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10 Best Shows Like The Good Place You will Love to Watch (2021)

Best Shows Like The Good Place

Television series are a different form of entertainment on their own. Movies end within a couple of hours but a TV series can go on for years. While longevity certainly does not equate to quality, a well-written show can keep people engaged for the long term.

One such TV show is A Good Place. Created by Michael Schur, the plot of A Good Place revolves around ” the Good Place “, a utopian landscape set in the afterlife. It is based around the concept of Heaven, where righteous people are inducted by its designer named Michael. The character is played by the veteran actor Ted Danson. The story begins to unroll when Eleanor Shellstrop, played by the talented Kristen Bell, arrives in a Good Place.

However, soon she finds out she was brought there by mistake. The rest of the premise follows Eleanor trying to solidify herself as an ethical and morally perfect person. The Good Place has been critically acclaimed as well as being a fan-favorite because of its storyline, acting, heartfelt comedy, and takes on philosophical aspects.

While The Good Place is pretty much unique in many ways, here are some of the similar shows you can watch after you are done binging it:

Good Omens

Good Omens follows suit of the two key themes of A Good Place; comedy and fantasy. The plot of the show follows the story of two friends Aziraphale, an angel from heaven, and Crowley, a demon from hell. Both of them are sent to Earth on a mission to introduce the world to an apocalypse. The apocalypse would lead to the Armageddon, the decisive final battle between heaven and hell.

However, as they spend more time on Earth, Crowley and Aziraphale grow attached to the planet and its people. They both go through a change of mind which drops them in a dilemma of what choice to make.

The show stars Michael Sheen as Aziraphale and the sensational actor David Tennant as Crowley. Anna Maxwell Martin portrays the role of Beelzebub, while the Oscar-winning national treasure Frances McDormand voices the God.

The rest of the cast includes Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean, Jon Hamm, Adria Arjona, and Jack Whitehall. Good Omens is a miniseries that is just six episodes long. But the 6 episodes are enough to keep the viewers glued.


Upload is probably the newest TV show to be featured on this list, having been released earlier in May 2020. Upload is a sci-fi comedy combined with some elements of satire.

The story of the show is set in a futuristic 2033 where the concept of a virtual afterlife exists. There are digital heaven and digital hell where people are uploaded after their demise. The plot follows Nathan Brown, a young computer engineer who meets an untimely demise. After his death, Nathan is uploaded to Lake View by his rich and alive girlfriend Ingrid Kannerman.

However, Ingrid is a control-freak and superficial woman who likes to keep Nathan under her thumb, even in the virtual life. Outside of this toxic relationship, Nathan begins to develop a connection with Nora, his service representative or also called his angel. The story follows through various conflicts within the lives of Nathan and Nora and with each other as well.

While Upload is certainly not a masterpiece, it does an exceptionally well job at incorporating dark, satirical themes with comedy and Fantasy. Upload’s first season can be found on Prime Video while a second season has been announced officially too.

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna is different when we compare it with the rest of the shows on the list. The major reason for that is Hotel Del Luna being a South Korean show. Korean movies and Korean dramas are cherished globally and this show does not fail to make an impact either.

The plotline of the show is set in an eponymous Hotel Del Luna which is a hotel exclusive to the dead only. Hotel Del Luna is run by Jang Man-wol, played by Lee Ji-Eun.

Jang has been catering to the dead as a result of a curse she received for a sin she had committed. The story begins when Jang recruits an elite hotel manager Goo Chan Sung to her mystical hotel.

The story is wrapped in dark fantasy and rom-com elements. Along with hilarious moments, dark humor, there is enough room for some tense drama and suspenseful mysteries. Hotel Del Luna consists of just a single season of 16 episodes.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead is a horror-comedy TV show created by the Raimi brothers. As the name suggests, the show is set in the Evil Dead universe. The show even features Bruce Campbell portraying the role of Ash Williams from the original Evil Dead trilogy.

