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Convobots Elite Review (2021): Best Tool To Increase Your Leads

Are you finding it hard to get leads and sales? Do you feel like your landing page is not interesting enough? Do your visitors get overwhelmed with information on your landing page, but it seems impossible to shorten the information? Well, you are in the right place.

With the brand new “Progressive Disclosure” technology, you can now get leads and sales around the clock. Using simple and interactive conversations help make it more convenient for your customer. It guides your visitors and lets them take action while making them feel in control. Sold by Karthik Ramani,  ConvoBots is a must-have on your website to help visitors.


What is Convobot?

ConvoBot is a brand-new technology that converts boring landing pages into interactive pages using the concept of “Progressive Disclosure” that’s proven to maximize engagement and get more leads and sales.

Humans, after all, prefer the easy way out. Bombarding them with information only overwhelms them and people will lose their attention after some time. You need to reveal information to them slowly and leave it up to their will. While creating a landing page is more about trying to get the consumer to take action, it is also important to avoid bombarding them with information.

ConvoBots aims to mimic an in-store experience. You walk in, a store employee comes to you and asks you what you are looking for and you are directly guided there. ConvoBots does the same thing. It acts as an in-store guide to wherever your customer wants to go.

Their visit to your site probably has some purpose, so give it to them. The Pandemic is in full swing and in the near future, everyone is going to be stuck with online shopping for a while. Using ConvoBots is the necessary way to help customers out on the website.

However, ConvoBots is not just limited to helping your visitors out. It even helps generate leads in the process. Imagine all the effort that your marketing team put in, only for a visitor to be disappointed by the boring landing page. Take the chance and even enjoy a one-stop-shop for lead collection.

Why do you need this app?

ConvoBots Elite-only serves to make your life as a salesperson or a business owner. You need people to stick around for more than 2 seconds on your landing page. With how short people’s attention span is nowadays, that seems like a daunting task.

That is why you will be thankful to ConvoBots Elite. People are finding the same old landing pages extremely boring since they all mostly look the same and have a ton of irrelevant information.

ConvoBots changes this for the better. It makes people willingly provide information about them including name, telephone number, email address, and more! This gives you easy access to promote your product and increase sales with Direct-To-Consumer marketing and sales.

Moreover, you can get this list right inside ConvoBots by adding these leads to your favorite autoresponder. Now, you have made engagement simple for people! Convobots provide information based on the responses that they give. One can answer using Videos, GIFs, and images and it will lead your visitors right to where they need to be by asking the right questions.

How Does It Work?

ConvoBots Elite is pretty easy to use and find your way around. It sticks to what it promises and makes your life so much easier while also ensuring sales and huge profits.

 STEP 1: Pick a template of your choice

First, choose a high-converting template from the previously designed templates that are ready to go. They are all tested which makes it easier.

 STEP 2: Customize and set up your conversation

After you customize the page with your branding, colors, and everything else you would like the visitor to see. Then, set it up in just a few clicks and your perfect campaign is ready to launch!

STEP 3: Publish and start collecting leads and sales

You can share your campaign with the URL, embedded code in any page, or add as a widget in your webpage. This can help you create a flood of fresh new leads and customers.

ConvoBots Elite helps businesses create pattern interrupting chatbots using progressive technology. Your visitors can finally get a break from the monotonous landing pages.

The bots will respond to their choices instead of confusing them with irrelevant information. The best part is as a business owner you can even understand and find out what went wrong or what is working for you and your business using ConvoBots Elite deep analytics tool.

Features of Convobot

ConvoBots Elite is well-known for the extensive features that it offers. It is the best at retaining a customer’s attention, which is extremely important and seemingly impossible in today’s day and age. Here is a list of features that make ConvoBots Elite an amazing site to help your website.

  • Create and Run Unlimited Campaigns

Creating conversational campaigns has no upper limit or lower limit. Create how many ever you want since there is no limit on the number of conversational campaigns you can create. You can also set up campaigns for your clients and charge them a lot of money while ConvoBots handles the rest for you.

  • Collect Leads and Build your list

You can collect email IDs from visitors as they engage in a conversation with ConvoBot. You can capture them and add them right inside your AutoResponder.

  • Response based giveaways

Being a target species is the proper way to get more visitors. Imagine being able to incentivize people with relevant giveaways. Instead of randomized giveaways that may make it appealing to most of your customers, a personalized more targeted giveaway is more enthralling. It is much more effective and will help generate even more leads! You can then use it to promote other products and services as well.

  • Add Form

Moreover, you can add option forms to your conversation and collect vital data like name, phone number, and email and then add them to your autoresponder.

  • Add Your Branding

You can make it completely personalized by running your campaigns with your custom logo and even change the template colors to suit the theme of your brand.

  • Add Credibility with Testimonials and Case Studies

You can show your credibility with testimonials while the visitors are engaged in the conversation. It helps improve trust in the brand.

  • Add Ratings

You can also collect live feedback in the form of Ratings from your Page Visitors while they are actively interacting with you on ConvoBots.

  • Funnel Drop Statistics

Using the funnel drop statistics function, you can now know exactly where your visitors are dropping off from your page and fix it accordingly to maximize conversions.

  • Geo-Tag your Visitor

You can also Geotag visitors and know exactly where they are logging in from. This is done automatically by pulling your IP address of your visitor automatically.

  • Track Returning Visitors

You can also easily track returning visitors and ask them to continue from where they left off and give them a choice to start a fresh conversation.

  • Converse in any language

ConvoBots lets you create pages in any language of your choice. This gives it a worldwide appeal to your page, especially if you are using this feature.

  • Retargeting codes

You can add retargeting pixels to specific campaigns that help to maximize your conversions from the visitors that come to your page.

  • Clone Campaign

If you are particularly fond of a campaign and the results it is giving you, then you can clone them for other products or launches without having to start from scratch.

  • Insert Videos

Videos add spice to the conversation and make it more visually compelling. People are tempted to click on things after they see a product or service as composed to just reading about them.

  • Add Page Menu

You can easily add page menus that make it very easy for visitors to quickly navigate to what they want to go in the conversation itself.

Advantages and disadvantages

ConvoBots is a tool that helps make your business more successful. However, there may be some factors that you have to keep in mind while using it. Here is a list of its pros and cons.


  • It is a professional sales-generating ChatBot
  • Constantly generates leads and sales around the clock
  • 100% Cloud-based Platform
  • Very easy to set up as it takes less than a minute
  • No need for any previous technical knowledge
  • A one-time payment offer
  • Up to 5 times faster subscribers growth
  • Provides deep analytics


  • You need to at least have some prior idea about sales, marketing, collecting leads, etc.


ConvoBots is an amazing app that every business owner should have. Especially, if they are engaging in Direct-to-customer sales. The customer needs at least a virtual assistant to take them where they want or to clear any queries they may have.

This makes it easier on your customer support team and makes their job easier with a virtual assistant. Moreover, you can even get more sales and leads since you can make the bot ask users for their email-ID.

There is no loss here. Invest today without risk, since ConvoBots has included a 30-Day Money back guarantee policy. You can request a full refund if you are unhappy with the service it provides, no questions asked! There is no better time than now! Hurry up!

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