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Hoverwatch Review: Mobile Phone Tracking App

Hoverwatch Review

Parents today do not have as much control over their children as they believe. Your teenagers mainly hang out with the wrong people, or they are going to the library and hang out with their friends instead. Most of the tracking apps available in the market required a lot of storage space on the phone and came up with an app that runs in the background. It is effortless for your kids to see that you are tracking them, and they can figure out a way to turn off the app. They may even leave their phones when they go out.

Hoverwatch is a new generation cell phone tracker that can see everything someone does on a cell phone. It provides you with an effortless way to see if your meaningful other works the late-night hours that they claim to keep track of wherever your kids are at any given moment. This product arrives with an app that you can use on the phone, which then lets you observe information about that phone from a computer or another device that you link to the phone. In this article, you are going to see how this app works and if it can handle all your tracking needs. Hoverwatch makes it easy to trace adults and kids using their phones.

How can Hoverwatch be used?

Hoverwatch be used

Utilizing Hoverwatch you can track a cell phone location online easily. You need to create a free account using an email address that can be easily accessed by you and a password that you can remember. Once you create a free account, you can sign up for the service and download the Hoverwatch app for each phone that you want to track. Hoverwatch runs so silently in the background that most people won’t know that something is added to their phones.

After downloading the application log into your account on any computer order-wise, one great feature of this system is that you can access it from anywhere as long as you enter the right email address and password. It controls everything done by the user with their mobile phones, including the calls, texts, and photos they send. The GPS in the cell phone could also be used for seeing where the person is at a specific time. With Hoover watch, you can view messages sent through Facebook and different applications too. Not only it reveals the text to you, but it also offers you to see images and videos.

Where can Hoverwatch be used?

No person likes to think that the person they care about is a cheater, but a large number of relationships end in a breakup, and diverse is because of unfaithfulness. A dishonest partner could make you feel regretful about yourself, but you may find that your partner tries to turn the tables on you too. Rather than admitting to cheating, they will start claiming that you are crazy or even accuse you of cheating. Hoverwatch lets you obtain the proof that is required by you to prove someone is a cheater. It will also provide you with peace of mind and make you understand that your partner isn’t a liar or a cheater.

Hoverwatch is also a good thing for parents, especially for those who have teenage kids. Young kids start drinking and smoking or hang among the wrong people and wind up getting pregnant all in police custody. People never know if their kids are honest about where they go and what they do.

Hoverwatch enables you to track them without them even knowing it. You can have an eye on what you do online and who they talk to as well as the messages they send and where they go. Kids nowadays often use their cell phones more than day use anything else. Using Hoverwatch, you can see everything they do on their cellphones.

Who is this for?

Hoverwatch is a product intended for Android users who you want to spy and keep track of. Many people also recommend it for parents who are concerned about others threatening their children. Bullying is a severe crime that can lead your children to depression and make them stay home instead of going to school.

Children might experience bullying peacocks of their peers ganged upon them for problems that are outside their control, such as tripping in the hallway or getting a good grade on an assignment. Though many people call it a spy app, it is more of a tracking application that provides you with control. If you have a child who suddenly doesn’t want to go school ll or makes up justifications for dropping out of their favorite activities you can use this app to check on them that what is going wrong in their life.


pricing - hoverwatch

  • Personal plans from $24.95 per month with one device tracking and all monitoring functions available.
  • Professional plans from $9.99 per month per device with tracking capacity of 5 devices available and all functions with mobile view were available.
  • Business plans from $6 per month per device with the tracking capacity of 25 devices and all monitoring functions along with mobile viewer available.


Hoverwatch is very beneficial for parents dealing with teenagers who keep acting out and anyone who acts as secretary around their phones. You can log in to your online account and see what that person is performing with their phones in just a few minutes.

You can view with whom they are chatting to any photos or text that they send and receive and anything else they might do on the phone.

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