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10 Best & Cheap Soundbars Under 100 Dollars for Great Sound in 2021

Best Soundbars Underr $100

In order to enjoy an immersive cinematic experience we need a good sound system in place. However, it’s not necessary to create a small mushroom cloud in the city skyline everytime we press the play button. Sound bars are a good alternative to bulky home theatre sound systems (which need 5 speakers, 3 Subwoofers, 15 meters of cables and a direct access to the city’s electrical grid just to run).

They occupy very little space, look classy and fit right into the paper thin tele’s, hidden wires and minimalistic look you were going for. So, if you’re on a budget but love feeling like you’re in the stadium while watching the world cup at home,

Here’s a list of ten soundbars under $100:

1. VIZIO SB3820-C6 :


This awesome TV brand brings its spark of innovation into home theatre sound solutions with this sleek and stylish looking soundbar. Black, no branding, no speaker grills and not much of anything actually.

A simple rectangular design with a small indentation behind for the connection ports. And it works, unless you have a phobia for sentient machines. It also has great sound boost (100 db loudness with less than 1% audio distortion) as well as a decent bass range. To put it simply, it gets really loud without distortion in sound quality.

The Good:

  • The design, simply the best on the list.
  • Build quality is also the best, probably.
  • Sounds really good, very clear even with bass turned up.
  • Can get really loud without any distortion (100db).
  • Very decent bass; for the price.
  • Dolby and DTS certifications.
  • Small footprint, even for a 38 inch soundbar.
  • All connections are housed in one place, keeps it clean.

The Bad:

  • Bass leaves something to be desired, for a surround sound system.
  • Lacking in the features department.
  • Might lead a robot uprising against you (ummm, not really).
  • Slightly on the expensive side of cheap.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnSDTfCN0Cc” auto_play=”yes”] Watch VIZIO SB3820-C6 video review[/ryvl]


 2. AmazonBasics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

AmazonBasics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

Whenever it comes to inexpensive consumer electronics, you can always rely on Amazon with the basics line of products. Errr…Not here. Beside the build quality, there is not much here to talk about. It’s a fairly simplified experience, set-up as simple as unboxing and plugging in. There’s not much at offer here except the brand assurance and simplicity of usage.

Honestly, at this price it is criminal to ask for more. This will definitely meet your standards, if you have none. Dropping your upstairs neighbours onto your living room sofa by blowing a hole in the ceiling? This will not do the job for you. The bass game is weak with this one.

The Good:

  • Build quality.
  • Value for money.
  • Ease of set-up.
  • Pre-built sound presets: TV, Movie and News.
  • Better than in-built speakers, I guess?
  • Small footprint: 31 inches.

The Bad:

  • Ugly design; remote included is baaaad!
  • Not compatible with a universal remote controllers.
  • Distortion related issues with AUX and RCA cables (in some cases).
  • Bass levels either too high and distorted or too low.
  • Flat response on lower frequencies.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek7M8lnnVLA” auto_play=”yes”] Watch AmazonBasics 2.0 Channel video review[/ryvl]

3. TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK15UD  TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK15UD

If feature loaded soundbars are your thing, I have news for you – you’re a weirdo and this soundbar might make you complete. This is a 34 inch soundbar, plastic body mostly with enough grills on the back to get any barbecue enthusiasts shaking with excitement.

An aluminum band in the center that acts as a cool touch panel (Vol +/- and power). The speaker grills are covered with a cloth mesh. Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, Coaxial inputs – all there. The bluetooth connection is very stable and gives a robust 10m range. It has four 10W drivers. Overall a decent package – everything from sound quality to build quality is decent.

The Good:

  • Value for money (cheaper than AmazonBasics 2.0 soundbar by $10)
  • Okay-ish design; cheap branding on the front panel.
  • The bluetooth connection is great – range and connectivity.
  • Balanced audio frequencies – Bass & Treble.
  • Touch panel on the speaker: Volume +/-, power buttons – pretty cool.
  • Sound quality overall is pretty robust; for the price.
  • 4X10 W drivers.

The Bad:

  • The cloth mesh used is a dust magnet.
  • Lack of accessories in package – no AUX cable included. Seriously?
  • The remote control looks and feels garbage in hand.
  • AUX port is on the extreme end of the bar. Like why?

