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Best Exotic Cars to Hire in Dubai – Dream Car Rentals

Best exotic cars to hire in Dubai - Dream Car Rentals

It is a genuine fact; everyone who drives a sports car will feel class, style, and power along with a unique experience. As we all know very well that many sports cars have a similar feature in that they are attention-grabbing and jaw-dropping designs. No doubt, they are top in speed, high quality and efficient performance, and super luxury.

Everyone has a dream to drive their favorite sports car but, they are super-expensive in cost and it is hard to afford for everyone. There is a place on earth where your dream of driving a super luxury sports car will come true in Dubai. This place is widely famous for its luxury style and supercars’ appearance all over the world. If you are willing to drive your favorite sports car, Dubai will give you this option.

You just need here to find out the exotic car rental Dubai option first. You won’t believe that in Dubai, these cars are available for rent and you can drive on the roads. If you are on vacation in Dubai, it will be the best option to hire your favorite car in Dubai for driving. Here you need to be prepared with all these essentials before hiring your favorite sports car in Dubai.

Essentials for Hiring a Super Car in Dubai

Be prepared with all these essentials before hiring a car in Dubai. Read all these points carefully to understand everything in a better way.

  • Car Renter has to submit a copy of passport which should be valid.
  • A photo of a car renter is compulsory to submit.
  • It is quite important to show and submit a copy of the driving license which should be valid and issued one year ago.
  • Car renter has to submit a credit card with having a lot more money as a security that will be returned to the owner after returning the car to the service provider.

That’s all you need to arrange for the essentials for hiring the desired sports car to drive in Dubai. You can better hire the car for multiple days. Usually, peop0l prefer to hire a car for their whole stay in Dubai and they never compromise with their comfort.

Here we will share with you in detail about those exotic cars. Which you can hire in Dubai for driving all around. It will be an exciting moment for you to know about your desired car in the discussion as well.

Exotic Cars Available for Rental in Dubai

Here is a brief list of the exotic cars which are available for rent in Dubai. Don’t forget to get in touch with Sports car rental in Dubai in this regard.

1.    Ferrari Portofino

If you are searching for a fabulous look, super-fast and luxury sports car in Dubai, we will recommend you to hire Ferrari Portofino. No doubt, it is the best choice with having 600 HP engine power, 3.5 seconds acceleration, and 320 kilometers per hour maximum speed. This is fabulous to have this car with you and you can go anywhere in Dubai on this giant machine.

2.    Ford Mustang

As we all agree with the statement that Ford Mustang is one of the most luxurious and iconic cars in the world. Its stunning style and features are more than enough to attract the attention of people towards it. Ford Mustang is stunning in Look, stylish in beauty, independent rear suspension, and a fabulous choice all the way. The engine power of the Ford Mustang is 317 HP with an acceleration of 5.8 seconds. You can enjoy its 250 kilometers per hours speed on roads as well. Overall, it will be a good decision to hire this car to move anywhere in Dubai.

3.    Lamborghini Aventador LP700

It is one of the most favorite and dream cars of many people living all over the world. Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most appreciated variants of cars we can see with having 700 HP engine power. Its acceleration is 2.9 seconds and it will give you the 350 kilometers per hours speed which is quite impressive. You can hire this beast Lamborghini in Dubai as well and it will be a good choice to move to an important party to attract the attention of people towards you.

4.    Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Choosing Lamborghini Huracan Spyder will be the best convertible option that will also ensure you the best speed and performance on the road. The engine power of the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is 610 HP with having an acceleration of 3.2 seconds. It can easily cover the distance with 325 kilometers per hour speed which is enough to describe its efficiency in a better way.

5.    McLaren 570S Coupe

It is one of the topluxury cars in the world and it is also considered the fastest car in the world too. McLaren 570S Coupe is also available for rent in Dubai and it will give you the maximum speed of 325 kilometers per hour with having 570 HP engine specifications. It will amazingly boost up the acceleration in 3.2 seconds which is also enough to describe its efficiency and performance to the lover of this car.

6.    Porsche Boxster 718 GTS

If you are willing to choose the cutest and cool sports car for rent in Dubai, the best option in this regard you will see in Porsche Boxster 718 GTS. It isa 6-speed manual transmission car and 300 HP engine power that will cover 260 kilometers per hour with 4.9 seconds of acceleration.

All the way, this option is quite impressive and luxury for rental in Dubai and Supercar rental in Dubai will provide you with all these cars along with other car models as per your demand and need. The collection of cars in Dubai for rental is not limited to these models only. You will get any type of exotic car for rental in Dubai from professional car rentals.

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