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Top 10 Bikes Under 85000 Rupees in India to buy in 2022

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In India, buying a bike is a tricky task. We want our bike to be powerful, but we have to worry about the mileage too. We need to look for cutting-edge technology and other advanced features as well. Moreover, we expect the price of the bikes having all of these features to be as less as possible.

We took a look at the available bikes in the market that can be used for daily commute over the weekdays as well as for a bit of adventure over the weekend. These bikes have great features, good fuel economy, but won’t cost you a fortune. Additionally, the bikes we are about to discuss are good on looks and perform quite efficiently.

If you are on the path to deciding on a bike to buy below Rs 85K, the following bikes are the best-performing ones in the market right now.

Check them out to find out which one of them is better suited for you, according to your personality and style.

  1. Avenger Street 150

Avenger Street 150

The Avenger Street 150 is another powerful yet efficient bike from the house of Bajaj auto. The Avenger series has been one of the highest selling Bajaj bike over the years, thanks to its looks that is quite similar to that of a Harley Davidson bike.

Avenger Street 150 is targeted towards the younger generation bikers in India. It sports a DTSI engine that delivers performance but does not sacrifice on fuel efficiency. The engine produces a 14bhp power and a torque of 12.5, thanks to a five-speed gearbox. The 14-liter fuel tank makes it the first choice for people who like long trips on a bike.


  • Powerful engine for a cruiser bike. In fact, it is the most powerful cruiser bike in India.
  • If you want a cruiser at a low price, maybe this is the bike for you.
  • Economical performance gives you value for money without compromising on the fuel economy.


  • The bike fails to deliver at higher RPMs.
  • The body weight is very high compared to the cruiser bike
  • To rear disc brake which can be troublesome

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 80,436

  1. Pulsar NS 160

Pulsar NSR 160

The features of Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 might get you confused as they look quite similar to Pulsar 150. However, looking at the details carefully would help you spot the differences. The NS 160 has a different design and it fares quite differently with respect to performance.

The bike looks more like its bigger brother Pulsar NS 200. You can spot familiar features, but the smaller tires and smaller disc brake, along with with the same frame size make all the difference. The NS 160 is easier to handle than its older sibling.

The bike houses a 160cc single cylinder which is oil-cooled. The engine generates a power of 15.3 bhp and 14.6 Nm of torque. The five-speed gearbox is more than efficient in supporting the speed and makes the transition between the gears smoother.


  • Excellent style and looks with impressive tank shrouds and thinner tail section. The body is quite muscular and good-looking too.
  • The power generated is quite impressive, which may seem to be comparable to other bikes in this segment. However, a body weight of 142kg makes the bike quite stable at higher speed.
  • State-of-the-art instrument console which is a mix of the digital and analog display. Speedometer and fuel indicator are in digital display, while tachometer is analog.


  • The absence of ABS might turn some of the users off.
  • The tires are quite thinner than other bikes in this segment.
  • The braking system appears to be a bit slippery. The bike misses out on the double disc feature.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 78,368

  1. Hero Xtreme Sports

Hero Xtreme Sports

Hero Xtreme Sports Customer Reviews

Hero Xtreme is a 150cc bike targeted at the young population of the country who want a stylish yet efficient motorcycle. The motorbike competes with the bikes like Fazer 2.0 and Suzuki Gixxer.

The sports version of the Xtreme sports is quite similar to the standard Xtreme version, but comes with some of the looks and features upgrade. The bike also has a wide range of colors and decals to give a sporty design.

The bike sports a 149.2cc engine and generates a power of 15.2bhp and 13.5 Nm. A five-speed constant mesh gearbox supports the speed, and the frame is well-supported by an adjustable rear suspension. The bike also has a rear disc brake for better control and tubeless tires for better road grip. The bike price start at Rs. 74,091 (ex-showroom price – Mumbai).


  • An excellent engine to handle the revs and high speeds.
  • Build quality is quite sturdy and stable, even at higher speed.
  • The designing and built looks quite good and sporty.
  • The bike has a compatible mileage comparable with other bikes in the segment


  • The braking system could have been better.


Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 74,091

  1. Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj Pulsar 180 remained the top-selling bike of Bajaj auto when it was launched. The bike is still one of the best selling bikes from the auto manufacturers even after it launched several other variants of the same Pulsar Model.

A 178cc single cylinder boosts the current form of Pulsar 180 and produces a power of 17bhpand 14Nm of torque. The bike comes with an optional electric start button, and has a twin spark ignition. The other features include gas-charged rear suspension and a rear disc brake. The current form also sports 3D logos, side scoops, alloy wheels, and a digital tachometer.


  • Ageless looks. Loved by commuters over a decade.
  • Excellent of the bike. Can easily take care of tight corners and crowded roads.
  • Great pickup. However, it does not compromise on the fuel economy, which is on the higher side for a 180cc bike.
  • Excellent road grip thanks to broad front and rear wheels.
  • Spares are available in the market without any difficulty.


  • Chain sprockets and other body parts can become loose after a few months. Timely maintenance is required.
  • The clutch plate is susceptible to wear faster.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 81,331

  1. Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar 150

When Pulsar was launched by Bajaj Auto 10 years back, it did not take much time to be a household name for most of the bikers. Even after all these years, the bike did not lose on the popularity with the people.

The main feature of this Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the aircraft type fuel tank, dome headlight, analog console, and the timeless look of the analog speedometer. The 149cc fitted engine produces a power of 15bhp and 12 Nm of torque. The twin spark ignition and the drum brake for the rear wheel are the other prominent feature of the bike.


  • An attractive style that has been impressing the bikers for more than a decade.
  • A complete value for money bike. Whether its power and the performance, or the fuel economy, or the overall cost, the bike gives you a satisfaction
  • Premium features to compete with that of the other bikes in the segment.
  • Impressive engine performance that lasts for ages
  • Excellent fuel economy on the highway as well as inside the city


  • The engine, though improved than the earlier version, could be more improved.
  • The engine seems to produce vibrations at higher speed
  • The gearbox design appears to be a bit cluttered.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 76,467

  1. Suzuki Gixxer 155

Suzuki Gixxer 155

Suzuki Gixxer Customer Reviews

If you are looking to buy a sports bike under 85K, Suzuki Gixxer could be the perfect choice for you. The name draws inspiration from the super sports bike range of Suzuki GSX. Naturally, the designing of the bike is similar to that of a racing bike with sculpted fuel tank, distinctive headlamp, raised rear, and thicker exhaust pipe.

If you think that the bike depends on its looks and nothing else you are quite mistaken. The bike sports a 155cc engine and generates a power of 14.6bhp and 14 Nm of torque quite easily. It has a front disc brake and a drum rear brakes that makes handling of the bike quite comfortable. Although the bikes score excellent on the design and performance part, one feature that stands out is the programmable shift lights.


  • Impressive mileage, both inside the city and on the highways.
  • Very lightweight, more comfortable to maneuver through dense traffic and tight corners.
  • Comfortable seat height makes the rides comfortable as well as increases the handling of the bike
  • The sporty design makes the bike feel like a premium racing bike.


  • The bike loses its pick up and speed if you are riding with a pillion.
  • Smaller gas tank than that of other bikes in this segment. Can be an issue during extended trips
  • Not adequately fit for long journeys due to lower seat height.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 77,015

  1. Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda CB Hornet 160R

One of the most good looking bikes under 85k, Honda CB Hornet 160R is stylish as well as sturdy. The bike has an impressive performance, especially at higher speeds. The handlebars, footpegs, and the tank look splendid and barely seems to challenge the looks as well as the performance.

The bike sports a single cylinder engine with a displacement of 162.71cc and produces a maximum power of 15.04bhp at 8,500 rpm. It consists of a 5-speed gearbox for the smooth transition of gears. The instrument console is digital and has all the basic features like speedometer, trip meter, and fuel gauge.


  • Great looks that are similar to that of a 250cc bike.
  • The design gives you a feeling of raw power.
  • Better ground clearance than most bikes in the segment.
  • Performance is impressive. No vibrations in engine even at higher revs.


