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Is the Pain Coming From Your Hip or Back?

Injuries are imminent- be it internal or external. But the main difference is that in external wounds, you can quickly locate its origination. It is not that simple in internal injuries, like joint or muscle pain. Even if the pain is felt in the hip, it could be coming from your back. It might be challenging to detect the origin without a medical professional’s help. However, there are sure signs that you can look out for.

Is your Pain Coming from your Hip? 

If the issue lies in the hip joint, you might suffer from groin pain or the inner part of your thigh. There are other signs that could indicate that it is a hip joint problem, like the following: 

  1. It might feel like a knee problem as you might feel pain in your knees. 
  2. You will feel pain while walking. 
  3. The motion of the hip remains limited. 
  4. You might feel pain in your buttocks or while laying down. 

Causes of Hip Pain:

  1. Hip Dysplasia
  2. Avascular necrosis
  3. Bursitis 
  4. Osteoarthritis 
  5. Piriformis syndrome
  6. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Is your Pain Coming from your Back? 

If the pain results from any back injury, you will feel the consequences in your back itself. However, you might also feel the pain in other body parts, like the following: 

  1. The spinal cord will pain, causing a sensation in part below your elbow. 
  2. Sciatic-like pain might be felt in the leg. 
  3. There might be an inflammation of the nerves in the lower back part, causing a sensation in the hip region. 
  4. Constant leg pain while walking. 

Causes of Back Pain:

  1. Ruptured disc that causes pain in the gluteal region of the body. 
  2. Spinal Stenosis 

Is your Pain Coming from your Spine? 

The following are some of the indicators that can allow you to pinpoint the pain in the spine: 

  1. Pain in the lower body, including the buttock, knees, thighs, etc. 
  2. Weakness and numbness in the legs resulting in leg pain. 

Causes of Spine Pain: 

  1. Herniated discs
  2. Spinal stenosis
  3. Spondylolisthesis

How to Relieve the Pain? 

If you are looking for a natural remedy for back pain or hip pain, you might not get the desired results. 

Some things are better to be looked at by medical professionals. Most of this pain is relieved with anti-inflammatory medicines. The doctor might suggest some additional exercises. However, you can fasten the recovery process by going easy on your foot. 

Ways to Relieve Hip Pain 

The following are some of the most effective ways to eliminate hip pain: 

  1. Rest 

Rest is crucial for hip pain. You must walk or sit in such a way that no extra pressure is felt on the hip. Avoid putting direct pressure on the hip by sitting or bending sideways. 

You must give yourself a break every now for better recovery. 

  1. Exercise 

There are several exercises that you can learn and perform. Such exercises can go a long way in healing the hip pain as it targets the muscles directly. 

You can try knee lift, double hip rotation, hip and lower back stretch, hip flexion, hip extension, mini squat, etc. to get your body started. 

  1. Comfortable Footwear 

A comfortable pair of footwear can be highly effective in reducing hip pain. You must get yourself a pair of best shoes made for hip pain. Such specific boots have a spring under the heel to reduce the sudden jolts. This leaves lesser impact on the hip joints. Moreover, it can help you get a better posture. 

  1. Cold Packs 

If you encounter any swelling around the hip, press cold packs on the affected area to reduce the inflammation. 

  1. Visit a Doctor 

If the pain persists, it is best to visit a doctor the doctor. They might prescribe some medicines or a surgery might be required. 

No pain should be avoided or ignored. Even if you are having mild symptoms, you might have an underlying disease. Therefore, it is best to seek professional medical help as soon as possible. 

Ways to Relieve Back Pain 

If you have back pain, there are a few methods that you can follow to relieve yourself from it: 

  1. Better Posture 

Subtle techniques can go a long way, especially with back pain. Your posture can directly affect your posterior muscles, thereby becoming one of the main causes of back pain. Avoid slouching while walking or sitting. 

If your work requires you to sit for hours at a stretch, sit straight with your shoulders relaxed. Allow your body to take the support of the back of the couch or chair. Always keep your feet flat on the ground. 

  1. Better Sleeping Position 

Your sleeping position can affect your back. A lousy position can not only be the root cause of back pain, but it can aggravate it as well. 

The ideal sleeping position should be: lie down on your side and keep a pillow between your knees to maintain a neutral spinal position. 

If you prefer sleeping on your back, try placing a pillow underneath your knees and sleep comfortably. Invest in a comfortable mattress that will not hurt or poke your back. 

  1. Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy can allow you to maintain your spine’s proper alignment by teaching you correct ways to sit, stand, and move. Certain exercises target the core muscles, thereby supporting your back. This can help in back pain reduction. 

  1. Stimulation of the Nerve 

Research has proven that stimulating nerves can be effective in relieving back pain. This may also include acupuncture. 

Besides that, this is done by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). In this procedure, mild electrical pulses are passed through the nerves to block the pain signals. 

  1. Professional Medical Help 

If none of the methods mentioned-above seem to work for you and the pain persists, we suggest you get some professional medical help. A doctor is more equipped to handle such situations and provide better judgment. In most cases, medicine will be prescribed. In some cases, surgery might be required. 

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