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqRLIg7HgQ0″ auto_play=”yes”] Watch TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK15UD video review[/ryvl]


4. TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK016 – 36 inches TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK016 - 36 inches

The TaoTronics ‘TT-SK15UD’ was a pretty decent deal for its pricing of $59 but ‘TT-SK016’ makes it look like a disappointing family member. A sleek rectangular grey body 36 inches in length, this soundbar isn’t pulling any punches. Better sound quality, better build quality, better design, better at everything.

A honeycomb design covers the whole body of this speaker. Same as earlier, it sports four 10W drivers but somehow it manages to sound better and more rich. This is a result of making 2 speakers cover full-audio spectrum and 2 speakers only cover mid-low frequencies (bassy sounds). This makes the sounds more rounder (richer and fuller). Same port selection as earlier but now they include an optical cable in the box at least.

The Good:

  • The design and build quality.
  • Small footprint.
  • Rich, rounded sounds (2 X Full range drivers + 2 X mid-low range).
  • Reliable and long range bluetooth connection.
  • Much louder and better sound quality than TT-SK15UD.
  • Value for money (~$10 more than Amazonbasics soundbar).
  • Functional LED indicators.

The Bad:

  • No touch panel like before.
  • Still a garbage remote.
  • Cheap buttons on top of the speaker.
  • The grey colour might get a bit drab.
  • Always on LED indicator in the front might get annoying.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv39h3QcDQU” auto_play=”yes”] Watch TaoTronics Sound Bar TT-SK016 video review[/ryvl]


5. Meidong Bluetooth Soundbar KY2020 – 36 inches Meidong Bluetooth Soundbar KY2020 - 36 inches

The Meidong KY2020 is what you call jack of all trades, king of none. It gets loud enough to recede your hairline but the lower frequencies (bass) is not represented well here. The soundbar is quite big at 36 inches. The remote that comes in-box with connectivity and reliability issues, it makes the TaoTronics remotes look like a champ. The device performs quite well mostly, until it doesn’t. It’s worth the price-tag but not worth the trouble.

If you are one of the lucky few who receive a piece with none of these issues (which is possible) you should go for this one but there’s no way to know till you buy it and reaches your house. Its good, but there’s room for improvement Good design, decent build quality, loud audio, decent sound profile, etc.

The Good:

  • Ultra sleek and slim design.
  • Really loud (with little distortion only at high volumes).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection – Long distance and quality.
  • Accessories that come in-box.
  • Build quality.

The Bad:

  • 4 X Full range spectrum drivers – flatter sound profile.
  • Lack of connection options – Only RCA and AUX.
  • Remote is baaad.
  • Reliability issues with connection, power, etc – in some cases.
  • Distortion at high volumes.
  • Connection issues – when it works it works.
  • Sound cut-off.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRnrOereSHA” auto_play=”yes”] Watch Meidong Bluetooth Soundbar KY2020 video review[/ryvl]

6. Samesay TV Sound Bar
SR 210-15 – 33 inches Samesay TV Sound Bar SR 210-15 - 33 inches

Honestly, not much can be said in criticism of this soundbar. Its ugly yes, but it’s loud, reliable, comes with a lot of accessories in the box and has a decent sound profile (albeit slightly flat – lower frequencies sound muffled). It’s the loudest one in the list, is it the clearest at those volumes, no.

It’s worth your buck at the price it is. A lot better than most soundbars in this list. One of the ugliest one also. If you don’t mind the looks of it, it’s a definite buy for the features, quality and sound alone.

The Good:

  • Gets really loud (110db) – probably one of the loudest one in the list.
  • Build quality is sturdy.
  • In-box accessories are plenty – RCA, Optical and AUX cables are given.
  • Connection options – RCA, AUX, Optical, etc.
  • Remote comes with a lot of options.
  • Intuitive LED indicator lights – one for each mode.
  • 4X10 W drivers.

The Bad:

  • Ugly design – It looks like it was designed in the 1950s.
  • Placement of control buttons (vol, power, etc) – right side of the device.
  • Audio distortion at higher volumes.
  • All four drivers are full range (high, mid and low frequencies).

7. YOUTHINK Sound Bar Home Theater LP09 YOUTHINK Sound Bar Home Theater LP09

The YOUTHING LP09 is a good soundbar for its price range. It looks good, sounds good and is built good. You get a bevy of connection types (RCA, AUX, Optical and Coaxial) for which the company also provides you the cables free of cost. The four 10W speakers get loud and audio is clear but lower frequencies are missing altogether.