  • The chain cover is missing. It can be troubling when you are traveling through muddy Indian roads.
  • Heating problem is noticed in the engine by some of the users.
  • The headlight is less powerful.
  • The bike has lower mileage than the similar bikes in the segment.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 83,340

  1. TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Apache RTR 180 Customer Reviews

TVS Apache RTR 180 is the slightly more powerful version of the RTR 160, with better performance. However, it does not compromise on the fuel efficiency much, making it one of the most desirable bikes among the Indian youth. It was the flagship model for TVS until RTR 200 was launched.

One of the striking features of the bike is its instrument panel. Other than the speedometer, it has an odometer, trip meters, clock, lap timer, fuel gauge, and a tachometer. The bike has a 177.4cc engine that produces a power of 17.5PS and 15.5 Nm of power. It has good sized alloy wheels that give stability and make moving through intense traffic easier.Pros:

  • Great pickup, thanks to the 177.4cc engine. The bike can clock 0-60 kmph in just 4.3 seconds.
  • The stunning design of the bike gives it a look of a real racing bike. A removable rear mudguard is an option that provides the motorbike with a raw look.
  • Dual disc brake for better handling of the bike and swerving through tight corners.
  • Tubeless tires for better road grip and smoother ride. The rider also has to worry less about punctures.
  • Adjustable handles height for extra comfort.


  • The stock tires are prone to more wear and tear. It requires replacing with better tires after a few years of use.
  • The riding height and position is a worry, as the bike is not fit for longer rides for many.
  • The engine produces a great vibe at higher revs. However, unlike RTR 160, it does not die away after some time.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 81,982

  1. TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160 Customer Reviews

TVS Apache RTR 160 is a bike that was designed to attract the attention of the bike racing enthusiasts. The full form of RTR is Racing Throttle Response. Powered by a single cylinder 4-stroke 160cc engine, the bike produces a power of 15.2 bhp at 8,500 rpm and generates a torque of 13.1 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

The bike has a few unique features, of which the presence of lap timer in the instrument console is the one that most bikes do not have. This feature allows you to check the 0-60kmph reading for the last three instances it has been used. Another addition, which is a first in India, is the presence of petal disc brake. It improves the handling of the bike by a few degrees and can be quite useful on the busy Indian roads.


  • The 160cc powerful engine gives an instant response when throttle is increased.
  • Mileage is decent, even with the bike running with higher RPM.
  • Easy to maneuver due to less weight.
  • One of the fastest in its class and a low maintenance bike.


  • The pillion seat is very high.
  • Some vibrations observed at certain speed, but it stays under control.
  • Not a great bike for long distance travel. The rider can develop back pains after long rides.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): Rs. 78,215

  1. Yamaha FZ V 2.0

Yamaha FZ V 2.0

Yamaha FZ V 2.0 With Customer Reviews

Yamaha FZ had often enjoyed a positive reception from the people ever since the launch of the first version. The recent model, dubbed as version 2.0, comes with the latest innovation from Yamaha with the new ‘Blue Core’ engine, that promises an improved efficiency of the bike. The bike has a 149cc air-cooled engine and delivers a powerful performance with increased fuel efficiency.

The version 2.0 weighs less than its previous version and comes with a variety of features. It racks a decent top speed, and most of the riders are comfortable even after long rides. No doubt that many people consider this bike as the best bike under 85K.


  • 149cc ‘Blue Core’ air-cooled engine that produces 13.1 bhp of power and 12.8 Nm of torque.
  • Increased fuel efficiency by 14%.
  • Lighter body weight at 132kgs only.
  • Multi-instrument panel with Eco mode indicator.
  • Good fuel tank capacity with 12-liter fuel tank.
  • Smooth ride with great balance and riding comfort.


  • A few users find the price to be on the higher side with the features provided.
  • Some users feel that the bike is a little lightweight which reduces bike stability at high speed.
  • Lacks punch once you reach close to the three digit speed mark.
  • Missing 6th gear for top speed cruising.

Price (ex-showroom Mumbai): – Rs. 81,040 


All the bikes mentioned above have some excellent qualities and some qualities that do not satisfy your needs. However, these bikes are the best in the class amongst the ones that come under 85k. Moreover, a lot depends on the experience we have while riding a specific motorcycle, and that can vary from person to person.

If you are ready to buy a bike that satisfies most of your needs, then these are the best bikes for you.

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