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5 Best Sites to Get Free Soundcloud Plays (In 2021)

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We understanding that when you are creating music, it can get a little overwhelming. You have to conceive a song, write the lyrics, decide the harmonies, and in the end, you have to pray that it gets approval from people. After you have worked so hard, you need a platform where you can share a piece of your heart. Luckily, there are places like Soundcloud where you can upload your music free, but not everyone sees your music there still. This is why we have compiled a list of sites where you can get free plays on Soundcloud.

When you spend all your time devoted to music. It can get a little difficult to manage social media life. Powerful platforms like Soundcloud are really popular which has both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage, that there are a large number of people your music gets exposed to, and the disadvantage- there’s even a larger number of artists who are uploading their music on Soundcloud. Thus, if you want to get the right recognition on Soundcloud you have come to the right place.

If you want to get free SoundCloud plays, make sure you check the article below!

Below is the list of all the places where you can get free SoundCloud plays:


SubPals - soundcloud plays for free

SubPals first started out by giving a YouTube growth service. What more? This was absolutely free. Naturally, people flocked to the site until it gained the popular status that it has acquired today. Among the numerous social media sites that it has a command over SoundCloud comes foremost. There are a number of premium features that you can add too, to help get followers, likes, and plays.

All you have to do is place the order which you feel is right, thereafter, in a matter of few days you will be able to see the mass increase in the number of plays you have on SoundCloud. All the SoundCloud users will be encouraged to see your content, all you need to do is make sure you make good music!


followersup logo - soundcloud plays for free

If you want a site with maximum customizability, then this is the site for you. There are a number of growth packages that you can make use of every day and that will help you gain the following that you want. You don’t have to choose a package, rather you have to create your own! This site makes sure that it’s doing everything possible to meet the demand of its customer.

The reason there are so many features to use is that Soundcloud currently lacks the right tools which can make a profile visible. This shortcoming is met by FollowersUp that does everything in its power to get your music heard. If you want to increase your Soundcloud presence, there can be no better option than this!


The crew behind TweetAngels takes care of your time so that they maintain quick distribution and quality service. If no configuration, no download, no extra applications sound perfect in comparison to the exponential growth of Soundcloud, then their service is a luxury you should consider using.

What you have to do is put the request you think is right, so you will be able to see the massive increase in the number of plays you have on SoundCloud in a matter of a few days. All SoundCloud users are encouraged to see your content, and if you are a devoted artist who gives everything to his music, then definitely success will soon be at your door.


SidesMedia is probably the best among all its competitors when it comes to promoting your music. With a great market influence, this site covers more than 20 social media platforms.  This in itself is absolutely jaw-dropping. Of course, they need proficient professionals to help manage such extensive work and guess what? They have exactly those- a specialized team that will manage your musical social media.

Their offers are customizable, other than this you can also decide the demographics based on your location or any geographical condition. You can rest assured that these guys will go to extreme lengths just to make sure that all your music gets the recognition it deserves.

But you don’t have to take our word for it- just go ahead and try the site for yourself, we are sure you will not be disappointed. This site will give you everything from SoundCloud Pays to downloads, likes, and followers.

Use Viral

When you first google the sites which can give your free and paid SoundCloud plays– the site which appears first is Use Viral. This industry firmly established in the world of Social Media and it covers a number of social platforms, so you can ensure that you will be getting exposure before a wide range of people.

The best part about this company is that they have gathered great experience from various places which they can employ in different spheres. So you know you are working with people who know how social media works. There is a strong network of clients and users who have great expertise and will help you market your music.

This company has not only mastered SoundCloud’s algorithm but understands the people using it too. This makes sure that they can organically grow their SoundCloud influence. If you are looking for a site that allows unlimited growth then this can be your go-to site any day. Make sure you have a look at it yourself.


The life of an artist is hard enough without having to manage marketing, advertising, and social media. If you are someone who has devoted all their time to creating the best music but have failed to get the right recognition, then we are sure you could make use of these sites.

Make sure you go through the list above and find the service you would like to use to increase your Soundcloud plays today.

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