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Cathay Pacific Business Class: Experience Top Range Air Travel

Cathay Pacific Business Class

If you have never flown Cathay Pacific business class, you’re yet to experience top-of-the-range air travel. The business class is one of the finest selections for travelers who like comfort, privacy, and elegance. I know because I’ve recently flown with them from Sydney to Hong Kong and then onto New York.

The Cabin

I Immediately walked into Cathay’s business class cabin and was blown away. The layout is nothing short of brilliant. The seats on the 777 and A330 have a unique herringbone configuration. A row of paired seats separates two aisles. The peripheral seats are arranged in a single row and maximize privacy.

The seats take the edge off long flights due to their remarkable comfort. They are pretty spacious, with numerous storage spaces for your carry-on items. There are also ample surfaces to set yourself up for a long flight.

The paired seats have great privacy despite the proximity. Nonetheless, each seat can track forward to make conversation easier, which is excellent for couples. The single-row seats are the best for solo travelers.

Unlike the business class in some airlines, Cathay doesn’t give out mattress pads. However, sleeping is comfortable once the seat is flat. I did get a pillow and a blanket on my flight which made my sleep enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the in-flight entertainment screen doesn’t tilt. It’s a small niggle, but it makes watching movies difficult when the seats are flat. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy movies in other positions.

The entertainment system is personalized to enhance the in-flight experience. You get a pair of headphones, and everything is optimized to ensure you’re entertained during long flights.

In-flight services

The service I received on my Cathay business class trip was top-tier. Cathay goes the extra mile to make you get your ticket’s worth of quality, professional services compared to other airlines.

The meals on my flight were served in courses off of trolleys. Kudos to the chef; the food was better than I expected. The drinks menu also had plenty of surprises. It was quite comprehensive, with some unique options like their signature cocktails. I had the Johnny Walker Gold Label, a fantastic alternative to the typical Black Label served on numerous flights.

The food and drinks options are numerous. You will definitely find something you like off the menu.

The lounge

A flights experience starts in the lounge. A Cathay business class ticket will earn you a spot in the Qantas business class lounge in Sydney. I had a lovely breakfast in the lounge before my departure. The coffee cart also came in handy, considering I have a taste for early morning coffee.

The Sydney lounge is pretty standard with a minimalistic design. Unfortunately, there is no view or unique fixtures. Moreover, the lounge gets busy, especially during the holidays.

The lounges in Hong Kong on the other hand are spectacular. You have an option of four business class lounges and an arrival lounge if you are heading straight out into the city. There are also two first-class lounges. I was in The Wing, which had a fantastic panoramic view of the tarmac. The lounge also had terrific food.

Champagne is in high supply in the business lounge. I enjoyed my glass in The Long Bar, a sweet spot within The Wing. It’s the perfect place to reminisce on your business trip as you await departure.

Cathay Pacific offers fares for worldwide travel. The ticket can be used as part of Lufthansa and Swiss Air round the world tickets and One world around the world airfares.

Although I’ve only had few trips on Cathay Pacific business class, I would recommend it to anyone looking for comfort, privacy, and quality service.

Few fly Cathay’s business class just once since you cannot get enough of the experience. Book your ticket today.

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