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Filapine- What makes music? A look into this dynamic artist


A short interview with a upcoming artist and music producer gets an interesting perspective into what music is to him.

Q: Where do you reside now? A: Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

We recently sat down with music producer and artist Filapine, asked him a few questions about his past, what he’s up to and what he thinks truly defines him as a person.

But first….a little backstory..

A little about Filapine…

Filapine is a rising Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America) based artist, music writer, producer and most recognisably a rock/pop artist. He is currently working with the Asiatic Incorporated record label to produce his music.

We asked him a few questions about him and here’s what he had to say about that…

Q: Where were you born?

A: New York.

He also talked a little upon his humble beginnings and what inspired him to involve himself into this challenging life of the music industry.

Q: When did you start music?

A: Since I was a child, I had entered many talent shows by age 3. I was somewhat involved in music…

Filapine’s music is currently available on platforms such as Soundcloud and Apple music. While he is a multi-talented musician, his songs have a quality to them which seems to have been lost in the current music scene in 2018. His vocals have a unique style that is hard to tie down to one genre, he truly creates a style of his own. The music reminds of the early 2009s music, which is not a bad thing. They were beloved back then and there’s a place for them even now.

Q: What made you start pursuing a music career?

A: Watching Michael Jackson, The Beatles bands like these inspired me. Music is who I am, it’s always been something I’ve loved.

His inspirations are quite clear through his music as it seems to be an amalgam of different genres and styles of music from a bygone (yet dearly missed) era of music. Much like his inspirations who reinvigorated the genre music from a bygone era with a dash of something new.

 Q: What is your favorite style of music?

A: Pop rock, rock n roll, hip hop, honestly a mixture- I love music in general…

Filapine is not ashamed of his inspirations, in fact, he openly discusses some of the other industry musicians who have a similar musical aptitude as his. On asking him about references of such artists, this was his reply…

 Q: What are some other artists you like?

A: No doubt, the Red hot chilli peppers, Green day, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Stevie wonder. 

Filapine’s social media presence isn’t too shabby either. With each of his posts gathering upto 5000 impressions each. In the current digital age, he realises the importance of his social image. He is somewhat of a hashtag bug himself if you do decide to go through his social media channels (@filapine1 and Just ‘Filapine’ on Facebook). He creates a natural social media presence, sharing all the things he loves and is enthusiastic about.

We further grilled him about his future, aspiration, etc,. You know, the boring questions about how serious he is about the craft. Here’s what he had to say…

Q: What does the future hold for your music?

A: It’s in the hands of the lord, I’ll keep pushing and whatever happens, happens…

Well, it was delightful to talk to a talented musician like Filapine. His music has a quality to it that is lost in today’s world, that recklessness and enjoyment behind doing what he believes. Looking at him through all his dimensions (his music, his social media) he seems like a person who enjoys every little bit of what he does. All the power to him with that.

We wish him best of luck for his musical career and hope to see him make it to the top, especially, seeing what is at offer is something people have been itching for. A mix of old with a hint of new.

With that, we leave you with the final question… 

Q: Do you produce your own music? Who is your producer?

A: Yes, I produce all my own music, I work with a small handful of producers when I’m not making my own beats and producing my own tracks. 

Check out his music on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/filapinemusic/tracks

Follow him, leave him a review if you enjoy his work!

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