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6 Tips To Follow For Making Your Videos Look More Appealing

Making Your Videos Look More Appealing

On a general basis, a person searching for some information online invests more of his time watching videos than reading paragraphs of text materials. In fact, it is estimated that by 2022, online videos are going to gather an estimated 82% of total traffic.  

There are obvious reasons for such a shift towards online videos from reading texts. Firstly, it’s a lot easier and simpler method of getting ahold of any information. Secondly, this mode of delivering a message to the audience is more effective and can keep them engaged for greater periods of time.

But, a lot of people still prefer formulating content by using texts and images because making an entire video seems like a more daunting task. But, creating these professional videos is instead, a lot simpler than you think. Unlike popular believe, you also don’t have to spend a fortune on tools and equipment or spend days learning the process.

Just start with the basic tools available at your disposal and you will learn on the go. You can make use of a few tips from this think-piece to make your videos look more appealing.

  1. Use sufficient lighting

This is one of the most important tips that can make all the difference in any professional video. If the lighting in your video is inadequate or incorrectly positioned in any way, it will attract an audience even if it provides some valuable insights.                                                                                             

The sun is the best option to employ for the best quality lighting. Shooting a video during the golden hour or in the morning will give you the best outcome.                           

But, it’s important to note that using the midday light isn’t a preferable option because too much illumination can impact the appearance of the video in a negative way.

  1. Make sure that your background appears neat and clean

You don’t want your audience to perceive that you didn’t pay much attention to details during shooting the video because of a chaotic background.                                   

You can get the video to look more professional by using a solid-colored background. You can do this by using a plain wall, bedsheet etc. to act as the background. Shooting a video in your actual workplace can also be a smart option.

  1. Employ good video editors

A good editing tool for your video can even make a displeasing video look attractive and great. There are several platforms available on the internet to edit and modify your videos to the best of your capabilities.

One of them is wave video, a platform for making short business videos. It’s a simple and user-friendly tool with several video templates available for instant use.

  1. Make sure to edit your videos in a simple manner

You can try different effects during editing a video but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Start with noise cancellation to eliminate any background noise, remove footage with unnecessary pauses or awkward moments and incorporate background music in your videos – and there you go, a fun and engaging video all set to amaze your audience!

  1. Make sure to have a clear and good quality audio

Your audio quality plays a greater role than your video quality. People also prefer watching videos with slightly lower video quality as long as the information provided is credible and its audio is crisp and distinct.                      

So, don’t hesitate to invest in a microphone because it can help your video gain more traffic. Be mindful of any background noise that might disturb the audio.

  1. Watch out for blurry or shaky footage

A video with blurry and shaky clips can make it come off as a bit unprofessional and you might lose out on a lot of shares and traffic.

It’s a difficult task to hold a camera in a stable position at all times, so use a tripod stand or an erect and steady surface to keep the camera and shoot your videos.

Over to you

Keep these points in mind while shooting or editing videos for your audience. Making videos can be tricky and require practice, but once you start employing the techniques correctly, you will eventually start seeing the difference!

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