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How To Do Facebook Video Marketing The Right Way

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Video marketing done the right way is perhaps one of the most impactful ways to advertise – no matter the platform. Facebook video marketing is very effective because facebook provides you a highly populated platform with a large number of potential viewers – currently up to 30 billion per day.

Effective video marketing incorporates several features synchronized together. You want the video to be of good quality and your content to be relatable and yet unique. Thus, it dawns on social media marketers and content creators/marketers to always figure out innovative ways to make this happen.

Why Facebook? facebook

Facebook gets you the views!

Plus, the platform offers diversity and different genres of groups of people – thus, making it easier to identify, capture and target your audiences.

Facebook undeniably also makes it extremely easy for you to succeed with video marketing. The variable video formats supported to make it a step easier for you to share your content in many ways – whether from your iPhone or the most sophisticated of software.

Direct Facebook videos work better than links such as YouTube links. This enhances your chances of succeeding by using it directly rather than using competitor links. Plus, you make it easier for your viewers – they don’t have to be redirected to another page, the quality and presentation are better and -with that comes chances of more views, shares, and comments. And let’s be truthful, nobody wants to be redirected to an Ads video!

However, one should know that unlike YouTube videos, Facebook videos have a shelf life. When interactions such as comments, likes and shares dro in numbers, so does the survival of the video on newsfeeds.

Facebook videos also offer a generous maximum length of 45 minutes. Seriously, your video marketing cant be longer than that unless it’s a movie. The best video Ads length that alleviates the risk of boring your viewers should last n more than a minute and a half. Keep in mind that the focus should be content and not time length – and that is why you have up to 45 minutes!

Stories that get to the point and are shorter tend to be more successful. If you have a very good long storytelling marketing content – break it down into segments. You never know you may even be building suspense! The analytics that Facebook provides should also be resourceful for you by highlighting what works and what doesn’t.

How To Enhance Your Facebook Video Marketing Results results

You are on a budget, you are not a professional videographer, you don’t own the best editing technology for video editing – the result? You will have to tackle the scorn of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm which will most definitely bury your video Ad under. However, sponsored videos Ads that stand ut and are eye-catching tend to beat that chance of appearing on many people’s news feeds.

The Movavi video editing software offers a cost-cutting solution to your headache –  with the choice of Video Editor Plus or Video Suite, whatever fancies your needs. And with valuable discounts of up to 55% that come with the Movavi Coupon – you can get started in no time. Simply add your Movavi coupon code on the payment page and start rolling in the Ads.

With a good quality video in your hands – the rest should be flawless. Before, you evaluate the videos, think of the advantages that Facebook videos come with. We all hate the annoyingly loud and pointless video Ads we normally stumbled on the internet. Facebook delivers impeccable videos and wait for it – SOUND FREE!

Facebook video marketing also enables features such as CoSchedule that add functionality to your process. the CoSchedule feature lets you upload your content videos and schedule a post to all platforms automatically on a schedule  – this helps to maintain your schedule, consistency as well as the quality of your content.

There’s no real SOP on how to create different videos on how they may be ideas that when used in unison will work great for you.  Make your videos as interesting as possible, if you are advertising a product, for example, make a how-to video to outline how to use it. Live videos help you to reach your target audience in real-time. Other videos such as behind the scenes, demonstrations and customer testimonials also elevate intrigue.

Equipment is also important. Well, you don’t need a hundred thousand worth of budget and equipment, even on a budget you can still fond enough equipment for a good quality video. The number one move is to get a good camera. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a smartphone, digital SLR, camcorder or professional video cam – it all depends on how deep you can dig into your pockets and specs that fit your needs.

A good mic, whether in-built in a good quality phone or camera or bought individually, goes a long way to improve sound quality. A tripod – be it mono, tri or smartphone, complements positioning to delivering the best quality and angling for your videos.

When it comes to the final stage – this is before posting and engagement. Ensure video shooting is on point. You can have all the best equipment and software of the highest quality but if the execution is poor then you have just acquired everything in vain.

Especially for smartphones, maintain a vertical/landscape video shooting technique because this guarantees the best quality of images. The focus on the following;

Include subject within the frame

  • Capture the key attention capturing subjects
  • Always focus on the first few seconds of the video
  • Write a strong eye-capturing post or the video when posting
  • Feature the video on your page or your cover photo
  • Click confirm, and your video should replace your cover photo
  • Pay for video promotion
  • Tag other account users – business associates, related organizations or pages for a magnified engagement with their fans or followers
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