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Bitcoin – Why is it the top cryptocurrency?

Investing In Cryptocurrencies

If you have some knowledge about the latest technology, you must know about cryptocurrency. It refers to digital currency, and it all started with a cryptocurrency named bitcoin. Now, there are numerous digital currencies in the market, and each one of them has varying features, but no one of them can take the place of bitcoin. You can visit the profitedge.org for trading bitcoins and make money. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency ever, and some reasons to prove it are as follows.


The first in the market

There are several reasons that make bitcoin the best cryptocurrency, but the most obvious reason is that it is the first cryptocurrency introduced to the world. Before it, no one knew about the concept of cryptocurrency, and if everyone is talking about cryptos, all the credit goes to bitcoin. Bitcoin was launched in 2011 and was the first digital currency. Bitcoin has been in the market for several years, but still, it is the most valuable, popular, and demanded cryptocurrency. Its dominance throughout these years is a clear indicator that it is a perfect investment.

When the second cryptocurrency was introduced, bitcoin was already having a massive market cap of $100 million, with over 8 million bitcoins floating in the market. No cryptocurrency has ever been able to touch these figures; even if you add up the market cap of half of the digital currencies, it still won’t stand anywhere in front of bitcoin.

Increasing acceptance and adoption

The biggest issue with most cryptocurrencies is their adoption. Digital currencies are not backed up by any government authority, which is the primary reason that most people hesitate to invest in them. But there is no such thing as bitcoins which makes them better than all other digital currencies. Despite being a decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin has been widely accepted, and now several prominent companies have stepped into the crypto world and have started accepting bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has gained so much fame and is accepted all over the world. 

It is irrefutable le that its price is highly volatile, but even with fluctuating prices and unpredictable markets, bitcoin is the king of the crypto world, and there is no currency that can give competition to it. Now bitcoin has started making its space in the mainstream as several companies, influencers, and celebrities have shown their support for bitcoin publicly. It is obvious that if some of the richest men in the world are supporting a cryptocurrency, it must be the best as they won’t settle with anything less than that.

Setting new records

Most cryptocurrencies hover between a specific range of price but bitcoin has always been different from them and has been setting new records. By the year 2020, the highest price that bitcoin had touched was $20000, which happened in 2017. But bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency, and it proves it once again in 2021 when the price of bitcoin increased drastically and went up to a whopping $40000. However, it dropped again after some time, but all of that is part of the game. 

The point to notice here is that bitcoin has the most potential among all the cryptocurrencies. It is also true that there are several risks involved, but if you want to make big profits, you will have to take big risks. Bitcoin has great potential, and if you’re lucky enough, you may earn millions from it.

High privacy and anonymity

Another major reason why bitcoin is considered to be the best cryptocurrency is the anonymity and privacy offered by it. Nowadays, everyone wants to keep their life hidden from others, and when it comes to payments and financial information, privacy has become more important. The traditional payment system is controlled by the government, so there is no way to use fiat currency and keep your information hidden.

But bitcoin allows the users to stay anonymous and make hidden transactions. It is the major reason behind the increasing popularity of bitcoin and why it is considered to be the king cryptocurrency. Bitcoin transactions are untraceable, which is the feature that everyone is looking for nowadays. So, with such incredible features and popularity among users, there is no digital currency that can beat bitcoin, at least in the next few years.

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