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7 Best Life-size Boxer Dog Statue To Buy for Your Garden In 2021

Life-size Boxer Dog Statue

Our heart skips a beat at the sight of a dog. Who doesn’t love a dog? We all want one, don’t we! But having a dog is a task because you have to take care of the dog like your own child. Then there are issues of cleanliness and nourishment, and above all – the permission to keep a dog. Not all parents permit you to keep a dog and have the cutest little thing on earth around you. But what if you could have a dog without having to worry about the feeding, the caring, the nourishment, the permission, and all the mess? The Boxer Dog can be of medium or large size and have short-hair.

They are developed in Germany. It was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the Bullenbeiser, which is now extinct. They are very upbeat and playful and due to their patient and protective nature, they are a good fun company for children. Despite just tenderness in their trait, they are fierce and have an intimidating scare. What if you could have the Boxer? Don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with the mess of a real dog because you have the luxury of having an alternative. Get the life-size statue of a boxer dog that looks as real as things can be.

They are beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted which gives them a naturalistic appearance. Beautify your garden or living room with this majestically gorgeous boxer dog. For your assistance, a list of places from where you can purchase the boxer has been curated.

Here is the list of 7 Best Life-size Boxer Dog Statue:

Boxer Brown Life-size statue

Boxer Brown Life-size statue

One of the places where you can get your hands on the Boxer dog life-size statue is none other than Amazon. LM Treasures sells the lifelike statue at a market-leading price. The statue has a size of 41×11×36 H” and is looks lethally gorgeous in brown.

It’s entirely handmade. Beautifully sculpted and crafted, the statue has been painstakingly hand-painted in the Philippines. The raw materials used are of the finest quality and thus assures durability.

They don’t falter in their promise of providing the best quality as all items are strictly inspected before being packed. Shopping from LM Treasures is a beautiful experience with no hassle. Being a family-owned business, they believe in providing what they promise.

Moreover, they provide 24/7 customer service, thus in case of any form of inconvenience you can contact them via amazon messenger. If you are looking for something as reassuring as LM Treasures, you have found it.

Realistic Life-size Boxer dog statue

Realistic Life-size Boxer dog statue

Having an intimidating charm, the boxer dog’s presence is enough to set a statement. The life-size statue from Dog Statues radiates the same loyal spirited energy as the boxer dog is known for.

Place it in your garden and your neighbors won’t be able to turn their heads away. It’s made up of fiberglass and looks as accurate as of the real boxer dog. The intricate details that fascinate human eyes are hand-painted to look realistically appealing, even the exceptional golden brown boxer coat.

It might seem scary and heavy but it’s light enough for you to move easily, thereby reinforcing the tangibility of the product. If you are looking for something as realistic as things can be, you have found the right place for yourself.

Fiberglass robust Life-size Boxer dog statue

Fiberglass robust Life-size Boxer dog statue

Another shop to stop is Life-size models. They sell Boxer dog life-size statues that are appealing to bare human eyes. It is a delight for those who love the breed and makes a perfect gift for the ages. The fascinating detail on the Boxer dog is hand-painted and painstakingly crafted in a way to make it unbelievably life-like.

The fun fact- You have a dog that looks as real as things can get, yet it doesn’t require feeding or walking. Just the occasional dusting will do the work. Highly irresistible, the boxer dog is perfect for promoting dog walking service, pet shops or veterinary surgery, etc. Add to your parks, courses and it will be a sight to watch.

You can also use this eye-catching statue for advertisement purposes as it is sure to turn all the eyes. The statue has a fine quality finish and the details look realistic. Manufactured in high-quality fiberglass, it’s robust and can be placed as an enticing showpiece anywhere.

Standing Boxer statue

The list of options doesn’t cease. Behind the fence, the gallery sells the life-size statue of a boxer dog. Fiberglass used for its making. The statue is light in weight thus, can be carried easily and inexpensively.

Its resistance is stronger thus there will be no rust or drying out of paint if the statue is placed outside. They believe in creating masterpieces that will have their impact imprinted for decades, and thus don’t shy away from investing labor and time.

They have a very detailed process of designing the statue. In fact, the best benefit that makes them stand out is they provide customized statues at no extra cost. They have a highly talented group of designers who can craft a design as per the customer’s vision and demand.

This also Help in producing “Custom Product” by helping you improve on your existing designs and create magic from a simple concept. They have had clients like Ralph Lauren, Capital One, Disney, etc. If you are looking for something as reassuring and accommodating as this, you have hit the right button.

Custom Dog Sculpture

Display Statues is another option on the curated list. They sell boxer dog life-size statues at a market-leading price. The statue is made up of fiberglass and has great durability with a waterproof construction that makes it a viable product and can be used for indoor or outdoor spaces.

It is light in weight and thus transportation is easy. It has been painstakingly hand-crafted from head to toe. The intricate details and the paints reflect a 3D dimension to give a realistic appeal.

The quality finish makes it an exceptionally luxury product but is affordable. If you are looking for something that fits these criteria, what are you waiting for! Check your wish list and shop.

Brown and White Dog Statue

Who would say a NO to a captivating life-like Dog statue? This Statue has been laboriously painted by using UV-resistant colors that ensure assured quality throughout i.e. even if you keep your dog outside throughout the year, it will do just fine.

Beautifully sculpted, the statue is made with resin and smells of happiness. It has a very friendly appearance to it, which makes it lively.  The intricate details and the accurate finish makes it look surprisingly so real that anybody can be mistaken.

All your neighbors and relatives would be of the assumption that you have a real boxer dog guarding your house. Deceive people with the life-like statue of a boxer dog that requires nothing but dusting, thereby freeing you from the mess that would be required had you adopted a real one. If you are looking for a popular boxer dog statue, you just have to click the ‘buy now’ option.

Ceramic Boxer dog Statue

Ceramic Boxer dog Statue

This majestic brown life-size statue of a boxer dog is a beauty to behold. LiveAuctioneers promises to provide a statue made of the finest quality of ceramic that gives it a glossy finish.

Manufactured in fiberglass, the statue is resistant to corrosion and thus can withstand any sort of atmosphere, if kept outdoors.  Due to the exceptional accuracy in the detailing, the statue looks naturalistic and true to life.

It is sure to act as your loyal guard, and the fun fact- you don’t have to feed or nourish him. Just occasional dusting and polishing would do the job. So what are you waiting for? Add this WOW factor to your garden or living room and beautify your surrounding.

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Isn’t this an interesting venture, full of life and dogs? Think no more, just get your own Life-size realistic boxer dog statue for yourself or gift to your loved ones and rejoice the smile that you shall see.

Dogs are the best thing to have around and what can be better than having a dog without bearing the responsibility of tending to it. So, think no more, hunt down your favorite and purchase them because Dogs make life bearable and beautiful. Add this WOW factor to your lives and your loved ones.

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