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Insulated Glass Windows: Pros and Cons of Using it

Pros & Cons Of Using Insulated Glass

Are you irritated by outside noises? And does it take centuries to get your home warmed up?

Chances are, your windows are not up to the task. Perhaps you overestimated what an ordinary window could do compared to insulated glass windows. 

Comfort is essential anywhere you choose to call home. And windows are crucial in helping you get maximum satisfaction. Putting the right windows in place also adds to your security. Something unquantifiable. Window glass has always proved a better alternative to traditionally dull windows. 

What are Insulated Glass Windows? What are Insulated Glass Windows

You might be wondering if all the fuss about their properties holds any water. This type of window is made up of two panes of glass separated about 13 mm apart. This space is usually filled with air or argon gas. Using these gases provides more excellent insulation of all the noise and cacophony going on outside the house and to any harsh weather you might be exposed to. 

Deservedly, insulated glass windows are becoming the go-to alternative for window upgrades. Out here, they are also called double glazing. You can have your pick from the different sizes, shapes, and materials to beautify your homes. 

Furthermore, there are alternatives to insulated glass windows that can provide the much-needed comfort and protection you need. Because the more layers a glass has, the higher the insulation you’ll get. But before you dive in, below are the pros and cons of using and installing insulated glass windows in your home. 

Pros of Installing Insulated Glass in Buildings 

Security and Safety  Security and Safety  

Much more important than the money you’re paying for your custom window glass is the assurance of security and safety it affords you. Double glazed windows are a tough nut to crack for burglars as they are difficult to open from the outside.

Where would you instead feel safe in a house with insulated glass windows or one with standard traditional windows? Your guess is as good as mine. That extra layer of security from using layered window glass makes all the difference.  

Energy-efficient Energy-efficient 

So who says you can’t enjoy security, safety, and energy efficiency in one? insulated glass windows give you all three. As they help reduce the overall power requirements of your home to prevent heat losses when it’s freezing and also circulate air within when it is hot. 

The insulating process of insulated glass windows is such that the amount of heat coming in and going out at every point in time is reduced. Compared to single float glasses that do not conserve energy, owing to their low e-glass coatings, infrared radiations are also reduced in the process. 

Reduction in Noise Pollution Reduction in Noise Pollution 

Imagine having sleepless nights because your neighbors are throwing a weekend party. There’s a lot of shouting and music from across their block, and you have a crucial meeting the following day.

With their thick layers of glass and the air between the panes, INSULATED GLASSES have you covered. Noise is reduced, and you can have your sound sleep and wake up in time for your meeting. For more effect, instead of air in between the glass panes, insulators such as argon and krypton are used to reduce noise. If you stay in residential areas close to high traffic areas, then you must get an insulated glass.

Get a double glazed unit designed for either high-frequency sound or low-frequency sounds by increasing the gap between the glass panes. Typically gaps are about 6 mm but can be increased to double to provide more noise/sound insulation. Make no mistakes; you’re not going to get a 100% reduction in noise except you to make your home/office completely airtight. 

Prolong the Life of Furnishing Prolong the Life of Furnishing

 Why do you think your furniture and carpeting lose their beauty a few years later? Sunlight makes them fade and lose appeal. No matter how small the amount of sunlight coming in, over time, your furniture and interior items begin to feel the effect.

When this happens, you are forced to make replacements, which could cost you much money. With insulated glass windows, the amount of harmful sunlight that enters your home to damage your furniture is significantly reduced.

Decrease the value of carbon footprintDecrease the value of carbon footprint

You are aware that the planet is depleting as we speak due to harmful practices that we engage in, and you want to start making a difference. The good news is that insulated glass windows are environmentally friendly.

When they reduce your energy consumption, it helps reduce your carbon footprint, which, in turn, helps heal the future. 

A versatile range of choices A versatile range of choices

You do not have to stick to one boring window design because it is sturdy and durable. This type of glass comes in different shapes, styles, and sizes that offer much-needed safety with a whole new aesthetic appeal. While INSULATED WINDOWS usually come as double-paned, you can make your choice on the number of glass panels you need your glass windows to have.

Additionally, you could opt for lower or higher low emittance coatings for your window. Often necessary if you want additional protection against the heat and cold. Or you could pair other materials like wood, vinyl, and fiberglass to add a new twist to your home. 

Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance

It is a common misconception that double glazing costs more money to maintain. That is entirely false. Like you would maintain a regular window is the same way you’re to take care of double-paned glass windows. Ensure you clean daily because continuous buildup and accumulation of dust could cause discoloration and the loss of appeal.

Do this by occasionally to avoid rotting the window frames and with the use of soft clothing to prevent scratches. Following a routine like this is bound to prolong the service life of your glass windows. 

Aesthetics Aesthetics

The last but not the least. Imagine having a house that all your friends love to visit because of this beautiful and colorful glass windows. Sounds cool right? Insulated glass windows have a way of increasing the appeal of your house.

Giving off vibes of class and taste. Recent architectural designs of homes and apartments are not complete without insulated glasses. And they do this effortlessly without compromising the original feel of the house. 

Going double glazing is not just about the energy efficiency anymore or noise reduction, you also get to the coolest neighbor on the block. 

Cons of Installing Insulated Glass in Buildings 

Fog on glass Fog on glass

It can be quite depressing waking up every morning with fog on your glass. You wipe the glass with a cloth, and the mist remains. The gap between the glass panes causes this cloudiness. Disappearing and reappearing again until it becomes more significant and more obtrusive. And all the while, you’re helpless. 

Expensive Expensive

Frankly, insulated glass windows are much more costly than other types of windows. I hope you were not expecting to get these pros above for the same price you can get any different kind of window. That is not all. Unless you can install them yourself, installation costs a lot too. But in the long run, you can save on energy bills and enjoy better comfort. 

Difficult to replace Difficult to replace

Well! You have heard insulated glass windows are expensive. Let me burst your bubble more. They cannot be replaced. You heard me. They are made in such a way with the windows sealed and can’t be taken apart. If your window becomes damaged, you might consider changing that whole unit. 

It’s not only the glass that can be damaged. Damage to the seal would see condensation building between the glass sheets, which will eventually reduce their effectiveness. Any damage, no matter how small, will likely require a replacement of the whole glass unit. 

Traps heat

Traps heatPlease hear me out! The same way insulated glass windows traps heat in the house during winter is the same way it’ll trap heat during summer. In the end, the house becomes too warm during summer, which ends up overheating your interiors. You are going to enjoy it more during winter and slightly uncomfortable during the summer. 

Home suitability

Whether your home is modern or traditional, insulated glass windows are perfect fits for modern homes and in the process, complements their aesthetics. But for traditional homes, insulated glass windows, while giving them more security, could make them lose their renaissance appeal and charm.

Nonetheless, there are ways around it with the use of sash windows and windows made to blend with the traditional building style. 

 Going through the points above, the pros of using insulated glass windows for your home far outweigh the cons by a wide margin. What will determine your choice of window is dependent on extensive research and home requirements. Whether you are looking to keep cold out permanently or introduce some, you must consider the financial implications of installing insulated glass windows. For you, will the amount spent justify the gains? Finally, you look at many varieties to determine what color, style, and shape best suits your house. 

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