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Mangools Review: One Stop SEO Solution for Websites (2021)

Mangools Review

The internet today is like a large global market, and brands are busy hunting for a spot for themselves. At the end of the day, what matters is that the name of your business pops up on the top ranks in an online search. How difficult is that? Well, not at all if you know where to begin and what to do. The one tool to always have in your kitty is that of Search Engine Optimization. By adapting your content to the search engine, you can ensure better results for your brand with ease. And Mangools delivers exactly this for your brand. Read this Mangools review to know more.

Content Creation and SEO: The Cornerstone

The first step toward staying ahead of your competitors in the online market would be to have a unique and useful website for sure. However, that is not enough. Search Engine Optimization has, single-handedly, become the cornerstone of a successful online presence. Search engines follow a workflow of crawling, indexing and ranking, which makes SEO such an important tool. However, SEO is a lot more than just adding keyword after keyword in content.

First, your content must deliver to the audience pool you are targeting. It should be able to answer their queries. Second, your website or blog should have all the features that make viewing content easier for the user. This includes faster loading speeds, great user experience, proper titles and descriptions and so on. Yes, the content must be keyword optimized to be able to rank higher.

It should also put to use snippets/ schemas to stand out in SERPs. We understand this is a lot of work, especially because this excludes thinking and drafting good content. It would have been great to have professional guidance and help for it, wouldn’t it?

Enter Mangools, which promises to deliver “juicy SEO tools you will love”, and does impressively do so.

What is Mangools?

mangools seo tool

Mangools can be termed as an all-round, one-stop SEO package. It comes with several useful features like keyword research, links research, rank tracking and so on. It is an affordable solution for small businesses and even newbies compared to its competitors in the market. Mangools offers 5 different tools that can help you gain a complete grip over SEO for your website.

Mangools Review: Features

Let us look at the various features Mangools comes with, one at a time.


KWFinder by mangools - seo tool

One of the most significant SEO hacks to make use of is keyword optimization. Your content needs to have the right keywords included in it based on the latest trends or the most common queries in the genre you are catering to. But understanding what these keywords takes a lot of research, and hence a lot of time. This is where Mangools’ KWFinder manages to answer all your needs.

The KWFinder tool is quite similar to other independent keyword research tools you find on the internet. All you need to do is enter the topic you have in mind. What follows is a list of the best-performing keywords, along with related statistics for you to judge better.

At the same time, you also get an idea of other possible keyword choices you can think of incorporating. The data is presented quite smartly and is very easy to assess, unlike other platforms where it takes time to make sense out of heaps of information.


SERPChecker by mangools - One stop seo solution.png

When a user searches online by typing in a word or phrase, the search engine returns an array of related results. Some articles that appear are written in such a way that they not just answer the user’s question, but also lure him into related blogs, a subscription or a purchase. All this revolves around: (a) what the article is talking about, and (b) how well the article is written. Only a thorough research of these various contents can help one formulate an idea of how to frame blogs for optimum search engine optimization.

Mangools’ SERPChecker allows you to achieve this with ease. Just like KWFinder, all you need to do is to enter the keyword you are looking for. Mangools returns to you a comprehensive list of search engine results. You can see their titles, descriptions as well as their performance, right up to the number of Facebook shares!

This exhaustive data can also be shared easily, in case you are looking to compile a report of your studies. The data is presented in a way that makes it quite simple and easily comprehensible. The tool proves to be highly effective if you wish to gather sound information about competition in the genre you have picked.


SERPWatcher by mangools - One stop seo solution .png

Merely putting in effort, without monitoring it every now and then, is not going to yield any benefits. Mangools’ SERPChecker allows you to keep track of your website’s performance, enabling you to track multiple sites at a time. All you need to do is enter manually the name, domain and location for the website you want to assess. Mangools then sets into motion the process of tracking Dominance Index for the websites, along with keyword and website performance.


Linkminer - One stop seo solution.png

Backlinks are an all-important tool one must learn to leverage  for better reach. Mangools’ LinkMiner helps you monitor and analyse how backlinks for your site or content are doing. Using SERPChecker makes it easy to discern that the best-performing websites are generally the ones with the highest number of backlinks.


Site profiler by mangools - One stop seo solution.png

Lastly, Mangools allows you to also keep track of other sites, their SEO metrics and other insights. This gives you a wholesome idea about what they are doing right.

Mangools Review: Pros

Mangools offers a rich variety of keyword research options, even more compared to its competitors. The KWFinder tool is popular for a reason. It’s extensive coverage provides better and richer keyword research than even Google’s Keyword Planner for instance. Secondly, Mangools comes up with a SiteProfiler feature, which is not that common a find. It helps you assess how your competitor’s websites are performing. Hence, it allows you ready background for some quick research and planning.

Next, Mangools’ rank tracking tool is also extremely useful, in that it helps assess your own performance from time-to-time. You do not need to manually add each keyword you want to track separately. Mangools makes that easy for you by rank-tracking all keywords at one go.

Lastly, Mangools is one of the most affordable options out there. Compared to its competitors, Mangools charges much less for the same, and even more, features. This makes it quite suitable for small and medium businesses, or even someone who has just started out.

Mangools Review: Cons

We really wish Mangools came with a dashboard. That would have definitely made navigation and assessment a lot easier by providing an overview of all necessary information in a single graphic display. Several other SEO tools do provide such a feature. However, it is also true that Mangools is relatively new to the market of SEO tools and tracking. It can possibly roll out more features later, along with extending its database, which is not as rich as that of its competitors.

Final Words

Making a place for oneself on the internet today requires knowing the audience better, formulating the right strategies, and using efficient marketing tools. After all, large banners outside offices and shops are not enough. This is where tools like Mangools offer all-round assistance and lots of insights. Even if you do not own a website yourself, and are looking for a tool to assist your clients, Mangools succeeds to deliver.

The range of interesting tools and useful features make it one of the best in the market. Add to that its affordability, and it comes across as the best SEO tool one can have. We hope this Mangools review helped you assess the pros and cons well enough. Let us know about your experience of its service.

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