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10 Best Car Ceramic Coating In Dallas, Tx You Must Try In 2024

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You just bought a brand new car and you want to know how to care for it or maybe you have neglected the car you have and think it could use some help, we are here to tell you how ceramic coating can grant a new look and feel to your car. A lot of information is out there about ceramic coating and PPF and you find yourself getting more confused than ever, with no clue how to proceed.

Well, ceramic coating is something that will make your car look good with very little maintenance. Now you won’t have to worry about the monthly waxes and washes for your car, as the ceramic coating is a one-time thing. You just get it applied once and your car needs little maintenance after that. 

You must have heard about it from someone, or you have been doing your research online but you know that ceramic coating is the best thing you can do for your car. Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution applied to the exterior of your car to protect it from environmental dirt. With one coat you never have to worry about stains again for the next decade or so. It manages to protect the paint of your automobile and keeps it looking as good as new.

Let us tell you about the best car ceramic coating places in Dallas, Texas so that you can take your car for a spin and makeover to these places. Without any delay, let’s get started with the list:

Nick’s Custom Detailing

Nick's Custom Detailing - Car Ceramic Coating

Nick’s Custom Detailing is a popular choice among car enthusiasts to get their vehicle serviced. They have been around for a long time now and have given some serious competition to other centers. You can get ceramic coating for your car here along with many other services such as paint correction, PPF, and mobile detailing.

They use the CQuartz Finest brand for ceramic coating – which is the only brand that doesn’t require you to pay charges yearly for a warranty. Your car will appear glossy and brand new all the time. It is a straightforward deal that will enhance the look of your car. 

Their certified technicians along with their skills of craftsmanship will do the job very easily and you will be highly pleased with their services. If you want the ultimate ceramic coatings for your car, this service center will do the job just right for you.

Their coatings don’t fade away over time, they keep your car looking as good as new for a long time which will astonish you. The protection pays for itself in the long run, because your car will have a much higher resale value than if you hadn’t paid for the ceramic coating.

214 Auto Detailing

214 Auto Detailing

If you are on the hunt for some protection for your vehicle against dust and stains, this service center has just the right packages for you. Their titanium ceramic coating packages have been the envy of many of their competitors, and a boon to their returning clients. They have different ranges of packages starting from $1000 for a ceramic coating that will last at least 3 years.

Also, They know that it is tough to make a decision about cars and what to purchase for them while staying within budget so they have a range of plans that go from 3 to 10 years for the ceramic coating work. They also have packages that offer to coat just the windows or wheels for a much cheaper rate, so if you are on a tight budget, this is something you can opt for.

The prices they mention also include services such as paint correction, decontamination, and application of the coating, so you are getting many services wrapped into one. Your car will stay cleaner for a longer time and you can turn people’s heads with the shine of your beautiful car. A simple rinse will keep dust from sticking to the exterior of your car.

Flawless Dallas

Flawless Detail

Flawless Dallas as their name claims will certainly make your car look flawless. They have been around for a long time, setting themselves up and getting a lot of experience and positive reviews. Their clients are all praises for them and keep returning for some service or the other. They have Opti-Coat Pro which they say is the ultimate ceramic coating that will protect your car for years to come.

By adding another layer, you will prolong the duration of your paint and make your car look better simultaneously. The coating also comes with a warranty, so you can rest assured of the quality of the service they are providing. You can choose a time slot during which you plan on coming to their service center on their website or get in touch with them through a contact form to know more about ceramic coatings.

They have an excellent customer support center that is always eager to resolve the question their clients might be having. Their prices are affordable even to an average customer. They do the polishing of the car, cleaning, and decontamination of the surfaces before any coating is applied, so you can look at it as an all-in-one offer.

Blessed Touches Auto Detailing

Blessed Touches Auto Detailing

Blessed Touches is a wonderful auto detailing center in Dallas, Texas that has catered to the needs of many car owners for a long time. They have ceramic coating services for all types of cars and other types of vehicles. They have over a decade of experience in detailing and they have certified professionals to do the tasks.

Ceramic coatings create a barrier between the paint and the environment, successfully preventing it from getting tarnished or stained. Since the coatings are hydrophobic, it is also easier for people to clean their cars and requires way less time. It is almost like a self-cleaning effect you will have on your car.

You can request a quote regarding the service from their website itself or get in touch with their wonderful customer support for further inquiries. The coating will also protect the surface of your car from UV rays and give it a glossy, new look.

The coatings last for years, so that saves you years of spending money on services like waxing. They use the SB3 ceramic coatings commonly, which have been lauded by many people for being of the best quality. You will be pleasantly surprised once the job is done.

Carisma Inc.

Carisma Inc.

Carisma Inc. is a great place for you to get your car serviced. They have received rave reviews in the past and continue to do so just because the quality of their services is that great. Ceramic coating will protect your car from certain damage via UV rays, chemicals, toxins, and dust. The paint will look as good as new even after many years and you will have to spend less time maintaining your car.

The amount of oxidation your paint undergoes is also reduced by a lot, keeping the surface looking glossy like it is brand new. A good ceramic coating enhances the reflective properties of the car so this one does the job just right. They are also very accommodating to all their customers’ requirements and will patiently answer all your questions.

