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25 Best Cheap and Worthy Clothing Sites in USA (2023)

Clothing Sites in USA

Love shopping online for new clothes, but then hate looking at my bank account? We know you want a cute outfit, but, yes, it can be stressful to burn through all your money to get one. Understandably, we can’t all splurge on expensive fashion brands all the time — that’s why there are these affordable clothing websites!

So many of these stores are selling items just as fashionable and stylish as luxury brands, and your wallet would be thankful for the low price tags.

Another thing to look out for? Resale sites are a perfect place to visit and grab a few cute finds, all while being environmentally friendly. (Reduce, reuse, and recycle … Have you ever heard of it?)

Another wonderful thing about this: You can resell or donate them when you’re done wearing your finds (if you’re doing a big closet clean-up).

Here are 23 cheap clothing websites — resale and otherwise — that will make shopping a win-win for you and your debit card as well:

Joe Fresh

Believe it or not, Joe Fresh, a Canadian-owned Canadian food distributor, was originally founded for Loblaw Companies Limited!

Renowned for its affordable clothes, Joe Fresh is a great shopping spot if you want to add fashionable but casual pieces to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, they no longer sell their merchandise in US stores; however, it can still be purchased online via their American website.

In addition to their daily apparel range — which includes everything from simple t-shirts to swimwear — the company also has an activewear line. They also offer jewelry, wallets, shoes, bath products, and beauty items.

Crew Factory

If you are longing for J.Crew ‘s cool, preppy-with-a-twist look but can’t justify paying their rates, head over to J.Crew Factory, the similarly chic, but more affordable, a line from J.Crew.

Although the prices of J.Crew Factory are not always in the cheap category, they are certainly great for what you get, particularly when it comes to work-wear staples such as blazers and pants.

J.Crew Factory’s best part is that they often release products that look similar to those sold at J.Crew, except at a much lower price! They prefer to wait for this to happen until a later season, and only do this for some pieces, so you’ll have to be patient. As with J.Crew, besides clothes, J.Crew Factory also sells shoes, wallets, luggage, pajamas, and jewelry.



As a Canadian, I have never before set foot in a Kohl ‘s shop. (Cue gasps!) But I’ve browsed their vast website enough to know they ‘re selling plenty of budget-friendly apparel, shoes, luggage, accessories, swimwear, and beauty items.

Although some of their items are targeted at an older audience, there is still plenty to choose from trendy, youthful choices.

The best part about Kohl’s is they sell a large range of sizes, from plus-size to petite to juniors, so you’re able to find something whatever size you are! Their segment on beauty is also very good, so if you are looking to refresh your look without dropping too much cash I would suggest checking it out.


Etsy Poshmark Alternative

Etsy has 1.7 million users who sell to more than 33 million purchasers. Those shoppers spent over $3bn on Etsy in 2017. Shopify boasts an even more remarkable figure: Shopify raised over $82bn.

Etsy is a marketplace which means consumers are searching for Etsy and then finding their products through this platform. You don’t need to think about ads or selling your brand-instead, you can rely on the success of Etsy.

You can sell the Standard plan on Etsy for no additional monthly charge. You still have to pay the listing fees and transaction fees, but a monthly subscription is not charged unless you decide to upgrade.



Shopify has the best selling platforms available on the market. Using inventory system software, you can easily manage and develop your company, allowing you to track, coordinate, and monitor customer orders and stock rates.

Shopify is designed for all forms of the store, from small businesses to major brands like Penguin. Monitor your branding, update for more features, or add software to extend the functionality of your website.

You can sell physical goods and services, and add digital items with an app to sell. There are no guidelines on what kinds of goods you should sell!


Francesca sells cute and beautiful boutique-style clothing, jewelry, and accessories at low prices. They have also a beautiful selection of home and beauty products.

Francesca’s almost reminds us of a less costly Anthropologie with its relaxed and feminine style.

One of Francesca’s favorite things about us is how they view patterns in a way that is more subtle and accessible than certain other wallet-friendly retailers.

In addition, the merchandise quality seems pretty good for the price. Therefore if you’re looking for fashion-forward and girly pieces, you should check it out most definitely!



ModCloth is known for its adorable and quirky indie and retro-inspired pieces, so if you’re on the market for a fun-printed dress or a pin-up swimsuit, this is your place!

Besides clothes and accessories, ModCloth also offers exclusive shoes, luggage, and gifts (mostly coming under the umbrella of home decor).

While most of the products sold on ModCloth are inexpensive, some more expensive pieces are also offered. Yet their rates, as compared to a department store, are lower than what you would be paying for a comparable item.

One of the best things about ModCloth is that they have a wide variety of plus-size clothes! In addition, they also offer petite and tall sizes like many of the other retailers mentioned in this article.


Express is known for its trendy pieces and staples in workwear – especially its famous Editor Shirt, which comes in various cuts and colors.

It’s just about under $100, with most products inside the $40-$80 range. So, their items may cost you a bit more than your typical finds from Forever 21 or H&M, but there’s the difference in quality.

