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15 Best Sites to Buy Verified Instagram Comments

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Instagram is no longer the place that it once used to be. There used to be a time when you could post a simple picture and everyone would basically applaud you for the work you had done. However, it does not matter anymore if you’re content is amazing or extraordinary since there is so much going around that people hardly notice. It is even more difficult to get a decent amount of engagement on Instagram. As a result, many people have decided to buy Instagram comments so that they can increase the visibility that they get on a daily basis. If you use the right sites, you will be able to employ absolutely ethical means that can heighten your position on the Instagram algorithm. With so many creators available to the audience, if you really want to get noticed then you simply have to buy verified Instagram comments.

Best sites to Buy Verified Instagram Comments:



As the top entry on our list, Viralyft basically fulfills each and every social media demand that people have today. They cover a range of platforms from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram and Twitter- all of which they excel at.
Their integrated marketing approach has given them a name apart from the rest of their competitors and they are easily our favorite on this site. You can use them to buy Instagram likes, views, and of course, verified comments. Moreover, everything is given to you at highly affordable rates.

The prices are given as such. You can get 10 random comments at 3.99 dollars and 25 random comments at 6.99 dollars for stop further, you can get as much as 50 random comments at 12.99 dollars. Bigger plans are equally affordable as well and you can get as much as 500 comments for about $60 and 250 commands for 33.99 dollars. On a medium level, you can get 100 authentic comments for 22.99 dollars.


socialrush - verified instagram comments

SocialRush is another one of our absolute favorites on this list. They have been working in social media for a very long time now and they understand the nuances of every possible social media site available today. In terms of experience, this site is unmatchable and the results they give are going to leave you completely satisfied.

They are particularly focused on Instagram and provide a range of services including Instagram likes, comments, views, followers, and more. Therefore, if you are looking for an all-rounded growth for wholesome development- this site might be the perfect solution for you. You can easily check their site today and find out what package will be able to satisfy your needs.

You can start your plan by getting 10 Instagram comments. These will only cost you about $3.99- which is highly affordable. Then again you can go for 25 Instagram comments that will be bought for $7.99 or 50 Instagram comments that will be bought for $15.99. Bigger plans are equally affordable as well that can give you 100 comments for $29.99. The next plans are for 250 and 500 Instagram comments that are easily bought for $54.99 and $94.99.


You do not have to come to our list to come across GetViral as one of the top contenders in social media marketing. Crisp, terse, and right to the point- they know exactly how to get the job done without taking too much of your time and money. Working with them is extremely simple and the steps are laid out on the site is very clear terms.

Just browse through their catalog and find the package that you require for your account. Next, you have to give in some very basic, harmless information about your account- usually just the username- and make the payment. They accept various means of payment and the gateways are encrypted with the latest technology to ensure your financial safety.

The place comes with great credibility and they have been working in the industry for over seven years. To date, they have completed more than 15000 orders with a satisfaction rate that is as high as 85%. They have a tailored approach towards digital marketing and they want to make sure that the results you receive stay with you in the long run. Hence, the retention rates offered by this site are also some of the best among the mentions in this list.


ViewsExpert is another site that you might have heard mentioned across various reviewers and online suggestions. Mostly all sites that we have mentioned here incorporate various forms of social media marketing to promote your account. However, the upside to this site is that they focus particularly on Instagram comments to increase the clout you get on a daily basis.

Their main motive is to increase your natural ranking on Instagram so that the inflow of comments is organic and basically sponsored by the algorithm itself. This naturally increases the amount of trust your future audience has in the content you create.

There are various plans to pick from and you can start with ten comments for 3.99 dollars. Smaller plants also include 25 comments for 6.99 dollars and 50 comments for 12.99 dollars. The medium plan is 400 comments. This will only cost you 22.99 dollars. The higher plan is for about 500 Instagram comments which costs you 59.99 dollars. This is the limit to all the plans available and you can repeat them if you would like to increase the number.


FollowerPackages initially started out as a site that provided automated features to increase the following of people on different social media. They covered, and still cover numerous online platforms including the likes of Spotify and SoundCloud.

However, in recent years they’ve expanded their scope to organic engagement and virtual promotion with features like comments, likes, views, and more. They have shown some excellent results in the past few years of operation and we are sure that the results you get from them will help you get extreme engagement in a short amount of time.