You are sure to get some offers and discounts in the future if you become a loyal customer of theirs. They handle each vehicle with great care and technique, as they employ only certified experts who have had many years of experience. You can also check out the other services they have on their website at your leisure and try going for a combo offer that will save your money.

Apex Automotive

Apex Automotive - car ceramic coating

Apex Automotive is another one of the best service centers in Dallas, Texas where you will find ceramic coatings available. Ceramic coating is a clear, nano-ceramic coating that is liquid and has been developed through technology so that constant waxing of your car is not required anymore.

This nano-ceramic coating is hydrophobic which makes it easier for you to clean your car, even a simple rinse should do the trick. The coating forms a durable shield against the harsh environment and protects it from corrosion, tarnishing UV rays, and even dust. Your vehicle will look good with it and not deteriorate over time.

It is an excellent investment you can make for your car that will pay off in the long run. It will take you less time and effort to maintain the look of your car, not to mention you will save on the countless coatings of wax you would have had to apply.

The unprotected paint is always in danger of getting ruined due to external factors but with ceramic coating, you will never have to worry about that again. The self-cleaning effect will prevent harmful chemicals from sticking to your car as they will just slide right off.

Ceramic Fx

Ceramic Fx

Ceramic FX is one of the best service centers in Dallas, Texas. They have had years of experience in auto detailing and have experts who will treat your car with great care. Their website is easy to navigate and you can find the costs of their ceramic coating services on it. They have a wide variety of packages so that they can cater to the needs of every customer, even those who are on a tight budget.

You get 4% rewards with every service you opt for, so you can make this shop your go-to service center for your car as you get added benefits with every purchase you make.They even have valet pickup and delivery, although additional charges may be applicable for that. This is an ideal center for those who are too busy to take their car in and want someone to do it for them.

They even offer a 10% discount for future ceramic coating services, even though you would probably take a long time to use those as their coatings are the best in town and don’t get ruined that easily.

New Image Auto Detailing

New Image Auto Detailing - car ceramic coating

Every industry evolves, which is how ceramic coatings came to be in the automobile industry. People started looking for an alternative to constant waxing that won’t require as much investment. Ceramic coatings can maintain the glossy sheen of your car for many years with very low maintenance.

They also compliment the PPF service greatly, which is another service offered at this center. Only certified people can apply these coatings, and you can rest assured that New Image Auto Detailing only uses the best experts in the field. Their website has all the details you need about ceramic coatings so do glance at it.

The website also has extremely friendly and helpful customer support that you can get in touch with via chat. They are sure to help you in figuring out the cost of coatings for your car, depending on the model and the package you are going for.

The CQuartz ceramic coating also comes with a long warranty, in case anything goes wrong in the future, you can just take advantage of the warranty to get a coat. The coating will repel dust and prevent stains from sticking to the car, making it easier for you to clean up.

Detail Werkz

Detail Werkz - car ceramic coating

Detail Werkz is another one of the best service centers you can find in Dallas, Texas to get ceramic coating for your car. If your car is constantly being ruined by the harsh contaminants in the environment, their ceramic coating will do the job of protecting it in the future for a very long time.

One ceramic coating and your car will look as good as new, and there won’t be any need to constantly wax it to keep the dirt at bay. They are the ultimate barrier that will keep you from spending long periods washing your car instead of taking it out for a drive. The liquid paint is applied by certified professionals who know exactly what they are doing, so your car is in safe hands with them.

They have detailed descriptions about the service and the cost it will take for you to have it done on their website, so you should certainly go check it out. They also have other car cleaning services that you might want to opt for, they may even consider giving discounts if you plan on having a lot of work done.

Spark And Shine Auto Detail

 Spark And Shine Auto Detail - car ceramic coating

Spark and Shine Auto Detail are some of the most popular names on this list and they have a lot of positive reviews to their name. Their ceramic coating service is just one of their vast array of services, all of which are eye-catching and things you will certainly want to opt for.

You can see the pictures of the cars they have serviced previously and get a fair idea about the kind of work they do. They are pros at this and apply the liquid coat with great precision and all the details kept clearly in their mind.

The slick coated surface will prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your car and even a simple rinse should be enough to get rid of them after a layer of ceramic coating. Their packages pay for themselves in the end and you will be grateful that you decided to invest in their services.


Ceramic coatings are commonly mistaken as an alternative for a clear bra, but that is not the case. It can however be a good replacement for waxing. Once you get a ceramic coating, you won’t have to wax your car so often trying to get rid of the stains and dirt. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, so water and dirt don’t stick to it and will just slide right off.

It does not break down in the rain or heat, one coat is enough to provide strength to the exterior of your car against dust and stains. There are many popular brands of ceramic coating which are surely all great, so get in touch with the service center to see which one will be the ideal fit for your car.

Ceramic coatings can also protect your car from harmful UV rays just like a clear bra, although we feel the need to emphasize again that it is not an alternative to a clear bra. Due to its hydrophobic nature, your car becomes very easy to clean so you can spend more time driving it rather than washing it. Your car gets a glossy appearance, so it will look like you do take good care of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings are totally worth it, and we would never claim otherwise. 

We hope that we were successful in making you understand the importance of ceramic coatings and also help you know the best service centers for your car where you can get it done in Dallas, Texas.

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