layout and publish its first prediction, which was correct 84% of the time, just in two months of their betting tips journey. The popularity led them to accomplish the goal of 200,000 in only two months after achieving their first milestone, which was followed by launching their Polish website, and soon, under a year’s time, they reached 300,000 visitors a month!

MightyTips expertise

MightyTips expertise

The website deals with all sports, tips, reviews, jackpot predictions, bookie reviews, and bonuses for various leagues and sports lovers. Their team consists of the best globally available content makers, copywriters, professional tipsters, bookmakers, and developers.

The website’s current focus is shifted slightly towards football and eSports, but their upcoming plans will be featuring tips and reviews for many other sports, too. Cricket, basketball, and hockey are the upcoming launchings that all sports lovers should keep an eye on while soon planning to extend further.

Their experts’ advice will soon also be available for Formula 1 races, boxing, and rugby.

Services available

The site has a plethora of betting types for all kinds of wagers. You could go for the Football Accumulator, Win Draw Win, or the Draw. You could also choose from Over 2.5, Under 2.5, Over 3.5, based on which bet makes you feel the most predictable. BTTS, Double Chance, and Correct score are also some of the options you can choose from while browsing their site.

You could go through as many predictions and tips you need to continue with these bets. They specifically publish forecasts for the Football Accumulator bets.



Not only do you get to make some serious bucks by going along their predictions, but the betting tips site also provides periodic bonuses to its users. You could earn rewards for being a new user, or on your first bet, or even based upon the country you are betting from!

They offer quite a lot of free bets for users from Canada, Zambia, New Zealand, the Uk, Portugal, and Ireland. You could also bag a few free bets if you are from India, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya!

New bonuses might soon be launched for eSports betters, too.

Predictions and reviews

The site’s predictions come as near to the actual results as it can and has a consumer rating of 4.64 stars. Considering a betting site, relying on this much popularity website is simply in favor of all odds for winning. The bookmakers of the site are enthusiastic and eager writers that with the help of their content, create the best bookie predictions for various betting sites apart from MightyTips, too.

The website has presently published about 450+ predictions, betting tips, bookie reviews, articles and can be lucratively paired with a number of betting sites.

Ease of use and layout

MightyTips is a fairly easy website to use. The payout is user-friendly and straightforward. Moreover, the predictions, tips, and reviews are written in simple terms for all sports fans to understand and love. You could be an entire novice as it comes to betting, but the site will help you hit just the right notes and get your betting money and more.

Specifically, their ‘tips for today’ and ‘tips for tomorrow’ section is a fan favorite. The simple terms of predictions paired with an easy-going flow of the website help any ardent sports lover get the desired outcome from a single visit to the sight.


MightyTips is, without a doubt, one of the best prediction sites with expertise beyond its years of publishing. The site has already established its footmark in the hearts of sports bettors and will only exceed expectations.

It is presently on its way to being ranked number one and considering its predictions, results, and fame in a short time span itself, the ranking will not come as a surprise.

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