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List of 100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in Brazil

E-commerce Brazil

Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in Latin America today and it offers umpteen avenues of online shopping to its netizens. From large to small e-retailers, Brazil has e-commerce sites catering to every product line you can think of. The country has the world’s 4th largest online market with millions of internet users hooked on the idea of online shopping.

In addition to the convenience factor, online shopping in Brazil lets a user browse through a mindboggling variety of products and cuts the hassle of dressing up and travelling to the physical stores. Often, these visits may end up being futile and a time wasting affair when you don’t find what you are looking for.

What’s more, if you aren’t able to pay the full amount in one go, there are some top ecommerce websites in Brazil that allow making the payment in easy instalments. Here’s a quick category-wise list of the best online shopping sites in Brazil you can check out and make your purchase.

Multi Products Websites 

Multi Products Websites

Online giants such as Americanas and Shoptime ensure you have a fulfilling experience of shopping for all your needs in one virtual place. Making steal deals and promotions available time and again, they usually have a firm hold on the attention of their loyal shoppers.

These stores offer everything under one roof – clothes, stationery, books, electronics, jewellery, baby and kids utilities, toys, home décor items, and much more.

There is no dearth of variety on these multi-product shopping websites and they have buyers make well-informed purchases by allowing him or her to carefully weigh product features, usability, and cost.  You can also check the reviews and ratings for each product before zeroing in on your purchase.

Electronics and Gadgets 

Electronics and Gadgets 

Owning the choicest of gadgets is every gizmo lover’s dream and reputed online shopping portals such as Ricardoeletro and Tiger Direct make it a reality. They run limited period deals with major cash-offs to buyers who avail of the opportunity. From laptops and tablets to smartphones and speakers, televisions and refrigerators to microwaves and washing machines, you can find every possible gadget or appliance that you can think of in these.

Make sure you compare the prices and features of products across brands before deciding on a product. Some of the famous Brazilian ecommerce sites selling electronics also enable you to make product comparisons so that you can make a smart purchase.

Automobile and Related Products 

Automobile & Related Products

In the current times, innovation is the order of the day and with new models of cars flooding the market, automobile and its related products are much in demand.  Be it a utility driven purchase or one that will enhance the looks of your vehicle, the options are limitless in an automobile e-commerce store in Brazil.

With several brands and product choices available on the store, they help you make informed buying decisions. Some of these stores may have a clearance category from which you will be left gaping at the unbelievable prices being offered. Keep a watch for short period discounts that aim to keep you coming back to their portals ever so often.

Refurbished and Overstock Products

If you are looking for electronics as good as new but at a much lesser price, visit stores such as Overstock.com that offer fantastic deals on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, accessories, and consumer appliances. On these stores, you find incredible discounts on products with the box seal broken, second hand ones, or those refurbished that may have been returned by the customers due to varied reasons, not necessarily technical flaws.

Here’s your chance to own that home theatre system or that expensive mobile phone that seemed out of bounds all this while! With minor adjustments, refurbished products offer wonderful bargains and accrue invaluable savings to the buyer. Once refurbished, the products arrive in good condition and usually satisfy customer expectations.

Fashion Accessories 

Fashion Accessories

Online shopping has reduced the world to one global marketplace and the best thing is that it has brought all famous designers under one roof. Portals such as Next.brl and Koovs cater to the fashion accessories segment in Brazil and have the youth gripped on to them.

Online shopping apps are a rage in Brazil and have made shopping convenient even when you are on the move. It’s easy to place your order for the best fashion jewellery, belts, and other knick knacks on these mobile apps. When you find such amazing variety on the e-stores, you can save the time you would otherwise spend in visiting the physical stores.


Beauty Products

In addition to cosmetics, beauty also refers to skin and hair nourishing and care products that you need as a part of your everyday regimen. Make a note of the products you require on an everyday basis such as moisturiser, and place your monthly orders to ensure you have the next lot ready before the current one gets exhausted. `

Girls and young women flock online stores like Natura and Onnit where they can explore items of makeup, personal care, and much more at unbeatable prices. Before the guys feel disheartened, let us tell them that some of these sites also offer products specifically formulated for men.


Only for Girls 

Girls Accessories

Gone are the days when girls had to really make an effort to come out of their comfort zones to buy things like lingerie, sexy night wear, undergarments, and bridal wear.

