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10 best law schools in Canada: You Must Try in 2021

Best Law Schools in canada

Law is one of the most sought-after career fields in recent times. Studying law provides a student with various career options and this flexibility is a big reason for its popularity. They could take up a job in a law firm or even research new and developing fields of law. Many students have been searching for the best law schools in Canada. The number of students who have decided to pursue law increases each year. With the rapid rise in the number of students, there is a rise in Universities with law programs. It becomes quite difficult to understand which are the best law schools in Canada. In this article, we have listed down the top 10 schools of law in Canada that you must consider while choosing a University to pursue law.

Here is the list of the 10 best law schools in Canada:

University of Toronto

University of Toronto : Best law Schools in Canada

The Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto has a ton of history associated with it. It was established in 1887. They have been widely regarded as one of the best Universities in Canada. The university is located in the heart of Toronto. The Faculty of Law is located in the Jackman Building. They have excellent facilities set up which help students to achieve the best in themselves. The university offers several law courses. The courses offered by them include both graduate and undergraduate courses.

The law school has 50 full-time professors teaching the entire batch of students. They invite several reputed lawyers, judges, and academicians as visiting professors. The professors are some of the most reputed names in the field of law. The University has an average GPA of 3.87. The University has produced several standout articles and documents on national as well as international law during its entire history. The university has kept the needs of the student in mind.

They have provided for the accommodation of their students in the Graduation House which is just a 10-minute walk from campus. Not only does the University make sure that the students have the best education but they give the safety of their students the highest priority. They have several initiatives to help their students.

If you are working alone, you can contact campus security and they will keep on checking up on you from time to time. The WalkSafe initiative is a free service that provides escorts to the students to help them travel to and from Campus. The Faculty of Law charges $36,720 as the tuition fee.

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia : Best law Schools in Canada

The Peter A. Allard School of Law is a part of the reputed British Columbia University. The law school is located in Vancouver and has some of the best facilities students could ask for. The University helps the students to develop an intellectual inquisitiveness and helps them become better lawyers. They have quality professors that make sure that all of the needs of the students are taken care of. They make sure that all of the students have the best resources available to them.

The professors are well known in the field of law and have years of experience in teaching students. You require a minimum of 100 on TOEFL and a 7.0 on IELTS. The Law School offers Juris Doctor, graduate, and Online Learning Programs. Having an online learning program makes the course affordable to a wide range of students. The students come from all parts of the globe to study here. The University ensures that the campus is inclusive of all students. They treat every student in the same way.

The University ensures that the campus is a safe and all-inclusive place for any student that wishes to study there. The Law School has an average GPA of 83%. The university charges a tuition fee of $12,639 on average. Providing their students with the best material and publishing some breakthrough papers has made them a popular choice among aspirants.

McGill University

McGill University : Best law Schools in Canada

McGill University is one of the oldest universities in Canada. It is easily regarded as one of the best law schools in Canada. They have a rich history and have been a popular choice among candidates for decades. The University is located in Montreal Canada. The faculty comprises some of the best educators who emphasize helping students achieve their goals. They have a great deal of knowledge and are specialists in the subjects that they teach.

Students of this University have gone to have distinguished careers in educational and practical law. They provide a variety of different programs that suit different students. One of the most interesting programs is Air and Space Law LLM. This is a law field that is a hot topic in the legal community.

This is an upcoming legal field that is turning many heads and having this as a course is a major plus point. Their tuition fee is around 36,750 CAD. The university ensures that its students have a holistic education while on campus. The University has many special programs that help them to be global citizens.

They have several programs on emotional, social, physical, financial, spiritual, and cultural wellness. With the variety of courses and a dedicated faculty, the majority of law aspirants have McGill University as one of their dream universities.

Queen’s University

Queen's University

The Faculty of Law of Queen’s University ranks among some of the utmost prestigious universities in Canada as well as the world. It is located in Kingston, Canada. Since its inception in 1957, the law school has made positive strides to become one of the most reputable names. They have ensured that all of their students have access to top-notch facilities and resources while studying there. The classrooms are equipped with modern educational tools.

They have a state-of-the-art moot courtroom. This helps simulate court sessions and helps familiarize themselves with the procedures of the court. Special timing systems and cameras help the students get a detailed understanding of how a courtroom functions. This gives them the much-needed practical knowledge that helps them develop into confident lawyers. The on-campus library is stocked with all of the materials that the students would require throughout their course.

It also has some important documents and research materials that are extremely valuable to all students of law. The faculty offices are located in the law building and are easily accessible to the students. The students always have unhindered access to their faculty members, which develops a sense of community between them.

To secure admission a student needs to have a minimum of 88 in TOEFEl and a 7.0 in IELTS. The tuition fee for the faculty of law at Queen’s University is approximately 14,983 CAD. being located in Kingston provides a great atmosphere for all students who decide to join them.

University of Montreal

University of Montreal : Best law Schools in Canada

The Law school of the University of Montreal is one of the best-ranking schools in Canada. The law school is considered the top Francophone law school in the world. It is also widely regarded as the top Law school in Canada for Francophone law.

