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10 Best Garage Door Repair Plano Tx You Should Try (2022)


Many homeowners store valuable things in their garage along with their cars. Let’s face it, it is better to have a cluttered garage than a cluttered house! And since you have important stuff there, garage door repairs are essential, not just for preventing thefts but also for your safety. Garage door injuries are quite common as they weigh about a hundred pounds, and may even result in death. A malfunctioning garage door cannot be fixed by watching online videos, it is one of the most dangerous parts of the house. Using improper tools and half-baked knowledge to fix your garage door is not the way to go about a bad door, you need to get experts on the job immediately to prevent any mishaps from occurring. When you hire someone for Garage Door Repair in Plano, you will benefit from the knowledge they have amassed over the years.

Few garage companies have the credentials and the reviews that can get the job done, so make sure that you check them out. It will give you an idea of whether the company might be a good fit for your home and can be trusted with essential services around the house. Take a look at their online portfolio to see the kind of work they have done in the past and also get a quote on the repairs you need.  To help you out, we have made a little list of the best garage door repair services in Plano, Texas. They are all trustworthy and have had years of experience in the field. So without any delay, let’s get started with the list:

Here is the list of the 10 Best Garage Door Repair Plano.

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services

Garage Door Repair Plano

It is right there in the name itself, it is one of the most affordable garage door repair services that you can find in Plano, Texas. They have a 24/7 service so you can contact them in case of an emergency as well.

They have certified technicians on their staff who can figure out what is wrong with your garage door. So give them a call and let them work their magic, instead of following a YouTube tutorial and messing things up even more. You will get timely and professional service from their side at your convenience.

Many homeowners have commented that after opting for their repair services, the garage door was now quieter and worked more efficiently than ever before. They will even call you to let you know when the technician is on the way.

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services will provide you with the pricing upfront and not start adding mysterious costs in the end, so you can figure out right off the bat whether they fall into your budget. They work till the job is done to your level of satisfaction.

121 Overhead Door

Garage Door Repair Plano

121 Overhead Door is a pretty popular shop in Texas too for everything related to garage door repairs. If there is an issue with your garage door and you need help immediately, this is the company you should go for.

They have more than two decades of experience – yep, that’s a lot, and can get your garage door back up in no time. 121 Overhead Door has services such as garage door repair and replacement, door opener repair and replacement, regular door maintenance, replace broken springs, and complete door overhauls. They use parts of high quality that won’t degrade easily and their service is one of the best ones in the area.

If your cables have frayed or the tracks are not aligned anymore, you can get in touch with this company for the repairs. They even offer a free estimate for the services you want, so you can get on a consultation call with them for no worries.

They have many branches in Texas, so you can get them anywhere for garage door repairs. With their wonderful services, they will make your life a lot easier and you won’t have to worry about the damaged garage door falling on you or someone else.

Cabrera’s Iron Doors

Garage Door Repair Plano

They make original designs and take the customers’ ideas into account while making them. Cabrera’s Iron Doors are a premium door supplier that also engages in garage door repairs. They work hard to ensure that they meet their client’s expectations and don’t leave them disappointed.

They have certified technicians and contractors who can ensure that the final product is long-lasting and beautiful as well. Even if the door isn’t theirs, they are committed to making repairs on it and making it work well for you.

You can give them a call or subscribe to their emails to get the latest designs and offers, which are seen on their website. They have a great reputation in the field due to their professionalism and experience in garage door repairs and making iron doors and windows.

Cabrera’s Iron Doors can be your one-stop shop for everything around your home like windows, railings, and balconies. They customize their products and services to fit your demands and are very accommodating to all their clients. If you opt for their services, you will be surprised by the amazing service you will get.

Garage Door Murphy

Garage Door Repair Plano

It is one of the best service centers you will find in the city. They can install and repair the doors of every major brand, so you don’t have to worry about them being compatible with your requirements. Garage Door Murphy is very detailed with their inspection and covers at least 12 points, going up to 25 as well. They can replace anything right from springs to motors.

They understand the importance of a garage in a home, and the safe space it can be to store important stuff. And the best part is that you can ask all the questions you want, they won’t make you feel embarrassed in any way.

You don’t have any obligation to hire them, even after getting a free quotation. If you want the top technicians in the town to work on your garage door, don’t hesitate to get in touch with this center.

They are an affordable store and even give special discount coupons to returning customers. If you have them on your side, you will never have to worry about your garage repairs again. They can handle every major and minor issue you are facing, so just reach out to them and give their services a try.

Everything Garage Doors

Garage Door Repair Plano

Everything Garage Doors is a family-operated and owned business located in Plano, Texas. It is a wonderful store that is working very efficiently to fix the garage doors in the state and have experts in the field in their business.

They offer a variety of steel, aluminum, and even wood for the doors, so you can have your customizations if you wish to. They take utmost care that every client of theirs, gets to customize their door and request the necessary repairs as and when possible. If you want fast and professional service, this is the place to go.

Their mission is to provide their customers a good experience and do the repairs well and at a fair price. They do not take any shortcuts or try to cut costs to increase their profit margins, they put the customer first and do a 23-point inspection before they commence the repairs.

