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List of 100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in Nepal

E-commerce SIte Nepal

Online Shopping! The term itself is fascinating enough. Shopping within the comfort of your home is a blessing indeed!  You have an option to choose from the list of online shopping sites in Nepal. You don’t even have to burn your petrol to reach the physical stores. Moreover, it saves your precious time and energy. You can get whatever you need in a click of a smartphone or a laptop. That too, within a predefined time period and flexibility of making payments. All thanks to ecommerce, which has redefined the way a business is carried out.

Online shopping has innumerable benefits to offer, It saves your time and energy to a great extent. You have the option of comparing the prices of the same product on different sites.

You can opt for credit/debit card payments, Netbanking, paytm, or Cash on Delivery (COD). You can track the status of your order whether it has been shipped from the warehouse or it has reached your city.

Online shopping apps in Nepal make it a hassle free process. You have an option to save your personal details and your credit/debit card information so that you don’t have to re-enter it the next time you order. Apps are user-friendly and can help you make choices depending upon your past preferences. Apps can be accessed on the go so you can enjoy shopping while travelling.

Let’s have look at the various sites from where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Multi- products website 

A multi products website offers you everything from clothes, home décor items, groceries, books, electronic gadgets to baby products, stationery items, etc. In short, it is just like a hypermarket you visit in your city. Unlike the hypermarket, the multi-products website offer discounts on certain products occasionally.

Check out this list of multi-products websites we’ve created for you.

Electronics and Gadgets Electronics and Gadgets 

There are sites dedicated to the electronic gadgets where you will find refrigerators, television, washing machines, laptops, Smartphones, etc to suit your requirements. Compare the online prices with the prices of physical stores and fetch yourself a great deal.

Find the list of electronics and gadgets websites mentioned below.

Automobile and Related products Automobile & Related Products

Some of the famous Nepal ecommerce sites deal with the automobile spare parts, car seat covers, audio-system, camera.

You can shop from the automobile and related products website list as stated below.

Refurbished and Overstock Products

Consumer electronics, laptops, and smartphones are available at a cheaper rate at some of the sites because they offer second hand, refurbished or overstock products. You can also return or replace the product within a specified time if it doesn’t meet your requirements. However, it is done sparingly.

Go for the laptop which you always wanted to buy but couldn’t due its exorbitant price. Here’s the list created for you.

Fashion Accessories Fashion Accessories

Looking for fashion accessories to complement your outfit? Browse through the best online shopping sites in Nepal for the exquisite earrings, bracelet, bellies, or sandals to go with your apparel for that perfect date you have been waiting for.

Buy yourself the trendy accessories from the list given below.

Beauty Beauty Products

Cosmetics are something which no women can avoid. Get the best range of cosmetics from Maybelline, L’oreal Paris, Revlon, MAC, and other popular brands from the top ecommerce website in Nepal. And that too, at affordable prices. Some of the sites also offer free gifts to the customers for purchasing above a particular price range.


Only for Girls Girls Accessories

Get the most stylish and seductive lingerie for daily wear or party wear to suit your flamboyant dresses.  Make the most of the online store to select the most comfortable and suitable inner wear. Check out these websites.

Kids and Babies Kids & Babies

Look for the most trendy and fashionable dresses, accessories, and baby care products for your little munchkins at one place. Not only this, you can select from the wide range of baby food available for different age groups too. Shop for your naughty ones from these websites.


Health and Fitness Health and Fitness

Order medicines, protein shakes, and nutritional refreshments online at affordable prices without having to step into the store and wait for a long time until someone attends you.

However, you may need to submit your doctor’s prescription at times. It is a blessing indeed when you want to order medicines for your dad who stays away from you. Have a look at these websites created for you.

Event booking Event Booking Tickets

Book movies, plays, and concerts through a dedicated website or an app within a blink of an eye. What more to ask for if you get the details and reviews of a particular show on your app.

You also have the privilege of choosing your desired seat. Book your tickets from the websites mentioned below.

Travel Travelling Bus

Booking ticket for your train or air travel is easier and faster than before. Avoid last minute booking hassles of standing in queue at railway station or airports when it is just a click away. Book yourself a ticket to the destination you’ve always wanted to visit through these websites.

Office Supplies Office & Supplies

Venturing into a new business? Get the business cards printed and all the required stationary, calendars, and signboards at one place. You can also order personalized gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, and premium laptop bags for your employees in bulk quantities at reasonable prices. Check out these websites for your office needs

Home Supplies Home & Kitchen

Get all the kitchen essentials, furniture, home décor items, and bath accessories at relatively cheaper prices. Redecorate or refurnish your home with these accessories for an elegant look and feel. Have a look at the given websites.

Handicrafts Handicrafts

Decorate and embellish your home with the unique and contemporary pieces of handicrafts available from all over the world to make it look grandeur. It definitely adds a hue of culture and ethnicity to your home.

Check out these websites for adding a touch of ethnicity to your home.


Pets & All Pets

Love pets? Grab exclusive pet food and accessories like belts, mattress for your loved pets. Some of the sites also offer informational blogs to take better care of your pets. Have a peek into these websites created for you.

Books & All Books

Are you a voracious reader? Do you love the smell of the pages of a brand new book? Search for the recently published ones and buy yourself a book or a magazine from these online stores mentioned below.

Books from different genres including travel, fiction, biographies, non-fiction, photography, medicine, and more are available to satiate your desire for reading.

Sports Sports Football on Ground

A sports person needs well-designed and comfortable clothes and accessories. Get the latest sports equipment from gloves, tees, shorts to badminton rackets and cricket bats at an exclusive online shop.

Get bulk quantities in affordable prices. Find out the trendy sports apparels and equipment on these websites.


Gifts Gifts

Express your feelings for a loved one by gifting a card, assorted chocolates, soft toys, exclusive mugs, cakes and pastries, or a bouquet of flowers from an online gift store. Get it delivered anywhere in Nepal. Buy a gift for your loved ones from these websites.


Groceries and Food Groceries & Food 

What if you can’t go out on rainy day to stock groceries at home? The basic necessities you can’t survive without. Just placing an order online is indeed cost effective and time saving, especially if you have kids to take care for at home. Check out these websites to meet your daily needs.



Online shopping is a boon for almost everyone. It has changed the pattern of working of the corporate world and driven the economy towards a digitized platform which is not only convenient but also cost saving. This is because it doesn’t require a physical store for its operation. Almost all businesses have gone digital due to its innumerable benefits. The power of technology is harnessed effectively by these businesses. The common man should avail the benefits to a great extent.

Avail the benefits of online shopping on-the-go through a user friendly app as well. But it is essential to be cautious while shopping online.

Give away your credit card details to only those sites you trust. Opt for a cash on delivery option if you are unsure of the website you are buying from or if you are buying for the first time from that particular site.

Check the contents of the package as soon as it is delivered. It may happen that a wrong product is delivered to you. You have the privilege to return the package but within the specified time limit as mentioned on the site.

Always check the review of the product prior to buying. It may give you useful information about the reliability of the seller as well.  Some may also put up a bad review to downscale the reputation of the seller but it is wise to check the ratings. 3 out of 5 ratings is good enough.

Happy shopping!

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