After being founded in 1878, the school has tried to create a diversified cultural environment that promotes the development of its students. The school uses a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods to ensure the best development of the students. They are committed to making all of their students achieve their potential and excel in the legal field of their choice. The law school is based in Montreal. Montreal is a great city to study in. affordable housing and a positive environment have made it very popular.

The positive environment of the city and the campus helps outstation students settle down easily and have a great time during the years of their study. The city provides great educational facilities along with a great city life making the students have a great time while they are in the city. They have great alumni who come to the University from time to time to interact with the students and conduct sessions. With great facilities and a good environment, the University of Montreal could help you realize your dreams.

York University

york university

The Osgoode Hall Law School is a part of york university and is based in Toronto, Ontario. The Law school was founded in 1889 and offers Juris Doctor, Professional Development, and Graduate programs. Their faculty comprises internationally renowned names in the field of law.

They strive to provide their students with the best education in various fields of law. The students who decide to study at York university get a host of opportunities to develop and refine their skills. The course taught deals with the legal policies of Canada as well as the world. This provides the students with a lot of career options when they enter the professional world. They have a distinguished alumnus which is 14000 members strong.

The school is considered to be extremely strong in research. They give out several scholarships to deserving students to help them pursue their dream of law. This University encourages foreign students to come and be a part of their rich heritage. They are proud of the diversity that they have on campus and want to keep it growing. The tuition fee of the law school averages around 42,300 CAD. the students need a minimum of 7.5 in IELTS and 102 in TOEFL. 

University of Alberta

University of Alberta : Best law Schools in Canada

The Faculty of Law of the University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta. The University has over 100 years of experience in the field of education. They have laid a foundation for a school of law with strong ideals that train upcoming lawyers. They have handpicked their professors and staff to have a top-quality faulty. The faculty cares for each student.

They use innovative academic methods while still preserving the traditional values and fundamentals of law. University aims that all of the students that pass from their institution will become reputable lawyers in the country as well as the world. They charge a tuition fee of approximately 9,250 CAD. To get admission into the prestigious institution you need to have a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS.

Along with this you also need to secure a minimum of 88 in TOEFL. The people on campus are from all over Canada and from different parts of the world. The university makes sure that all of its students have a pleasurable experience during their years of study there.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University : Best law Schools in Canada

The Dalhousie University School of Law is known as The Schulich School of Law. the campus of Schulich School of law is located in the heart of Halifax. It was established in 1818 and has approximately 20000 global students. The University gives priority to the needs of its students.

They have provided world-class facilities to their students in terms of academics as well as co-curricular. They have residential spaces on campus that are helpful especially for international students looking for efficient living. If the accommodations are not available, they have advisors that help you find off-campus residential spaces as well. They help you find the safest and most affordable living spaces in the city.

Apart from providing one of the best legal curricula in the country, they give equal importance to the overall development of the student. A minimum of 100 on TOEFL and a 7.5 in IELTS to be eligible to be a part of the University.

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

The School of Law at the University of Ottawa is located in downtown Ottawa. It is a bilingual university that offers courses in English and French. It is located just a walking distance from the Supreme court of Canada as well as Parliament Hill. This provides the students with a lot of opportunities out of campus as well. The students get exposure to many aspects of national and global law.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for them. Being located so close to the court allows the students to secure internships there and have better practical knowledge. They have specialized professors that deal with various legal fields. A TOEFL score of 100 and a minimum of 7.0 in IELTS should be enough to secure admission to the University. The course would cost you around 17,500 CAD. Studying at the School of Law at the University of Ottawa makes you a part of their rich heritage and study in one of the best law schools in Canada.

Western Law School

Western Law School : Best law Schools in Canada

Western Law School is well-reputed in Canada as well as the global legal community. The law school is based in Ontario Canada and they focus on Business law. They are globally reputed as one of the best law schools that focus on business law. While they do teach good courses in other fields, they specialize in business law.

They employ some of the best professors and visiting lecturers who form up their amazing faculty. The university has numerous exchange programs with top law schools around the world. This allows the students to gain some experience of the legal systems in different countries while taking in a new culture.

The Univerity has remarkable alumni that contain some of the biggest names in Business law. The faculty ensures that the students can understand all elements of their course. The faculty is approachable and is happy to interact with the students outside of school hours to help them out. 

The university wants to encourage deserving students to be a part of their curriculum and have scholarships and financial aid to help them out. Deserving students who require financial assistance can contact the University and they try to help out the students through awards, aid, and scholarships. The tuition fee is around 30000 CAD for their programs. A student must have a 109 in TOEFL and a minimum of 8.0 in IELTS to be eligible for the University.


All of these Universities mentioned above easily fall on the list of the best law schools in Canada. The schools of law have different areas in which they specialize. If you want to pursue a career in Law from a university in Canada, you should pick one of these 10 programs.

Some of these colleges provide courses that rank worldwide. Apart from being provided world-class education you also get to study in Canada which has one of the best environments for students. Building a career in law is not difficult if you have the correct guidance and proper tools at your disposal. These universities will provide that edge that you need to boost your career in law and develop yourself and a complete lawyer.

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