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List of 100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in Philippines


Online shopping can take place just with the help of a few clicks. This ensures that you can purchase every type of product of your requirement online. You can buy everything from health and fitness to electronics and gadgets. All you need is a laptop or smartphone with internet access and a bank account.

Here, you will find a list of online shopping sites in Philippines. With the help of this, you will have easy access to numerous sites which provide a variety of stuff. You just need to visit these sites and find your desired products.

Multi Products Websites 

This type of websites ensure that you can buy multiple kinds of products at the same time. You can look for the products of your choice at one place instead of running from one site to another.

It is recommended that you look at the reviews of the other buyers on the site and then buy the products. This helps you save money with the deals offered by the sites and ensures that you save time as well.

Electronics and Gadgets Electronics and Gadgets 

In today’s modern world, every individual wants to stay updated with the latest technology. This has led to the demand of the electronics and gadgets among individuals of different age groups.

Philippines has a great range of affordable and trendy gadgets. Now, you can get these electronics and gadgets from the comfort of your home. Check out the following list and finalize your next electronic gadget purchase with any of these online shopping sites.

Automobile and Related Products  Automobile & Related Products

Do you always hunt for the best deals in the automobile sector from one store to another?

Then, it’s time to bring your search online and find the best automobile and related products deals online without wasting any more time. The top e-commerce websites in Philippines provide the top quality automobiles for your daily usage.


Refurbished and Overstock Products 

Do you feel the need to save money but have been wanting to buy a product from long? Then refurbished products are the solution to your situation.

You need to ensure that you find the right type of website which deals with the refurbished and overstock products. Here are some of the best recommended sites which you can check out for your next successful product purchase.

Fashion Accessories Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories in the Philippines are fashionable and have got a unique style statement. You can try these accessories easily with the help of the online shopping sites.

These online websites deal with the stylish accessories and related products for daily usage. You no more have to run from one offline store to another to search for the next trending design of the fashion accessories.

Beauty Beauty Products

Young girls and ladies always search for the best brand of beauty products. Philippines is well known for its beauty regime and popularity among young girls concerning the beauty products is only growing. You just need to visit the online shopping sites and find the beauty products of your desired brands.

In this way, you can ensure that you land the best deals as well as make it a point that you do not waste time searching for the right products on different websites.


Only for Girls Girls Accessories

In the modern times, there are various types of websites which deal with the products created especially for females. You will find a great range of designer lingerie as well as bridal garments across the following sites.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit any of these sites and make your next fashionable purchase today.

Kids & Babies Kids & Babies

Do you keep thinking which shopping website will have the best products for your babies and kids? The purchase of babies and kids products take time and lot of patience.

You can browse the below-mentioned sites and get the best deals for your kids.

Health & Fitness Health and Fitness

In today’s world, most of us are fitness conscious. The main task is to find the quality and recommended products in the health and fitness sector.

This task has also become much easier with the help of the online shopping sites which specialize in selling health and fitness gadgets and products for daily usage. You just need to reach the quality products sites and find your desired fitness product.


Event Booking Event Booking Tickets

You can now book for your next favorite event with just a few clicks. All you have to do is go to the online ticket booking sites and purchase the tickets.

You can even book your desired seats and rows for the movie shows via these sites. Book tickets for comic shows, live music shows as well as parties across your city. This will save a lot of time and ensure that you do not have to wait in long queues.


Travel Travelling Bus

Travelling is one of the ways of regaining the youthfulness in ourselves after tiring work schedule.

Now, you no more have to face hassles while booking flight tickets and hotels for your family trips or the long-awaited trip with friends. These online shopping sites help you to book tickets and more with just a few clicks.

Offices Supplies Office & Supplies

Office supplies are one of the daily requirements in any company or institution. This leads to the necessity of regular purchase of such materials and supplies.

These famous Philippines’ e-commerce sites ensure that you do not spend a lot of time browsing across the internet for the best deals and discounts for your next office supplies purchase.


Home & Kitchen Home & Kitchen

The home and kitchen appliances are the ones which require attention at the time of purchase. So, you can buy them from the below-mentioned trusted online shopping sites and receive quality products on delivery.

This will reduce your load of finding the right type of utensil or showpiece for your kitchen or house.

Handicrafts Handicrafts

Many individuals look for handicrafts to decorate their homes and offices.  Handicraft lovers can now find different types of handicraft materials and objects, depending on their choices and interior designs of home.

You can make your next ethnic purchase from these sites.


Pets & All Pets

Pet products are evolving at a more rapid rate than ever before. There are different types of pet related products from fancy belts to pet foods. You can visit some of these pet-focused websites to find the great deals over such products.

Books & All Books

Purchasing books requires time and attention. You can reduce this time with the help of online shopping. Our list of shopping websites have a great range of the books which proves to be of the great benefit for the book finders and book lovers. So, you can visit the following websites and get yourself the books of your choice.

Sports Sports Football on Ground

Sports goods are in great demand these days among young kids and sports enthusiasts. You can get the best deals of various sports-related products like cricket kits, table tennis rackets, golf sets, etc. on these shopping websites and save time as well.

Gifts Gifts

The online shopping apps in Philippines has made it easy for the individuals to purchase the desired gifts for their near and dear ones. You can easily find different types of gifts ranging from photo frames to luxury gifts for individuals of every age on these online shopping sites.

Groceries & Food Groceries & Food 

Tired of buying all the groceries from store? Now you can relax and order your daily required products from the online grocery shopping websites and free yourself from the daily worries. You just need to get yourself registered and start ordering the groceries and food of your choice from these websites.



We hope you have gained sufficient information with the help of the mentioned websites. You can visit any of these sites and get the product of your choice. Keep track of any offers or deals available on these sites for a limited time and save money too. With the help of the best online shopping sites in Philippines, you can find any required product at any time of the day.

It is essential to ensure that you take the right steps at the time of online shopping. To keep safe, ensure that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Never share your bank account details and passwords with anyone posing as an online well-wisher or website representative.
  2. Once you receive the respective order, make sure that you check it thoroughly at the same moment. This will help you find any defects or missing items in the orders.
  3. Make it a habit of reading the reviews of any online shopping website before you proceed ahead with the procedure of placing the orders online.

Have a fun shopping time!

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