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9 Best Organic Jamun Juice Avaliable in India (2020)

Best Organic Jamun Juice Avaliable in India

Aid in preventing wrinkles, acne & pimples, fight infections, freshen your breath while preventing plaque & cavities build up, prevent cancer, strengthen digestion, treat diabetes, reduce effects of asthma & arthritis and what not!

All this with the help of one hero – jamun!

Yes, this is the angel we’ve not gotten tired boasting about. So, you know now, this small fruit is after all not-so-small seeing how awesomely beneficial it is!

This oval dusky beauty is also known as jambul, dowet, jamu, java plum, black plum, and kala jamun this little black berry actually loves your body inside out. Let me give out a little secret to you – it is also said to increase your sexual activity, when taken as a tonic.

For a less hassle seed-free experience and faster consumption, simply keep it in liquid form with yourself to gulp it in under a minute!

Make sure to check whether it’s organic, for you know today’s world of poisonous medicated productions! Studies claim organic produce have more nutrients and are overall healthier for consumption. Hail organic growth!

Here is a sweet list for you to choose from –


Vitro Naturals Certified Organic Jamun Juice  Vitro Naturals Certified Organic Jamun Juice 

With the base motto of being trustworthy and their love for organic produce, this company is not left a stone unturned when it comes to keeping a check on product quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, the name of their jamun juice strictly reads ‘Certified Organic Jamun Juice’. Brushing aside any chance of doubt on their intentions, Vitro Naturals has passed through the  prestigious USDA Organic certification test. Their jamun juice is rich in Vitamin A & C.

“The fruit of the tree are very tasteful; One who regularly consumes the juice of the jamun tree, does not suffer from old age, disease and can even resist death…” Vayu puran, Chapter 46, verse 28/29. – reads the description on their website depicting the learnedness behind their claims. For a healthy bowel movement, blood sugar level and body temperature, go buy this yummy juice from either their website, 1mg.

Organic Sunrise Naturals Jamun Juice Organic Sunrise Naturals Jamun Juice

If you’re looking  for nothing except pure jamun juice, look no further. With no added sugar, color, vitamins & minerals, this product is an uncommon one. A rare find in today’s preservative and additives rich world of consumerism, this comes as a sigh of relief. It is full of antidiabetic properties and has all the benefits of real jamun. Richly aromatic and fresh, it has no side effects whatsoever! Since it’s purity is 100 percent, the concoction is to be used within 1 month of opening and stored well in refrigerator only.

That is a negligible price we wont mind keeping in mind the hefty amount of colors, fragrances and harmful chemicals which are NOT entering our body to create side effects we don’t want to deal with, isn’t it? The features mentioning “slight color & taste change” are a proof of its purity and the trust you can put on the brand’s transparency with its customers. Plus, it’s priced the least in this list! Do give this gem a try on Organic Shop.

Axiom Jeevanras Jamun Swaras Axiom Jeevanras Jamun Swaras

This name has an inspiring hero behind it. It is the vision of a believer of “Swaras Chikitsa”, literally translating to treatment through Swaras or arka, a medicine. This believer is called Late Dr. Hemlata Gupta, a woman of substance. Steered by her grandson now, Axiom Ayurveda is accredited with ISO 22000:2005, WHO-GMP and FSSAI. Strengthen your prostrate, liver and immune system with the trustworthy Jamun Juice from their Swaras collection.

At a whopping 99.8% purity with just 0.2% preservatives, this herbal juice is sure to make you stronger from the core! Much to a surprising relief, the preservatives used are only the permitted ones. So, you can go ahead without worrying and buy it from their trusted website.

Heera Ayurvedic Jamun Swaras Heera Ayurvedic Jamun Swaras

With the aim of making herbal healthcare available internationally, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner (vaidya), Mr. Heeralal Aggarwal’s originated from his ancient Vedic knowledge. If affordable rates and innovative remedies are to be given a name, Heera Ayurvedic is it. You can trust them to treat your skin for oiliness and improve complexion with their Jamun Swaras. Specially formulated for diabetic and digestion problems, this purple potion is nature’s scientifically treated answer in a bottle.

