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100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in the Netherlands (2021)


There has been a steady growth of e-commerce in the Netherlands. There is a statistics which says that more than 7 in 10 Dutch consumers buy something or the other online. With the steady increase in the number of internet users, this figure is only increasing. Plus, what is not to love about online shopping? You get everything from pins to automobiles right from the comfort of your home and just at the click of a button. So simple, right?

Of late there has been a boom in online sales of clothes, event, travel and accommodation bookings, household appliances, books, software, food, cosmetics, and many other such products in the Netherlands. With that, has increased the e-commerce businesses that are offering such services to you.

You hear about a product, go online, check for relevant sites offering them and buy after a thorough understanding of customer reviews. But in case you are wondering what the right places to look for are, we have collated a list of categories and the best online shopping sites in Netherlands that would give you the best deal for them.

Multi Products Websites

Multi Products Stores

The name says it all, but for the benefit of everyone, these sites are those which have everything. Jewellery, accessories, toys, baby care products, electronics, home utilities, and almost everything under the sun can be bought from these sites. Such one-stop-shopping sites make shopping very quick and hassle-free.

Electronics and Gadgets

Electronics and Gadgets 

If you are looking for a particular brand of electronic gadget and want the best deal for it, you have to visit a shopping site which deals exclusively with such electronics.

These shopping sites provide you with extensive information pertaining to the feature and specification of every gadget available, making it very easy to compare between two models before making your purchase. You don’t have to visit various showrooms to understand the features of a product. All you need to do is visit these shopping sites, read reviews, compare prices, and make your purchase.

Automobile and Related Products

Automobile & Related Products

How many of us are really aware of all the brands of automobile products and accessories? Won’t it save a lot of time and energy if we can actually just visit a website and find all available brands of a product at one go?

There are some really famous Dutch e-commerce sites that specialize particularly in this domain. You can get every possible automobile part and accessory with their reviews and detailed specs without sweating yourself too much.

Refurbished and Overstock Products

If you have been eyeing an expensive gadget for a long time knowing you might never afford it then there is a list of online shopping sites in Netherlands which might help your dream-come-true. These shopping sites sell refurbished goods at a great deal lesser price of a particular brand.

A haven for gadget enthusiasts, these shopping sites have everything from gadgets with just the seal open to second-hand ones which have been returned by their previous owners due to some minor defects or those which have been restored at a very low price. All the products go through a variety of quality checks making it totally worth for the money spent.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Want to buy the exact lipstick you saw at your friend’s place or the new dress she is flaunting? Fret not, as this list of top e-commerce websites in Netherlands dedicated to fashion and fashion accessories will help you get exactly that. You can get a wide assortment of cosmetics, clothes, loungewear, and up-to-date fashion tips that would help you make an impression in a crowd.

You can get the latest and trendiest outfits with great ease without having to walk up and down branded outlets. What’s more interesting is the affordable price tag it comes with.


Beauty Products

To look beautiful, you need to feel so and to feel beautiful you need to pamper yourself with skincare and cosmetics. But getting every brand in one shop is next to impossible. More so, if the brand you are looking out for is an exclusive one.

However, buying it in malls can be pretty expensive and looking for an alternate brand, not a great option. This is where these exclusive beauty and skin care shopping sites come to your rescue. You can get a wide assortment of skin care, beauty, hair care, and cosmetics of various brands all in one place.

Only for Girls

Girls Accessories

You can just not wander into a lingerie shop and buy stuff without peering eyes all over you! So if you are in the mood for some “alone” shopping away from prying eyes, the Only for Girls kind of shopping sites would be the perfect place for you online!

You can take your time selecting the perfect lingerie, bridal wear, and even sanitary products without having to worry about being judged.

Kids & Babies

Kids & Babies

There is nothing like “too many baby clothes” and you could always do with some more for your baby. While our baby is growing up, we need a lot of accessories apart from clothes like strollers, prams, diapers, baby care products, nappies, sanitizers, formulas, cereals, and feeding bottles almost every day.

There are some online shopping apps in Netherland that could help you have a wish list and reminders to let you know of any possible price drop. The prices on these sites are really affordable and way lower than actually buying from retail outlets.

Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness

The health and fitness segment of shopping sites are gaining popularity in the recent times. People have started understanding the importance of fitness and constantly work towards attaining their fitness goals. These shopping sites help them get the best brands of fitness equipment, medicines, protein drinks, and fitness gadgets all at one place.

Event Booking

Event Booking Tickets

For those of you who fancy movies, music concerts, and live shows, there are special websites to cater to you. These shopping sites have tickets to all those awesome extravaganzas happening around you where you and your buddies can go and chill out.


Travelling Bus

These travel sites help you check and book tickets for any upcoming travel even at the last minute. You get a lot of awesome travel related deals and offers on specific holiday destinations.

Also, you can lay hands on discounted and cheap tickets for your journey. Some of the sites also handle hotel bookings and take care of the entirety of your travel at just a few clicks.

Offices Supplies

Office & Supplies

This is your one-stop-shop for all your office stationery and supplies. You can even get your letterheads, business cards, and other stuff personalized with your office logo for that special touch. These sites offer almost everything related to your office stationery right from staplers to banners and uniforms.

Home and Kitchen

Home & Kitchen

If you are interested in changing the décor of your house or in some new appliance or product for your kitchen, these e-commerce sites are the perfect place to find them.

Packed with every kind of home and kitchen accessories and appliances, these sites will bring your entire home décor dream to life.



Handicrafts are sometimes way better than branded and modern products. You get a taste of the local ethnicity which brings you closer to your country and its culture. These online handicrafts stores bring together handicrafts and handmade products like soaps, shampoos, perfumes, statues, bags, carpets, bedspreads, knitwear, and other stuff made locally to you through their portals. You can even check out products from different countries and ethnicity here.

Pets & All


Your pets are definitely a part of your family and deserve to be pampered. These shopping sites for pets would help you give them the best of nutrition and accessories to help them grow and feel loved. You can find a whole assortment of toys, blankets, kennels, growth food, medicines, shampoos, soaps, and a whole lot of grooming products for your furry friend in these sites.

Books & All


If you are a book lover, and can’t stay apart from a book anytime, you need to check out these interesting book shopping sites which sell a wide range of books from various categories at interesting prices. If you are lucky, you might even stumble on some second-hand classics at throwaway prices.


Sports Football on Ground

Be it a sports enthusiast, an amateur, or just a beginner, there is something on these websites for everyone. From the latest sports gears to the most advanced sporting equipment, you get everything pertaining to sports here.



Every festivity brings on the difficult task of buying gifts for all your loved ones. You can’t be repetitive and also have to keep innovating on your choices keeping in mind their tastes and interests. Fret not, we have listed out a range of websites that would help you with gifting ideas and ensure that your gifts are truly memorable.

Groceries & Food

Groceries & Food 

Online groceries are truly a boon for the working class who absolutely don’t have any time to shop or stock up on food. These sites offer almost everything from gourmet foods like cheese and exotic toppings and sauce to fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a solution to all your food-related needs at one place without having to actually spend time in grocery shops and waiting in long billing queues.


Online shopping has definitely made our lives a great deal easier and helps in saving time. With these shopping sites with you, you are all set to make your day completely resourceful. You might also save a lot of money by shopping online that is totally going to benefit you in the longer run.

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