The show is a direct sequel to the original trilogy, set around 30 years after events of the movies. A lot has changed in these 30 years. It also includes Ash Williams who is now an old, unfit drunkard who lives in a trailer. Ash’s typical routine gets disturbed by a returning Evil Dead, who poses a threat to humanity. Ash Williams is forced to battle his old enemy again and this time around, he is joined by his co-worker Pablo Simon Bolivar, played by Ray Santiago.

For the fan of the original Evil Dead franchise, Ash vs Evil Dead is a real treat. While those who have not followed the movies can watch the Series too, it is recommended to watch the movies first. As the show contains a lot of references and easter eggs that make it even better.

Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers shares a lot in common with A Good Place. First, it is a comedy, obviously, and secondly, it also has a storyline that deals with the concept of heaven.

Miracle Workers consists of two seasons. Both the seasons follow different stories and are based on the books of Simon Rich, who is also the creator of the show itself. The first season is based on What In God’s Name and the second one is based on Revolution.

Season 1 follows the story of Craig Bog and Eliza Hunter, two angels played by Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan. Craig and Eliza work on answering the prayers of humans. Their boss is the God himself played rightfully by Steve Buscemi. The story of the first season is straightforward, Craig and Eliza have to make two humans fall in love as a result of prayer. Failing to do so would result in the destruction of the whole planet Earth.

The second season is set in the past, named Miracle Workers: Dark Age. Dark Age consists of the same star cast but follows a completely different story.


Galavant does not have anything to do with the dead or heaven. But it is arguably one of the greatest fantasy-comedy shows to ever exist. What makes it even better is its musical element.

The show follows the main protagonist Sir Gary Galavant, played by Joshua Sasse, a fallen out knight. To make the matter worse, Galavant’s love interest, Queen Madalena gets abducted by the evil King Richard, portrayed by Timothy Omundson.

However, it gives Galavant a purpose in life finally. Galavant sets out to reclaim not just the love of his life but also his former glory by defeating the evil king. Galavant is supported in this purpose by Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia. Played by Karen David, Princess Isabella seeks to take back her kingdom conquered by King Richard.

Galavant also has his squire Sidney by his side. Galavant has received positive reviews especially for its execution, setting, and silly musical number. Dark theme is not much prominent in Galavant but it features different elements like zombies and sorcery.

A Korean Odyssey

Yet another entry from the good old Korea on the list and yet another one that rightfully deserves it. Just like Hotel Del Luna, A Korean Odyssey (or known as Hwayugi in Korean), is directed by the Hong sisters. Its dark humor and rom-com theme is another element it shares with Hotel Del Luna and The Good Place. The show is loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The plot of the show is set in a mystical world full of demons, vampires, and whatnot. The story begins when Son Oh Gong, an immortal monkey king is set free from his imprisonment by a Seon-mi, a young girl able of seeing ghosts and spirits. Son Oh Gong proceeds to desert her and leave her stranded after promising to protect her forever.

The story then moves to the future where Son and Seon-mi meet again. Son Oh Gong, trying to restore his reputation in heaven, finds out about births of Sam-Jang. Eating the flesh of Sam-Jang would grant Oh Gong immortality.

However, his plans are thwarted when he realizes Sam-Jeng is no one but Seon-mi. A Korean Odyssey has a total of 20 episodes that can be watched on Netflix.

Trial & Error

Trial & Error is like a bowl of a sitcom, mockumentary and dark humor blended perfectly. Created by Jeff Astrof and Matt Miller, Trial & Error was released in 2017. It went on to spawn two acclaimed seasons before getting canceled in 2019.

Trial & Error stars Nicholas D’Agosto as the lead protagonist Josh Segal, a New York-based defense lawyer who works in a fictional East Peck. Another main character in the show is that of Anne Keane played by Jayma Mays, an Assistant District Attorney of East Peck.

