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How to Set Up a Phone System for Your Small Business

set up a phone system for business

Whenever you build a small business, you need to have a lot of things. These can include a building, a business plan, and customers. However, you also need to have a phone system for your internal business as well.

A good phone system allows your employees to communicate with one another and with your customers without having to worry about common problems and dangers that can come with a crowded phone service.

A phone service might seem out of place in a world of emailing and texting, but they are still a wonderful way to connect with most of your customers, as well as get a hold of them quickly. Additionally, you can also set up your phone system to be tailor-made for your business and personalized for you. 

Once you find your business’s perfect phone system, you only need to go through some of these steps to set it up. But before we delve into the phone system, some business owners might ask: What about Google Voice?

Drawbacks of Using Google Voice

Google Voice is a platform that allows you to send phones and text messages over the internet, but it also comes with a lot of problems as well. There are some drawbacks to using Google Voice, and if you look you can even find the best 9 alternatives to Google Voice!

From the fact that Google Voice only integrates with other Google services, to the cost, to the limited collaboration options, you will need to set up your own phone service to get the most out of your small business.

Steps To Set Up A Phone System

Pick The Phone Technology That You Will Use

There are plenty of technology systems that can be used to build a phone system. From a key system unit (KSU) that controls all the phone lines through a central control unit, to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that let you use the internet to make calls, you need to pick the type of technology that you will use and you also need to make sure everything is secured.

Security is going to be paramount for these systems, so make sure to pick the correct systems that will offer the best in cyber security and encryption. 

Set Your Business Hours

Since you don’t want your phone ringing off the hook all day, you need to set business hours for your main days on the job and your holidays. Make sure that you set the hours for when no one is in the office and have your calls forwarded or have them go to an automatic message service.

Make sure that you set your hours and design them quickly, so you won’t be answering calls over the weekend or during your lunch break!

Design Call Flows

No one likes to be left on hold while calling an office, so you need to make sure to design a call flow system that will make calling into your company an easy and pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Figure out what will happen whenever your customer calls the main number, and then try to get them to someone who can help them with the smallest number of transfers possible. 

Focus On Getting The Phone Lines Up and Running

With your small business, no matter what it is, you need to get the phone lines up and running for your customers. So don’t hesitate when it comes to setting up your phone system, because that is going to keep the customers coming into your business and buying what you have to sell!

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