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Best Tractor Brands for Farming In India (2024): The Reviewer’s Guide

India is often known as the land of agriculture. But what is the real picture? With more than 60% of India’s population dependent on agriculture, the contribution of this industry to GDP has been declining for years now. Here, the role of farmers is quite critical.

Even after putting in all the hard yards with strenuous tasks like manual field ploughing or using bullock carts, if the weather doesn’t support, farmers often get discouraged. And who would remain motivated if any of their physically tiring tasks does not yield results regularly?

The on-field farming is one of the toughest tasks that need to be done for months after months, and when results don’t come, the motivation to continue doing so fades away. It is here that technological advancement has helped to provide agricultural equipment like tractors that save certain efforts for the farmers.

List of Upcoming Tractors in India

India has fast emerged as one of the largest tractor markets and several best tractor brands in India are also visible on the international stage. It hasn’t happened overnight, and many of the tractor manufacturing companies in India have put in years of hard work to build trustworthy tractor brands.

However, can the farmers afford to buy tractors or similar agricultural equipment? With the introduction of better loan facilities as well as payment schemes for farmers, they are slowly able to plan their tractor purchase and increase their efficiency for better results in farming. And with every tractor manufacturer providing a range of options to select from, there are tractors available in the market to suit every farmer’s budget.

So, which are the tractor brands that farmers can trust? In this article, let us have a look at some of the top tractor brands in India.

Mahindra Tractors Mahindra Tractors

List of All Mahindra Tractors with Photos, Video, Price, and Reviews

When the common man in India starts thinking or talking about tractors, the first name likely to come to his mind is ‘Mahindra’. Over the years, Mahindra Tractors has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural and farm equipment, inclusive of tractors. The company, Mahindra & Mahindra, behind this brand was founded by J.C Mahindra and K.C Mahindra.

It all began in 1963 when Mahindra & Mahindra forayed into a joint venture with International Harvester for manufacturing Mahindra Tractors in the Indian market. Since then, Mahindra has formed a large consumer base in India, China, North America and in Australia.

Mahindra has established itself as India’s leading tractor manufacturer (since 1983), and in 2010, it became world’s highest selling tractor brand in terms of volume. Tractors of this brand get sold the most because of their ability to deliver high performance with additional strength as well as durability.

Variants Available:

Mahindra Tractors are available from 20 HP to 50 HP Plus range and some popular models for different horsepower ranges are:

  • Mahindra YUVRAJ 215 NXT (up to 20HP)
  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD (21 to 30 HP)
  • Mahindra YUVO 265 DI (31 to 40 HP)
  • Mahindra YUVO 475 DI (41 to 50 HP)
  • Mahindra 555 Power Plus (50 HP Plus)

You can check out further details like the price of Mahindra Tractor models at their official website.

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Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE)

Eicher Tractor

Founded in 1960 at Chennai by R.Anantha Ramakrishnan, TAFE is the second largest selling tractor manufacturer for Indian market. Some of the popular tractor brands that belong to Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited are TAFE, Massey Ferguson, and Eicher (acquired by TAFE in 2005). It gets counted amongst the largest exporters of tractors from India to as many as 85 countries.

All tractors under the TAFE group are tough and durable, after being made using superior technology.

Variants Available:

Some of the popular tractor models from TAFE along with associated horsepower range are listed below:

  • 30 DI Orchard Plus 2WD (30 HP)
  • 5900 DI 2WD (56 to 60 HP)
  • 8502 DI 4WD (81 to 85 HP)
  • 1002 4WD (100 HP)

You can get further details and even ask for a price quote of relevant TAFE tractor models at their official website.

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John Deere John Deere

List of All John Deere Tractors with Photos, Video, Price, and Reviews

John Deere is another brand of tractors that is highly popular in the Indian market. In fact, the Deere & Company (company behind this brand), being founded in 1837 by a blacksmith named John Deere in the USA, is probably one of the oldest among all the agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Headquartered at Pune in India, John Deere has made its presence felt here with its wide range of economical, highly durable, low maintenance and superior performance tractors.

Variants Available:

The John Deere tractors in India are available for a horsepower range from 35 HP to 75 HP with models like:

  • 5036 C 2WD (35 HP)
  • 5050 D 2WD (50 HP)
  • 5310 2WD (55 HP)
  • 5075 E 4WD (75 HP)

You can find out more information like John Deere tractor prices in India, by contacting them through their official website.

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Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj Tractors

List of All Swaraj Tractors Tractors with Photos, Video, Price, and Reviews

An agricultural and farm equipment manufacturing company by the name Punjab Tractors Limited was founded in Mohali region of Punjab, in 1972. It turned out to be the first company that indigenously began manufacturing of agricultural tractors in India, under the brand Swaraj. The company was later taken over by Mahindra Group (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd) in 2007, and its name was changed to Swaraj Division.