The show follows Josh solving bizarre cases through conflicts with his assistants and rivals. The first season features the case of Larry Henderson, played by John Lithgow, a poetry professor accused of the murder of his own wife.

The second season is dubbed “Lady Killer”. It features the case of Lavinia Peck-Foster, played by Kristin Chenoweth. Lavinia is an heiress of East Peck and is under the suspicion of murdering her husband.

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is a dark comedy that circles around themes of life and death like A Good Place. Just Like A Good Place, all the protagonists of Dead Like Me are dead.

The plot of the show revolves around reapers, whose duties people can take upon after their death. The role of a grip reamer is to take souls out of people before their destined deaths and to escort them into the afterlife.

The show is narrated by Georgia Lass, played by Ellen Muth, who turns into a grim reaper after getting crushed by a toilet seat that fell from the space station Mir.

Other reapers featured in the show are Rube, Mason, Roxy, Betty, and Daisy played by Mandy Patinkin, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Rebecca Gayheart and Laura Harris respectively. Each of the reapers has a unique personality, backstory, and reason for death.

The story follows the adventures of the reapers as well as the struggles of their families they left behind. The show aired from 2003 to 2004 and had just two seasons. A movie based on the show named Dead Like Me: Life After Death was released in 2009 later.


Forever is a dark comedy-drama created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard that was released in 2018. The series stars Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in the lead roles. They portray the roles of Oscar Hoffman and June Hoffman, a married couple of 12 years gone stale.
To freshen up things, the couple decides on taking a ski trip.

However, it ends in a total disaster as Oscar passes away on the very first day of vacation after skiing directly into a tree. A broken June decides to move on this tragedy but meets the same fate the very next day after choking on a nut.

What seems like the end of both, is actually just the beginning of the show. The dead couple reunites in the afterlife but it is not quite a dream come true. June is not enthusiastic about this fairytale reunion.

The afterlife being an empty and infinite objective-less world makes the matter even worse as their relationship only worsens. The story follows the couple trying to get along with each other as well as the afterlife world and its resident.

Forever was released in 2018 and got canceled in 2019 after just one season despite getting positive reviews. There are a total of 8 episodes that can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is a show that can not be defined by the boundaries of a genre. The reason for that is it is an amalgam of drama, black comedy, mystery, and fantasy.

The story follows the protagonist Ned, played by Lee Pace, known as “The Piemaker”. At first glance, Ned is just a typical restaurant owner but he has powers to bring people back from dead by just his touch.

hen a private investigator Emerson Cod, played by Chi McBride, accidentally finds out about Ned’s powers he asks Ned to help him in solving murder cases. Later, it is revealed that the reanimating powers of Ned come with a catch that puts his love-life in jeopardy.

Pushing Daisies turned out to be a critically acclaimed show, highly praised for its unique visuals, production, characters and dialogues. The show got 17 Emmy nominations and won 7 out of them. The show was surprisingly canceled in 2009 which was criticized by fans and critics alike.

The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a post-apocalyptic dark comedy series created by Will Forte who also stars in the show himself.Will Forte plays the role of Phil Miller in a world that has been destroyed by a fatal virus. The plot is eerily set in 2020, where we ourselves are struck by a tragic pandemic in reality.

Thinking of himself as the only survivor, Phil goes around searching for any signs of life for years. Right before he is about to commit suicide, he meets another played by Kristen Schaal named Carol Pilbasian.

They marry each other in hopes of repopulating Earth but soon find out that there are more survivors too. Season one consists of introductions and conflicts with fellow survivors.

Other seasons branch out in more detailed storylines that keep viewers engaged.The Last Man on Earth had a total of 4 seasons spanning between 2015 to 2018 before getting canceled.


Good Place has been one of the most popular TV shows over the past few years. A strong script, an amazing cast and a matured comedy theme have made this show cement a place in the hearts of viewers.

But every good thing comes to an end, and so did The Good Place in January, this year. If or when you are finished up with A Good Place, don’t forget to catch up with these 12 shows.

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