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Dave Woodward Highlights The Success Behind ClickFunnels

Dave Woodward Highlights The Success Behind ClickFunnels

Dave Woodward Highlights The Success Behind ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an incredible success story. The company was launched in September 2014.

In just over three years, it grew to 68,000+ users, generating over $100 million in annual revenue. And it was all self-funded. No outside investment. No venture capital. No debt.

Today, Dave Woodward, the CEO of ClickFunnels, will give us a sneak-peek behind the scenes of one of the most promising SaaS companies in the world.

Want to know what it takes to build a 9-figure business?

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What Is The Secret To ClickFunnels’ Success?

When you look at ClickFunnels, it’s clear that they know what they are doing.

  • They have an amazing product.
  • Their marketing is brilliant.
  • Their sales skills are second to none.

But what is their one secret that makes everything else possible?

It’s this:

They are obsessed with customer success.

Here’s how Dave Woodward explains it:

“We are extremely passionate about helping small to medium-sized business owners realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

We really want our customers to succeed. We want them to grow their businesses. We want them to make money. We want them to achieve their financial goals. 

And we want them to live the lives that they have always dreamed of.

That is what gets us out of bed in the morning.” 

5 Ways ClickFunnels Help Their Customers Succeed

Let’s take a look at how this focus on customer success guides everything they do…

#1 They Have an Amazing Product

Initially, the ClickFunnels co-founders, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson had an idea for a landing page builder.But then they realized that small to medium-sized business owners needed more than that. In those days, creating a sales funnel was a tedious process, one that required substantial technical expertise.

This meant that regular people were unable to do it by themselves. That’s why the co-founders decided to create software that would allow anyone to build an entire sales funnel. This was a game-changer for thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

But Todd Dickerson, Russell Brunson, and the rest of the ClickFunnels team didn’t rest. They kept improving their product. And they still continue making it better.

#2 They Work To Give Their Customers “Quick Wins” ASAP

The ClickFunnels team constantly tests, tweaks, and optimizes their onboarding process. Why? They want to make sure that the customers start reaping the rewards of using their software as soon as possible.

There are three key metrics that they pay special attention to:

  • Setting up a domain name, payment gateway, and autoresponder. A customer who does these three things by the end of their first month is likely to continue using the platform.
  • Building an email list with 100 contacts. A customer who builds an email list with at least 100 contacts by the end of their second month is likely to continue using the platform.
  • Creating a membership site with at least 3 members. A customer who creates a membership site and gets at least three people to subscribe to it is likely to continue using the platform.

ClickFunnels knows that getting the customers these three “quick wins” gives them a reason to continue paying for software.

So they do everything they can to help their users get all set up, start building their email lists, and attract members to their membership sites.

#3 They Provide a Ton of Educational Resources

Quick wins aren’t the only way ClickFunnels tries to decrease churn (customers who cancel or don’t re-subscribe).

“The best way to decrease churn is to make sure that our customers have the greatest amount of success as fast as possible,” explains Dave Woodward.

It’s often the case that people have entrepreneurial ambitions, but lack the knowledge required to realize them. That’s why ClickFunnels aims to provide their customers with training that helps bridge that gap.

This includes educational content on sales funnels, traffic, marketing… And mindset! “We make sure that we offer not only the best software but also the best educational resources,” says Dave.

#4 They Foster an Engaged Community

ClickFunnels didn’t want to be just another SaaS company. They wanted to start a movement. Build a community. Create a culture-based following. And they did!

Dave explains this by using Apple as an example:

“There are countless mobile phones out there, but there’s only one iPhone, right? Apple has a cult following.

And that’s what we wanted for ClickFunnels.”

So they intentionally built not just a customer base, but a loyal, engaged, and supportive community. Dave says that the culture they have created was extremely important to the company’s success.

#5 They Celebrate Customer Success

ClickFunnels have created a Two Comma Club that gives the 2CC Award to people who have generated over $1 million in revenue within their ClickFunnels sales funnels.

Over the last four years, 737 people have received this award, with 263 recipients last year.

The Two Comma Club also gives out three other awards:

  • The 2CC-X Award for generating over $10 million in revenue within their ClickFunnels sales funnels (46 recipients so far).
  • The 2CC-C Award for crossing $25 million, $50 million, $75 million, and $100 million revenue milestones.
  • The 2 Heart Award for donating over $1 million to charity.

There’s an annual award ceremony where the recipients come on stage to accept their awards.

That way, the company not only recognizes the accomplishments of their most successful customers but also inspires everyone else to reach new heights.

Always Put Your Customers First

When you are running a business, you have to juggle so many things at once. There’s product development, there’s marketing, there are sales, there’s management, there’s payroll…

It’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed. But that’s why it’s so important to always bring your attention back to what matters the most:

Your customers

These are real people giving you their hard-earned cash with the hope that your product will make their lives better.

So what you need to ask yourself every day is this:

“What can I do to help my customers succeed?”

Stay focused on that.

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