Express sells shoes, accessories, jewelry, swimwear, and activewear in addition to clothing; they also have an athleisure line called One Eleven. Finally, Express carries petite sizes, which are designed for women 5’4′′ and under, according to the retailer.

Nordstrom Rack

If you’re looking for a wide selection of more sophisticated, fashion-forward pieces, then Nordstrom Rack is the place for you! Most of their clothing rings in at $50 or less, and the majority of their items are made well.

Nordstrom Rack carries clothes plus-size and petite, as well as shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, intimates, swimwear, home items, and gifts.

They also carry certain items at lower prices by department store designers; however, it is worth noting that certain brands produce items specifically for outlet stores that have never been sold in full-price department stores at all. This is not necessarily the case with Nordstrom Rack, but when shopping at any outlet it is worth remembering.



For It Girls, Topshop is the ultimate budget destination and serves a variety of aesthetics, from feminine to sporty to boho – and beyond. Besides clothes, Topshop also stocks shoes, bags, accessories, and a fun range of beauty items, all of which match in with their chic, model-off-duty look. They sell both big and small sizes

Topshop can be a bit inconsistent with respect to pricing. Although not necessarily the cheapest retailer on this list, the prices of Topshop match well with what you get-fashion-forward, designer-looking pieces at a lesser price.

Moreover, their products seem to be selling out pretty quickly, so if there’s something you’ve been eyeing, it’s probably a good idea to snap it up earlier than later. Topshop sells models for men and women alike.


Zara is our weakness on budget fashion. Every time someone goes to a Zara store or browse through their online range, they can’t help but admire the trendy on-fleek clothes that definitely belong on the cover of a magazine.

Zara carries incredibly trendy (and often crazy) models, so it’s important for you to get the best value for your money with a sense of what you want.

We also adore the more discreet, but still amazing, minimal range of Zara: think of elegant trench coats, trendy skinny jeans, and chic ballet flats.



Another Zara store, Mango is one of the most underrated affordable fashion websites. Mango is like a more sophisticated and grown-up version of Zara, between their trendy (but not too trendy) products, decent quality, and great prices.

They carry clothes up to size 22, so if you are unable to find your size at Zara (the clothes of Zara run small), Mango is your alternative.

They also carry cute jewelry and shoes, as well as their selection of cool clothes, and they have amazing handbags that could easily pass as designers.

Mango is the place to go if your style is more subtle, or if you’re looking for the nice workwear or classic pieces you ‘re going to wear for years to come.


We love Baublebar because of its cute and colorful aesthetics as well as its playful take on the latest trends in jewelry. They carry accessories such as bags, sunglasses, and scarves. Unlike other affordable stores such as Forever 21, Baublebar’s jewelry is of high quality and made to last.

Anything they bring is also super fashionable, so you won’t run out of styling their pretty earrings, cool necklaces, lovely rings, and lovely bracelets!

From 57 reviews BaubleBar has a consumer rating of 3 stars indicating that most consumers are satisfied with their purchases. Also among Discount Jewelry sites, BaubleBar ranks 65th. The most common issues with BaubleBar are regarding customer service, which some customers are not as good as anticipated.



Uniqlo is a cross between H&M and Gap in a style-wise way: their pieces are versatile enough to stand the test of time but still trendy.

We recommend their fabulous HEATTECH line and their signature Ultra Light Down jackets for the colder months. You can get one and you can be assured that you’ll be kept very dry, feeling the minimal weight.

Uniqlo also has high-quality sweaters in chic silhouettes, as well as feminine skirts and dresses.

They also carry loungewear and intimate wear (although unfortunately, bra sizes and styles are limited) and collaborated with unique style icons such as Inès de La Fressange and Carine Roitfeld, as well as Disney and Star Wars.



No list of affordable clothing stores would be complete without mentioning Torrid’s plus-size fashion shop. Items they carry include shoes, intimates, loungewear, athletic wear, swimwear, and accessories. And their items are trendy and fashion-forward, rather than frumpy, unlike other plus-size stores.

Although you personally might not have shopping experience in plus size shops, Torrid is often discussed whenever the subject comes up.

Customers have lots of good things to say about them, particularly about their bras, which come in a variety of sizes. We really love Torrid that is encouraging all women to be proud of their looks, and not to hide behind unfitting clothing.



Oh, Hennes & Mauritz-a true fashion paradise in our head. H&M has something nice for all, like trendy plus size pieces.

H&M is a great place to start, whether you’re looking to buy a trendy item to wear for the current season, or a classic piece that will last you years. They have EVERYTHING that you may like-from trendy tops and beautiful clothes to shoes, scarves and even shoes.

While the quality of H&M is more variable than that of Zara, for instance, if you shop wisely you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for in sturdy fabrics and streamlined silhouettes.

One of the best parts about H&M is that they often collaborate with high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Kenzo, as well as celebrities like The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj.

Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy is one of those classic shops which never get old! From their sweet dresses to their trendy jeans, Old Navy is a reliable standby that should be on the list of girls from every college. Not to mention that they always make great sales, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a lot on anything you end up buying.

