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10 Best Internship Websites In India for the Summer (2021)

Best Internship Websites In India

I remember the first time I applied for an internship. And to say the least, that was not a good experience. This is also true for a lot of people. There are many members of our team who had to go through a similar bad experience to land an internship. And even if one goes through a bad ‘searching for internship’ experience there is no guarantee that the individual in question would land a good internship. There are many horror stories on the internet which talks about bad internship experiences.

Those bad experiences range in a couple of different things and one of the worst is not getting paid for the work you did. This obviously has a very strong effect on the work morale that any individual builds. That is why it is important to land the best possible internship.

A good internship would not only boost and build strong work morale but it will also provide an individual with skills which would be relevant to his or her professional career. In this article today, we bring to you the best internship sites in India. These sites have been compared on a number of scales including ease of application building, quality of internships available, number of internships available, other services provided, and various different points. A list has been formulated for the ease of all readers.

Here’s The list Mentioned Below For Best Internship Sites In India:

Internshala Internshala 

This is one of the most popular and probably the first website which all students or workers with no previous experience should usually start at. This website provides all its users with literally thousands of opportunities in all fields and domains. Students can also use the website to enroll in different training programs like Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking, Web Development, Python, and many other options. This website also provides students with an opportunity to be their campus ambassadors.

The process for applying to internships on this website is also incredibly simple. To get the process started you would first be required to make a login ID and password. Once you have that then you can access a large number of internships which are available on this website. You can manage and edit your resume at any time and can also find the right internship for you by using the filter box on the side. This website ensures that it connects everybody to trusted and assured companies who are genuinely interested in hiring interns.


This is also another great platform which students can use to get the best possible services. This website exposes students to some of the best internships from a number of large organizations like Tencent Game, Emerson, Myntra, The Indian Express, Big Basket, Comic Con India, Big Basket, PVR Cinemas, and many other organizations. It is quite easy to register at this website as you just have to fill out the registration popup form.

Organizations can also register in a similar manner but instead of opting for the student column they would have to opt for the employer column. This website provides internships in a range of different domains and they also constantly post tips on their blog to educate students about the internship process in a better manner.

LinkedIn LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very famous community of professional networks which is known for providing the best jobs. This company connects working professionals on a single platform and allows them to communicate in a professional manner. At this website, you can post jobs or even apply for them. However, what most people don’t know is that this website also allows people to apply for internships.

There is also an entire section of this website which is devoted to students and working professionals alike who wish to learn new and relevant skills. This website allows users to filter their search for internships and it offers thousands of options for everybody to choose from. To apply for these internships you just have to sign up and fill out the details. Once the signup process is complete you can directly apply for those positions.

GlassDoor GlassDoor 

This is another great website which allows students and working professionals alike to find the right jobs and internships. Employers and organizations can also use this website to hire the right kind of talent and people. There are millions of options to choose from and to start the application process you just have to make an ID and password. This website also allows users to post reviews about various companies and compare salaries of different positions.

Hello Intern Hello Intern 

Hello Intern is a great platform which is regarded as the global internship expert. This website allows students to apply for various internships with companies, startups, and non-profit organizations. Some of the major opportunities which are provided by this website include Zee Media, Vivo, Titan, Decathlon, Citrus, and many other companies. There is also a very interesting global internship program which is offered by this platform.

The internships at this portal range from a number of different fields and domains. There are also many training programs which one can enroll in to learn new skills and new topics. Currently, there is also a summer internship program going on. To begin your internship search on this platform you just have to sign up and start looking.

Twenty19 Twenty19

Twenty 19 is another great platform which aims to be the perfect guide for all students into the real world. This website is solely dedicated to providing all students with the best internship opportunities. Students can register for free on this website through Facebook, Gmail, or their other email IDs. There are many college events which are going on in this website all throughout the year. There is also a very relevant summer training program which is being held by this platform. To get started at this website you just have to log in and begin your search.

AngelList AngelList

Angel List is a website that claims to be the point where the world meets the startups and we couldn’t agree more. This website has a huge number of opportunities not just for students but for many other working professionals. There are major organizations which frequently post their job or intern requirements on this portal. And some of those organizations are Tinder, Patreon, Twitch, Gusto, Yelp, and Medium.

At this platform, there is also a very interesting and unique investing program which allows users to invest privately in a startup during the early stages of its development. To begin your search for the perfect internship on this site you just have sign up and complete your profile. Once your profile is completed then you can apply for internships with only a click of your mouse.

OysterConnect.com OysterConnect.com 

Oyster Connect.com is a virtual student workforce platform which allows students to contribute to the critical projects which are being completed by different companies. There are over 60,000 students on this platform who are from over 100+ colleges and 50+ cities. Most of the students on this website are highly talented and skilled.

This platform takes up a crowd source model of work which means that each student has to complete a small amount of work which in collection with other students ends up completing the larger work or task. To look for internships at this portal you just have to sign up and activate your profile by following the instructions given in the email.

Indian Internship Indian Internship

This platform provides students with an opportunity to apply for internships within India. The internships at this platform range in a number of fields and domains. However, this website does not have a large number of options to choose from if one compares it to the other websites which are mentioned in this list. To apply for positions at this portal you will not be required to sign up and instead, you can just click on the internships you are interested in and fill out a form which is present on the side.


This is a website which students can use to apply for internships. However, it is important to note that there are not many options to choose from at this website but it is very easy to navigate and loads almost instantly.

The Conclusion:

These are all the top 10 websites you should check out if you are planning to apply for an internship. We have tried to make this list as informative as possible but if you think that we missed something or if there is anything that you would like to suggest then feel free to comment it down below. Till then, good luck with your application process!

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