They like to explore their options and online stores give them ample opportunities of browsing through offerings from various brands and getting them ordered at their doorstep. The packaging is so discreet that only you will know what it contains.


Kids & Babies 

Kids & Babies

Your little munchkin deserves nothing short of best and there are online stores such as Buy Baby and Mud Pie that stock every baby product you can think of.

If you are lucky, you can really get fabulous discounts on the best of brands that you always wanted to buy for your baby. From smart gear to everyday baby essentials, these e-commerce stores will have your needs covered.

Health & Fitness 

Health and Fitness

For all things health and fitness, you can turn to online stores and make thoroughly informed purchases. For fitness equipment such as treadmill, elliptical, dumbbells, and others, these sites usually provide complete product information to guide your purchase and you can compare across brands before making a pick.

Avail the convenience of online shopping for health supplements, multivatimins, medical equipment, and regular medicines by having them delivered in quick time. Remember to check the reviews to know what to expect in a product and whether it works for your needs or not.

Event Booking 

Event Booking Tickets

If you are curious about the events happening in and around your city and wish to be a part of them, online portals in Brazil can help you savour rich experiences with your loved ones.

These event booking companies provide up-to-date information on concerts, live shows, soccer matches, carnivals, and happening parties and you can book your passes conveniently without having to worry about travelling miles to lay your hands on them.



Travelling Bus

Keep the fun of travel intact by reducing your worries to a zilch with hassle-free online travel portals like Decolar, Expedia, and more that cater to travel needs in Brazil. No more standing in queues to buy air or bus tickets when you have these sites making bookings easy for you from the comfort of your home or office desk!

Offices Supplies 

Office & Supplies

If you own an office, you will need supplies from time to time. Why bother about travelling to a stationery shop for monthly fills when you can simply order them online on portals that deal exclusively in office supplies or the general ones that make sure they have all your needs stocked?

Whether you want to get your visiting cards printed or a banner done for an upcoming corporate event ready, there are online stores catering to the designing and printing of these as well.

Home & Kitchen 

Home & Kitchen

If you have a fetish for eye-catching pieces of home décor, accent furniture, bed and bath items, fixtures, wall art, sconces, and more, look no further than these online stores offering a wide array of choices from the best of brands. Just be sure about the theme and colours you are after and explore accordingly.



Hand crafted items have a distinct beauty and there is nothing artificial about them. Let the décor in your home reflect your sense of rustic style and how much you are in love with anything beautifully done the traditional way. E-commerce stores in Brazil can help you explore ideas, each with a reflection of some part of the country or the world.

Pets & All 


Your pet deserves the utmost care and love and there are pet stores online catering exclusively to the pet supplies segment so that you can order the routine items conveniently on them. Make the best of a recent price slash and let your feline or canine friend treat its taste buds to exotic foods or wear that cute little sweater or belt you always wanted it to!

Books & All 


The thought of reading something new is enough to bring a twinkle in the eyes of a book lover. Online book stores have made it very easy for you to lay your hands on your favourite books that were out of stock in the physical outlets all this while.


Sports Football on Ground

Sports fans no longer need to visit physical sports shops to buy their favourite gear. All they must do is look for a good online store and check out its collection. You will love it even more if this portal stocks sport supplies from different brands and has reviews on its product pages to guide your purchase.



It isn’t necessary that there has to be a reason or a season always to give or receive gifts. Delight your loved ones whenever they are feeling blue with a bouquet of their most-loved flowers, cakes, soft toys, chocolates, memorabilia, and much more.

The best thing is that you can order any of these online with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on the phone.

Groceries & Food 

Groceries & Food 

Working people often find themselves at their wit’s end when it comes to managing the odds and ends because they have a demanding work schedule. Here’s something to reduce their worries! They can turn to online stores such as Pao de Acuacar to get the groceries and other home supplies delivered at their homes.

When you are in no mood to cook after a hectic day, online portals such as Eat24Hours and DeliveryHero come to your rescue by delivering delicacies from the best restaurants in Brazil.


We hope you find this list of online shopping sites in Brazil useful for the sheer convenience they add to your everyday lives. Online shopping helps you beat the queues and saves time and money for recreation by cutting down travel to physical stores.

Read reviews and be a smart online shopper by going for known and trusted brands typically when you are buying electronics and apparels if you want to get the kind of quality you expect.  Go ahead and shop to your heart’s content!

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