The first plan will let you have 10 random Instagram comments for 9.95 dollars. As you can see this is slightly expensive but the quality is very high so it compensates for the investment. The next plan is for 25 random Instagram comments that will cost you 17.95 dollars.
At the same time you will get global exposure and a community that ranges from all across the planet. You also get 50 random comments for 34.95 dollars and 75 random comments for 49.95 dollars.


SocialPackages.net is a site specially catered towards social media growth and visibility. The company was perhaps one of the first foundations to recognize the growing needs of virtual identity in an expanding digital world. They firmly believe that every individual should get a chance to be heard and seen in the current market since everyone has value to add to the world. Therefore, they take utmost care to ensure that every individual client gets massive growth through engagement and exposure. Clearly, this has made them one of the best sites to buy verified Instagram comments today.

There are six different plans that you can pick from if you want to buy verified Instagram comments from this site. As is generally seen you will start with ten Instagram comments for 3.9 dollars.

There are two following plans for 25 as well as 50 Instagram comments that will be available For 6.9 dollars as well as 12.9 dollars. Medium plans are for 250 as well as hundred Instagram comments. The last plan is for 500 Instagram comments that will cost you 59.99 dollars.


As the name suggests, this site provides great amounts of likes and social media hype for your content. That being their primary focus, they also provide other features like comments, followers, and more. Unlike the sites mentioned above their main focus has always been Instagram and they have been working on their social media strategy as the app has evolved over the years.

Therefore, if you want someone who can keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm then Fastlikes should do the work for you. It’s a simple site that integrated both automated and organic marketing strategies so you get the best of both worlds. Let us start with the highest plan which is for 500 Instagram comments. These will cost you 94.99 dollars which is a fairly affordable price.

The plan before this gives you 250 Instagram comments for 54.99 dollars and hundred Instagram comments for 29.99 dollars. Smaller plans include 50 Instagram comments for $15.99 and 25 Instagram comments for $7.99.


This is another old name in online marketing that excels at the job they do. Just as the sites mentioned above- they take care of various social media sites including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Naturally, they are able to create plans for cross-promotion and mixed marketing to spread the word about your account.

Moreover, they have connections with various influencers and significant creators of Instagram. As a result, your account is also able to get promotion through word of mouth- the process might be slightly slower.

Their delivery time is excellent as well and the maximum they take is about 3 days to finish your orders. Sometimes the time is as little as one day. You can start with their first plan that gives 50 Instagram comments for $18- slightly expensive when compared to other mentions on the list. 75 Instagram comments can be bought for $25 and 100 Instagram comments can be bought for $35. The next plans give you 200 and 500 Instagram comments for $65 and $150. Since their quality is relatively much higher than others, you might find their prices a little difficult to afford.


InstaFollowers is a relatively new entry here. But that’s hardly a drawback since they work with some of the best-minded individuals in digital marketing. In all the sites that we have reviewed so far- their team of experts is by far the best and most experienced.

It is quite rare to find a site that works with both online and offline market experts and consumer analysts to promote social media content. As a result, this site has been a great option for both businesses as well as individual influencers. The prices you get here are extremely low and we don’t think anyone should have a problem affording these. The very first package is for $1.58 that gives you 10 comments while the next package is for $2.67 that gives you 20 comments. You will be able to get up to 50 comments for $5.45 and 100 comments for $9.41- probably some of the cheapest rates you will come across on this list.


Today online transactions have become extremely risky since you could get caught up in fraud at anytime. Various social media growth sites do not themselves know the rules of Instagram and employ growth methods that could lead to the banning of your account.

On the other hand, GetRealBoost is probably the safest site that we have mentioned on this list. They take care of each and every guideline laid down by Instagram and only follow the most organic methods to help you grow your account including your comment section. Needless to say, the results are high quality and guaranteed as well.

Let’s jump straight to the prices. The first price is about $3 that gives you 10 comments with fast delivery, worldwide comments, and 24/7 customer support. You will also be able to get 20 Instagram comments for $5 and 50 Instagram comments for $10. You can go as high as 500 Instagram comments that will only cost you $60. This is the only site that gives you as many as 1000 Instagram comments for $110.


TweetAngels really started off as a Twitter site with efforts concentrating on helping people improve their Twitter feed and engagement. However, they were quick to realize that the true potential of any social media platform can only be unlocked when you inclusively market an account through every platform. Hence, today they work on various sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and a lot more. They have been able to provide great engagement in terms of likes and comments which has eventually led many accounts to increase their visibility ten times of what it used to be before.