Old Navy carries, which is amazing, petite, plus, and tall sizes. Personally we think that Old Navy’s best items are their flip flops (all priced under $11 rn) and their cozy pajama bottoms that come in tons of cute prints.

They also have an activewear line which is definitely worth a look if you’re doing a lot of exercises or just love the vibe of athleisure style.


Although ASOS carries clothes, shoes, and accessories at a wide range of price points, their choice of affordable clothes stands out as one of the best online clothes (or anywhere, in fact)!

Although most ASOS pieces are on the trendy and often edgy side, they bring traditional and mature-looking (but not bland or matronly) choices as well.

Additionally, ASOS has a fabulous selection of formalwear that proves it doesn’t have to cost much to get dressed up for a special event. They also carry cool, cheap swimwear.

Last but not least, ASOS has slim, plus-sized and tall models, and even wide-fit shoes, so you’re sure to find anything you want, no matter what sort of body you want!



You probably knew Target was going to make this list. That’s because it’s the worst kept secret about stylish women everywhere on budgets.

Unlike other large discount stores, we love how Target makes fashion fun and doesn’t skimp on style. Plus, whatever you’re looking for, you ‘re sure to find it — and more!

Target carries tons of plus-sized items, so no matter what size you wear you can look great.

Finally, they have partnered with well-known brands such as Victoria Beckham, Marimekko, and Lilly Pulitzer, like some of the other stores on this list.

Even if you don’t have a target in your area, don’t worry – it’s all online and ready to be delivered to your door. Just another reason to have them loved!

Forever 21


You didn’t think we were going to post about affordable fashion and leave Forever 21 out, did you?! Forever 21 is the ultimate fast-fashion destination and one of America’s most popular discount clothing stores with its ultra-trendy aesthetic and even lower prices!

In my experience, the sizes of Forever 21 are small (although they have a line of plus-size). Furthermore, browse carefully, as some of their fabrics may be cheap. Another downside is that the return policy of Forever 21 isn’t the biggest; they only accept exchanges, so you must be sure of your purchases.

Abercombie & Fitch

This is an American apparel clothing store that in large part offers casual wear to its target teenage customers. It has two children’s brands: Abercrombie, and Hollister Co.

Their brand identity is advertised as a near-luxury apparel company for teenagers and tweens. They sell fashionable accessories as well as clothes such as rucksacks, belts, scarfs, hats, caps, and several fragrances.

The price range for the clothing collection from Abercrombie & Fitch Girls ranges from $7.70 to $280.

They have some wonderful clothing items like the Simone High Waist Ankle style jeans. Not only this, but you also find a number of dresses in a flowy, loose style.

California Inc’s Pacific Sunwear


The US-based teenage apparel store called California Inc. ‘s Pacific Sunwear, which is known as PacSun worldwide. With 600 retail stores in more than 50 states, the company proudly sells luxury accessories, beauty products, and apparel to adults and teenagers. The company has its headquarters in California.

On PacSun’s official website, the price range of women wearing two-piece garments ranges from $20 to $75. California Inc’s Pacific Sunwear has such a great selection from casual to dressy to loungewear. I think they do a great job of including it all.


Aéropostale is a specialist retailer of casual clothes and accessories, primarily targeting young men and women. In a creative and exciting online store environment, they offer customers a concentrated collection of high-quality apparel and apparel basics at compelling prices.

You can easily find a range of clothing varying from dresses and tops to denim and nightwear. Aéropostale has a consumer rating of 3.18 stars from 82 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Ross Stores Inc.

Ross Stores Inc.

A broad chain of retail shops is controlled by Ross Stores Inc. The stores were known by the name of Ross Dress for Less. This is based in Dublin, California, and is one of the United States’ second-largest off-price retail stores.

Ross’s target consumers are those individuals who receive monthly middle-scale income. You will go shopping via their official website at Ross Stores. In 1950 Morris opened the first Ross Departmental store in San Bruno, California, which eventually expanded up to larger retail chains.

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters Inc., branded as American Eagle worldwide, is one of the most major names in the world of clothing company stores. American Eagle Outfitters’ main customers are none other than young girls and teens.

Their product portfolio includes shirts such as Polo, Jeans, Sweat pants, T-Shirts, Vanity Boxers, Outwear, Swimwear, and Henley shirts. The women’s tops price range on their official online store ranges from $7.99 to $59.95.


There are tons of discount clothing shops out there but which ones are worth shopping at, and which ones aren’t? There are some great cheap shopping places, but others are just cheap!

There are plenty of inexpensive, low priced clothing stores and trendy garments … you just need to know which ones to shop at. If you have a taste for champagne on a beer budget, dollar store clothes won’t cut it. You need to find the best places to shop.

There is nothing that we enjoy more than shopping for clothing. Oh no, wait-from the comfort of your couch, there are clothes shopping for the new trends, with top discounts. Goodbye.

Above we’ve listed some hand-picked fashion store websites for indoor shopping without the hustle and bustle of the high streets.

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