Swaraj Division manufactures agricultural tractors in the horsepower range of 15 HP to 60 HP, and which have agriculture as well as haulage application.

Variants Available:

Some of the popular Swaraj brand tractor models are as under:

  • Swaraj 717 (15 HP)
  • Swaraj 724XM (20 to 30 HP)
  • Swaraj 834XM (30 to 40 HP)
  • Swaraj 843XM (40 to 50 HP)
  • Swaraj 744FE (45 to 50 HP)
  • Swaraj 960FE (50 to 60 HP)

You can find out more information about Swaraj tractors like price by connecting with them via their official website.

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Escorts Agri Machinery Escorts Agri Machinery 

This is a tractor manufacturing firm that was incorporated in 1960 by the Escorts Group, an Indian engineering company founded by Yudi Nanda and H.P.Nanda.

Through its four manufacturing plants in Faridabad and a subsidiary unit in Poland, Escorts Agri Machinery makes tractors under various brand names such as Farmtrac (globally known for its powerful features that meet demanding requirements of farmers; 37 to 75 HP), Powertrac (manufactured using diesel saver technology for being economical; 25 to 55 HP), and Escort (specialty tractors for row-crop farming and specialty farming).

Apart from the Indian market, Escorts tractors are exported to as many as 40 different countries.

Variants Available:

There is a huge range of tractors like ValueMaxx, LoadMaxx, AgMaxx, SuperMaxx, and InfraMaxx. Some of the popular Escorts Agri tractor models are:

  • Farmtrac XP-37 Champion (XP Series; 37 HP)
  • Farmtrac 6055 T20 Classic (Classic Series)
  • Powertrac 434 Plus (DS Series; 37 HP)
  • Powertrac ALT 3500 (ALT Series; 37 HP)
  • Ferrari (26 HP)
  • Steeltrac (12 HP)

You can enquire about the prices of various Escorts Agri Machinery tractors at their official website.

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Sonalika Tractors Sonalika Tractors

List of All Sonalika Tractors  Tractors with Photos, Video, Price, and Reviews

These are heavy duty tractors (in the range of 20 to 120 HP) manufactured domestically and internationally by Sonalika International Tractors Limited. In India, the company was incorporated in 1995 with its main office situated at Jalandhar, New Delhi. Since then, Sonalika has emerged as the third largest selling tractor brand in the Indian market. It is well known for its integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, which has a capacity of manufacturing close to 3 lakh tractors.

Variants Available:

Some of the high selling Sonalika tractor models are listed below:

  • GT 20 (20 HP)
  • DI 730 II HDM (31 to 34 HP category)
  • DI 35 (35 to 45 HP category)
  • DI 745 III (46 to 55 HP category)
  • DI 60 (56 HP Plus category)

You can check out further details about Sonalika tractors, including any enquiries for a price, at their official website.

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New Holland Tractors New Holland Tractors

List of All New Holland Tractors Tractors with Photos, Video, Price, and Reviews

New Holland is an international agricultural machinery brand, as part of the New Holland company founded way back in 1895 by Abe Zimmerman.

New Holland Fiat India Pvt. Ltd. (earlier known as New Holland Tractors India Pvt. Ltd.) got established as a 100% subsidiary of CNH Global NV in 1996, with its factory based out of Greater Noida, near New Delhi in India. Tractors that get manufactured here are meant for Indian markets and even exported to over 70 countries in Australia, North America, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.

Variants Available:

Under the New Holland brand, this company manufactures tractors belonging to different series like Excel, Turbo, TX Plus, and so on, covering the horsepower range of 32 HP to 90 HP. Some of the popular New Holland tractor models are:

  • 4710 with Canopy 2WD (47 HP)
  • Excel 9010 4WD (90 HP)
  • 7500 Turbo Super 4WD (75 HP)
  • Excel 8010 4WD (80 HP)

You can enquire about the prices of New Holland tractors at their official website.

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Even though Mahindra tractors are easily the largest selling ones in India, the other tractor brands discussed above have proved their mettle as well. A farmer in India can compare the features of tractor models provided by different tractor manufacturing firms, and then take an informed purchase decision.

The selection can depend on various factors like horsepower requirement, the type of use (agriculture, haulage, specialty farming, basic farming, etc.), price, and more.

So, which is the tractor brand that you have used earlier or would prefer to go for now? Hope the above information proves useful to you and helps you to identify the tractor brand that you would wish to opt for.

Feel free to share your inputs or queries (if any) in the comments section below.

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