It is superbly priced even though it’s a product of their Ayurvedic research foundation. Their juice uses whole plants sustainably to holistically treat you of digestive disorders like diarrhea and vomiting, strengthen your teeth and gum and of course target your blood sugar levels. Naturally cool your body with this magical juice through their website.

Nutriorg Jamun Juice Nutriorg Jamun Juice

With impressive water management system, organic manure, manual 3-stage water hand cleaning system, ethical practices and a mission to make nature everyone’s first choice for treatment of ailments, Nutriorg brings toxin-free and nutritious lifestyle to your home. Grown with no pesticides, the jamuns used in their juices are naturally rich in iron sure to provide your blood a good purification and oxygenated supply.

It’s full of Vitamin c which means it’s good for your face, it has lot of potassium to prevent cardiovascular strokes to some extent, it’s an antioxidant and surprisingly enough, it can be used as an ointment for ringworm problems! Take it daily to enjoy all the goody-good properties of a java plum. Rightly priced, it’s available on their website.

Siddhagiri’s Satvyk Jamun Juice Siddhagiri’s Satvyk Jamun Juice

Coming straight from the farmers, the organic produce is juiced sustainably and insightfully so as to not play with your health in disguise. Satvyk’s conscience lies in creating pure & unadulterated “direct-from-source organic food supply systems”, as mentioned on their website. The greatest thing about the founders is, they don’t just concentrate on providing their customers an aid for an overall better lifestyle but are humane and grateful enough to equally take care of their farmers & producers.

Satvyk’s values are as good as the hands they are in! To top it all, their pricing is a jolting relief after realizing all the surplus efforts and goodwill that goes into the making of the tasty juice. The juice comes in a sturdy food-grade bottle. Surprisingly, it has ALL the ingredients mentioned on it unlike other homologous brands which sometimes care to mention less than 50 percent of the constituents with the other half hidden behind vague “additives” & “stabilizers”.

V.J. Herbals Jamun Juice V.J. Herbals Jamun Juice

A leading name in Tamil Nadu, this brand has also come from a visionary with a decade of experience in the herbal market. They use pure grains to extract juices and hence, you should also give there Jamun Juice a try. A carminative, it is filled with vitamins and other digestion strengthening properties. Keep yourself healthy and your immunity strong with this herbal Jamun Juice.

Also, you can try a popular combination of Karela Jamun juices to widen your target area. A rich source of nutrients, karela or bitter-gourd is a natural blood-glucose regulator.

Almost all of the above mentioned brands have a karela-Jamun combination Juice available.

Here are some additional names you can look into:


Diabohills Ultra Karela Jamun Juice Diabohills Ultra Karela Jamun Juice

For a healthy blood sugar level, you can choose this one.

The best thing about this juice is, it has a plethora of herbal gems thrown into it. Herbs like ashwagandha, need, fenugreek and many more are incorporated into it to make your detoxification all the more better. Buy it from indiamart.

Nourish Vitals Pure Karela with Jamun Juice Nourish Vitals Pure Karela with Jamun Juice 

One more additives-free, preservative-free, flavor-free karela and jamun juice is here to help your organs take a breath of health!

Plus, this Nourish Vitals Pure Karela Jamun Juice is also trans-fat free! It’s 100 percent pure concoction of 90% karela and 10% jamun extracts. Find it on their website!

Four Seasons Karela Jamun Juice Karela Jamun Juice 1000ml

Approaching the modern world, Four Seasons started with the aim to bridge the gap between times. Aiming at customer satisfaction and health improvement overall, they have come up with a powerful combination of karela and jamun to boost the blood sugar alignment to normal.

Lowly priced, it’s a great remember for dysentery, menstrual disorders, cough & cold and oedema. Find it on 1mg.

Hopefully, your gut becomes stronger after following this article!

Happy health to you!

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