This one shows more reliability issues in terms of connection drop and volume drop or increase as you change channels on your TV. Putting those issues aside, it is a feature rich (even comes with a TF card reader built in), decent sounding device, especially for its price range. Don’t expect it too much, you’re being selfish.

The Good:

  • Decent design and build quality.
  • Good remote control.
  • Gets loud (120db); if you don’t mind a little audio distortion.
  • Accessories in the box – AUX, RCA, Optical and COaxial cables are given.
  • 4X10W drivers and 2 passive radiators.
  • TF card reader.
  • Decent audio loudness.

The Bad:

  • Control buttons on the side of the bar.
  • The connections are spread across the device.
  • Low frequencies (bass) are badly represented.
  • Flatter audio profile.
  • Connection and reliability issues.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC14HHC6GyM” auto_play=”yes”] Watch YOUTHINK Sound Bar Home Theater LP09 video review[/ryvl]

8. AwesomeWare Sound Bar S68 -TV Surround Soundbar AwesomeWare Sound Bar S68 -TV Surround Soundbar

This little guy is the smallest soundbar on the list. It is also amongst the cheapest in the pricing department but that is not a reflected on its design and build quality. It has decent audio with no distortion but don’t expect it to blow someone’s hair-piece off with its sound.

See, it doesn’t get very loud and the bass is…missing. Plus, there aren’t many options in the i/o (inputs/outputs) department – it keeps it simple with RCA and AUX. The volume/power dial on the right side is a nifty piece of design. Audio isn’t bad, it’s lacking. Once again, looking at its sub $40 price, that shouldn’t be a complaint.

There is a lot at offer here. It’s better off for casual movie viewing or listening to music while cooking. If you’re a hardcore audiophile, this is not for you.

The Good:

  • Very cheap. Like really cheap.
  • Tiny footprint.
  • Remote comes with a lot of options.
  • No distortion in audio.
  • Cool looking volume dial on the side.
  • TF card port.
  • Power saving options.

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t get very loud.
  • Bass is…not there.
  • Lacking in the connections department – Only RCA and AUX.
  • Audio overall might be the least impressive in the list.

9. LuguLake Upgraded Version LuguLake 3.9”Sound Bar LuguLake Upgraded Version LuguLake 3.9”Sound Bar

The LuguLake soundbar is pretty good for its pricing, in fact it’s pretty damn good. Sound is well rounded (3D sound). Its devoid of any extra features but thats okay considering its price point. Its solely designed to provide a decent movie viewing experience for a cheap price and it does so quite successfully.

Sound is good, bass is good, lot of connection options and it manages to look half-decent as well. The remote basically has nothing in it. The wireless connectivity is decent on the device, not the best.

The price point ties it all up into a nice package. Plus, this is a pretty big soundbar at 39 inches.

The Good:

  • Not a bad design, decent build quality.
  • Cheap price tag.
  • Impressive i/o for the price – RCA, Optical, AUX, Coaxial, etc.
  • 40W drivers.

The Bad:

  • The remote is pretty bad.
  • The audio in mid-low is slightly lacking.
  • Not much is given in the box.
  • Lacking any nifty features in terms of design or usability.

[ryvl video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q7XXnkUmhE” auto_play=”yes”] Watch LuguLake Upgraded Version LuguLake 3.9 video review[/ryvl]

10. WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer WOHOME 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer

This one is interesting to say the least, it is cheap enough and comes with an external subwoofer. The design part is not too shabby either. The soundbar is 40W and so is the subwoofer – that makes this a complete 80W sound system.

Not the loudest or clearest soundbar on the list but it packs a punch with the external subwoofer by its side. The subwoofer itself is pretty decent but won’t cause a tiny earthquake if it falls over to one side. Plus it comes with a intuitive LED lights only display – which is awesome. This is the best package for money on the list, even if it is not the best soundbar.

The Good:

  • Pretty good design.
  • Value for money.
  • Best bass in the list.
  • LED lights display.
  • Provides you with RCA, AUX and Optical cables in the box.
  • Tiny footprint of the soundbar.

The Bad:

  • The design of the subwoofer is…not pretty.
  • Remote is okayish.
  • Connectivity is not the best.
  • Control buttons on the side of the device.
  • The i/o is spread across the device – not intuitive.
  • Not compatible with universal remote control.
  • Not a lot of features in terms of audio profiles, design, etc.
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