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10 Best Locksmiths in Plano, TX You Must Try Them In 2022

Locksmiths in Plano

We all know how important it is to keep our material possessions safe in times of crisis. Exactly why, can you ever think of going one day without having a proper lock at your apartment? If “no” is your answer to that question, then you are normal and are at the perfect place to get your issues solved. Today we’re going to talk about the top 10 locksmiths in Plano, Tx to keep your homes safe, protected, and secure. And, if you have a broken lock emergency at the moment, there is nothing better than to try any one of the services we are about to mention. So without further ado, let’s begin with the first one. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Locksmiths in Plano, Tx.

Austin’s lock and key

Austin’s lock and key - Locksmiths in Plano TXAs the name suggests, Austin’s lock and the key is a locally operated locksmith service that has been in this business for over three decades. Their main priority is to satisfy their customers with their top-notch service quality and their sincere follow-ups. Speaking of services, Austin’s lock and key have every service in the locksmith industry, that you possibly can imagine. Be it repairing safe locks, installing keyless entry deadlocks, or just making alternate keys, you name it, they have got it. 

They have residential, commercial, and automotive experience, which means they can also help you fix car door locks, make duplicate keys, and much more. Their other services include broken key extraction, garage door lock services, commercial services, emergency services, and much more.

Speaking of emergencies, in case you have a broken lock that needs to be repaired instantly, Austin’s lock and key make sure that their technicians reach you on the same day you book an appointment and get your locks fixed. They have high ratings on yelp and great customer support, which is why they happen to be number one on our list. If you ever wish to visit them, then check up on 2917 Hampshire Dr. Garland, TX 75040 and you’ll receive a warm welcome. 

Giddyup locksmiths

Giddyup locksmiths - Locksmiths in Plano TXNext on the list, we have yet another professional locksmith service in Plano, Tx locksmiths. They have been around the corner since 2008 and are still relevant in the industry, indicating how good they are at what they do. Giddyup locksmiths have experience in both, home, business, and automotive sectors, which is perfect for anyone looking to find an all-rounder locksmith.

On top of that, they claim their rates to be the cheapest in the market, without compromising on quality, which is music to the ears of a customer. Other than being affordable and professional, giddyup also offers a tonne of services including, broken key extraction, key duplication, lock installation, and much more.

Available 24/6 giddyup locksmiths are one of the best locksmiths in the area and the locals will nod to that. The quality of their services is great and they deliver quickly at an affordable price point, which essentially ticks all boxes for a customer. So if you haven’t heard of giddyup yet, then we high;y recommends you to use their services at least once. If you wish to check them out, drive up to 1331 US-80 Ste 101 Mesquite, TX 75150 and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Advanced locksmith

Advanced locksmithEstablished in 2013, Advanced locksmith is one of the best locksmiths in the market, or so it claims. Their forte is luxury car lock repair and emergency unlocking services. If you’re locked out of your car, then hit them up and they will arrive at your location in an instant.

They offer a lot of different services including, broken key extractions, key duplications, key replacement, lock installations, and much more. They also have expertise in household and business-related locksmith work, but they have the most experienced in the automobile industry.

On top of being helpful, advanced locksmith is also pretty cheap as compared to some of its competitors, which makes us give them extra brownie points. They take really good care of your luxury cars and hence we highly recommend trying them out once. If you’re thinking of driving up to them, then check 804 W Shore Dr. Ste 10 Richardson, TX 75080 to get a solution for all your lock and key problems. 

First quality lock and key

First quality lock and keyNext on the list, we have one of the most popular locksmiths in Plano, TX and surrounding areas, first quality locks, and keys. They have a lot of Locksmiths outlets in TX, especially in areas surrounding Plano. They have been in this industry for more than 25 years and hence are quite the local favorite.

First quality lock and the key are not only famous for the nostalgia it pours in but also for their unmatched quality in terms of services, first quality lock, and key offers a variety of different services that includes, lock replacement, broken key extraction, emergency unlocking services, and much more.

They have skilled technicians and staff who are qualified to take care of your locks and hence make your homes even more secure. If you’ve never tried the first quality lock and key before, we highly recommend you do so. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed by their services and hence would also recommend them to a friend or a colleague. On top of that, they are also affordable and are readily available, which makes them the perfect pit stop to get your locks repaired. 

Action lock and co

Action lock and coIf you’re looking to install hardcore security systems in your house, then action lock and co is the service you need. They have been around for more than three decades, which is a lot of time to gain expertise and experience in this industry. Action lock and co offers a bunch of different services including, access control system installation, CCTV camera repair and installation, mailbox lock services, and much more. They are one of the best Locksmiths Service Providers in Plano, Tx.