There are three different comment plans. The first plan is called the starter comment plan which begins at $129. You get automatic comments three times a day with a maximum of 20 comments in a post. Next is the entrepreneur comment section which can be got at $229, while the next plan is the CEO comments plan which can be bought at $329.


SocialViral has been growing rapidly in the last few years as one of the most preferred sources of social media growth and engagement creators. If you are looking for quality and authentic Instagram comments, then this site will definitely be of great assistance to you. They will make sure to connect you with a community of people that can help you grow as a creator, businessman, or artist. Hence, if you are struggling to find the right response on Instagram for your content, make sure you check this site out.

You can begin your journey with 10 Instagram comments that will cost you about $2.99 or 25 Instagram comments that will cost you about $5.99. The plans given further are very much cost-efficient as well and you can get 50 comments for $9.99 and 100 comments for $17.99.

Mr. Insta

As the name suggests- this company is all about Instagram and how to achieve maximum growth therein. They understand that heightening your Instagram would need you to work on all forms of engagement in order to positively alert the algorithm. Hence, they will give you everything you need to grow your Instagram- from likes and followers to comments and views. They are highly cost-efficient and irrespective of your budget constraints you should be able to make use of their services.

You can get 10 Instagram comments for $15, 25 Instagram comments for $30, and 50 Instagram comments for $45.00. The maximum you can go is up 200 Instagram comments that will only cost you $80.


This is a solid place to start with if you are just beginning your journey on Instagram. This is probably because they are the most affordable site on this list and the amount of investment is almost negligible. Although we must mention that they make use of automated means largely- however, these are mostly ethical. At the same time, you are able to increase your engagement rate and the Instagram algorithm naturally starts placing you higher on its list of recommendations. You can get quality comments from this site that will appear authentic and hundred percent genuine.

The most popular packages for 250 Instagram comments can be bought at 11.99 dollars. Other packages include 500 and 1,000 Instagram comments which will cost you 22.79 dollars and 44.39 dollars. You can buy as many as 10,000 Instagram comments for 389.29 dollars.

SMM Villa

Our last entry is a revolutionary social media marketing panel that has taken the world of digital marketing by storm. This site is being flocked by more and more consumers everyday to increase their presence on every social media platform that there is. There is a lot you can get from this site including likes, comments, followers, views, subscribers, retweets- and everything else you could possibly imagine. We are sure that working with this site is going to give you some tremendous results to increase the exposure you have online and build a genuine community of fans and followers. You can start with 25 Instagram comments for $5.90.

How to get verified Comments on Instagram?

There are various steps that go into buying Instagram comments on the web. You have to look for a reliable supplier that engages in organic marketing and advertisement as well as integrated promotional approaches in order to make sure your comments are completely verified. Here are some basic steps that you need to take care of if you want to get verified comments on Instagram-

  • Choose a Good Site

There are various sites that will claim to give you verified Instagram comments today. However, only a few come through with the promise since many employ fraudulent means to increase your comment section. Therefore, when picking a good site you must avoid one which uses automated means or bots that reduce the quality of your account.

  • Pick the Right Package

There are various packages that you will come across on the web for verified Instagram comments. If you are a beginner the best bid would be to start with a small package that fits in well with the current status of your account. Too many comments, in the beginning, could look suspicious and reduce your credibility. However, once you have started the traction keep on investing in bigger plans so that your account sees maximum growth.

  • Keep Creating Engaging Content

Once you have picked the right service for your account, make sure you help your service provider. Good content is the only thing that will take you far ahead in the race so make sure you stay innovative and keep your audience entertained. Comments will naturally be on their way!

Is it safe to buy verified Instagram comments?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy verified Instagram comments, provided you have done your research. Do not be too hasty and remember that any form of Instagram growth is going to take time.

Hence, look for a supplier that distributes your comments, keeps them even, and regulates them over time. If these things are taken care of, we are sure that you will be able to safely buy verified Instagram comments. At the same time, you have to remember that you need to keep creating engaging content that corresponds to the level of engagement you are buying. Else, you risk looking inauthentic.

Where I can buy verified Instagram comments?

The best sites to buy verified Instagram comments have already been in the list above. Among the listed sites, the top three are our favorites. Therefore, you can always make use of Viralyft, GetViral, and SocialRush if you want to get verified comments on Instagram.


Although Instagram is becoming increasingly complex every day, there are various means through which you can hack the system an get instant recognition. Some of the sites mentioned above could be the virtual blessing you have been waiting for and we highly recommend that you browse through them yourself. Stay tuned to stay updated on further progressions in the world of digital media.

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