Many of their returning customers have referred them to their friends and neighbors, making them a popular choice in the community. You can get a free estimate if you give them a call and tell them about the problems you are having with your garage door.

Matthews Home Supply

It is a family business and has been in town for almost 4 decades now. Matthews Home Supply is an expert in the field of garage door repairs and installations. They work exclusively with the Clopay and LiftMaster brands, which are the best in the field.

Matthews Home Supply can make you great customized doors in cedar, giving a classy vibe to your garage and home. They also have a bunch of unique patterns you can choose from, and take your suggestions and requirements into account before proceeding with anything. You can look at their portfolio on their website to get inspiration for designs and to judge the quality of their work.

You will have a masterpiece on your hands when they are done designing your garage doors. Since they are efficient, you can call them for a garage door repair as well and they will do the task easily.

They will even explain the issues and costs before proceeding with the work. You will be pleased to notice the final results like many of their customers have been before. Both homeowners and home builders can get in touch with them for their services.

Garage Harmony

It is a popular choice among the residents of Plano, Texas for all garage door repairs and purchases. They are specialists who know their way around the popular and the lesser-known brands both, so your garage door is in safe hands with them.

They have won top performance awards and have been the go-to choice for many people. Their high-quality parts and services coupled with their enthusiasm to be the best in the field have made them a worthy contender for other stores and enabled them to rise quickly to the top.

Their prices are reasonable as well, so you should hop on a free consultation call with them immediately. Garage Harmony have certified professionals who are courteous and will explain the solutions to you before starting the job.

They are accommodating as well and work around your schedule, ensuring that you face no trouble due to them. Garage Harmony even has quick same-day service as well, so in an emergency, you can count on them. Call them if you want a job well done on your garage door.

Plano Overhead Garage Door

With over four decades of experience in the field, they have managed to become mega-experts with garage door installations and repairs. Their technicians are background-checked before hiring so that the company or their clients do not face any issues in the future.

They work on all sorts of models of residential and commercial doors and schedule the appointment according to the convenience of the customer. You can give them a call for a completely free consultation to know the cost and judge whether it is affordable for you.

On their website, they claim that the door openers they install are the most reliable and durable in the industry. We are inclined to believe them because many of their clients have praised their services highly.

You will see many coupons on their website, which offer discounts on many services. They also have a supportive customer care team, which is always ready to solve your queries. Contact them and tell them the issues you are facing with your garage doors, and let them work their magic and fix it all up.

Warrior Garage Doors

It is a residential and commercial garage door Repair service that is very famous among the residents of Plano, Texas. They offer speedy service and even same-day options are available. Be it your springs, cables, or even openers, they will get the job done at an affordable rate.

You can observe the reviews they have got, and their client portfolio on their website to see the kind of work they do. They have verified professionals and Google guaranteed as well, so you know that they can solve all the problems you have with your garage doors.

You can schedule an appointment at any time, they are available all 7 days of the week. They sell premium, high-quality garage doors and can also repair the doors you have installed already.

Warrior Garage Doors fully insure their services and installations for your protection and provide the best warranties. They have certified professionals working for them who provide the best experience. They even offer free estimates, with no obligation that you have to order their services only.

Mazal Garage Door And Gates

If you want the highest quality of doors and gates to be made or repair, Mazal Garage Door and Gates are a great choice in Plano you can go with. They do both garage door installations and repairs. You can give them a call for minor issues such as a spring break too, they prioritize all their clients equally and work hard to give them a good experience.

They even have iron and welding services in their shop, so that their customers don’t have to go to multiple stores to fix their garage doors. You can view their portfolio on their website, you will be pleased to see the designs and the finished look they have managed to give their clients.

Mazal Garage Door And Gates can install brand new garage doors as well, of high quality, if you want to go directly for that option instead of fixing your door. They can do garage door cable repairs and spring repairs.

They have done many door opener repairs and their customers can testify that they have never heard the garage door close and open so quietly before. Their unparalleled expertise has made them worthy rivals of many companies in the industry, so your door is in safe hands with them.


There you go, now you have all the information you need about the best garage door repair companies in Plano, Texas. Get the contact details of the companies mentioned above through their website or the yellow pages and get in touch with them, to get an idea of whether their services and price range are a good fit for you.

Legitimate companies won’t hesitate to answer any questions you might have, and will readily be available with answers to all of them. The company should also have a physical address listed, if it doesn’t, you might have to rethink hiring them. Factors like these contribute to the legitimacy and efficiency of the company.

While hiring a contractor, look at their credentials and reviews to see if they are fit for the job. Talk about the service you want to be done – it can be anything from a minor repair to a complete garage door replacement. You will save plenty of time and money in the long run by hiring the services of a professional.  Don’t be one of those people who think that workers are out to get you or trying to make a quick buck, you will end up paying a lot more if you try to do the whole thing yourself.

Choosing a good garage door repair service will help you get a warranty on the installations and repairs on your door as well. We hope that we were of some help to you in picking out a garage door repair company and you will take the points we have said to heart. Hire a contractor today to reduce your worries!

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