Out of all the locksmiths we’ve looked at so far, action lock and co easily come with the most variety of services. Also, their services are high quality, which means, they dont get you a cheap fix, but they get you the genuine stuff. Action lock and co is the place most of the locals head, to get the best quality locksmith services which are very clear from their yelp reviews.

On top of that, they are available 24/7 which is perfect for any emergency services that might appear. If you haven’t tried them out yet then we highly recommend you to drive up to 1245 N Plano Rd Richardson, TX 75081 and see for yourself. 

Michael’s keys

Michael’s keys - Locksmiths in Plano TXMichaels’s keys is a pretty popular shop in the locality. This is because, they have been in the area since 1987, which means they have completed more than two decades in the market and are still relevant. Even though old, Michael’s keys have evolved with time to be the perfect shop to provide solutions to all of your modern locksmith problems. This includes broken key extraction, smart lock installation, key duplication, and much more.

They have every service on the list that can be a problem in modern housing arrangements. On top of the variety, they also provide you with high-quality services, which is what makes them the perfect place to get started if you have a lot of lock and key problems, to begin with.

Michael’s keys have got skilled and experienced technicians working with them, so you don’t need to worry about a problem that is too complicated. Also, they’re pretty affordable and pocket-friendly, which is what makes them a great locksmith service in the region. If you haven’t checked them out yet, we highly recommend doing so. 

911 locksmith and security

911 locksmith and security - Locksmiths in Plano TXWith 4.5 stars rating on yelp and a bunch of positive reviews, 911 locksmith and security comes off as one of the highest-rated locksmiths on the internet, at last in the Plano region. As the name suggests, 911 locksmith and security is the replica of 911, except they have got all the answers to your locksmithing problems.

Just like the former, they also offer instant support and emergency services, but sadly they do have to charge for it. Jokes aside, 911 locksmith and security has a great track record at providing their customers with the best quality services and hence has earned a name for itself in the industry.

Speaking of services, 911 locksmith and security, offers, residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services, which is why they have become quite the local favorite as well. Be it broken lock repair, lock installation, or ey duplication, 911 locksmith and security do it all. If you ever happen to be in an emergency, feel free to hit them up and they will be right there to help you out. If you want to get their help with your lock and key problems, then we highly recommend you to check them out at 4144 N Central Expy Ste 455 Dallas, TX 75204.

Texas safe and lock

Texas safe and lock - Locksmiths in Plano TXWith over 40 years of experience in the industry, TX safe and locks is not just your regular locksmith. The amount of experience they have in this business is hardly shared by anyone else and hence they are one to visit. Be it any problem, texas safe and lock will helo you fix it. Also, if you want to get any kind of security system involved, texas safe and lock welcomes you with an open arm.

Speaking of which, texas safe and Locked offers a multitude of services including, building lockouts, cabinet lock services, mailbox locking services, security camera installation and repair and much more. Texas safe and lock’s services are really high quality and hold up over time.

They do not compromise on quality as they have really experienced technicians working with them. Also, they are really quick to deliver, meaning, they will send someone over, the day you book an appointment, which makes the perfect service to call up in an emergency. If you have not tried their services yet, then we highly recommend you to visit, 1111 Jupiter Rd Ste 110A Plano, TX 75074.


Capitalocksmith - Locksmiths in Plano TXLast but not the least, capitalocksmith is also one of the best locksmith services in the Plano texas region. They have been in this industry for quite a long time and hence have acquired, both the skills and the experience to deliver the highest quality locksmiths services possible In Plano, Tx.

They deal in residential, commercial, and automotive locksmithing and hence are a one-stop destination for the customers. Capitalocksmith take really good care of luxury car key replacements and also have a bunch of different emergency services, so if you ever feel like they need to get a lock replaced instantly, be sure to hit them up. They are also very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped. If you haven’t tried their services yet, then definitely take this as a sign to do so.

AJ Locksmith and security

AJ Locksmith and security is yet another professional, locally owned, and operated locksmith shop in Dallas TX. If you are looking for a cheap locksmith that is available 24/7 AJ locksmith service is the one we’d recommend. However, this in no way means that they compromise in quality. They have highly experienced technicians who have been in the industry for over decades and hence have a great knowledge of what they’re doing.

The shop was established in 2008, which gives it more than one and a half-decade in play and hence is pretty reliable in that matter. Speaking of services, AJ locksmith and security has a bunch of different services n offer for its customers, which includes, cabinet lock services, mailbox lock services, rekeying, key duplication, and much more.

They are very punctual as the customers claim and hence are the people you should be calling in case of a lock emergency. If you want to visit their shop, it’s located at 12880 Hillcrest Rd Ste J230 Dallas, TX 75230. If you haven’t yet tried their services, then we highly recommend you do so.


The above-mentioned services are the ten best locksmith services in Plano, TX. If you are in urgent need of a good locksmith then feel free to check any of these out and we’re sure you will be able to resolve your problems. Till then, stay safe!

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