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BaapStore Review: Best Drop Shipping Channel In 2022


In this growing economy times in India, every business is thriving to succeed. There have been many out of the box ideas to make the country’s economy vibrant and flourishing. Dropshipping is one such business model.

Although the concept is not as popular in India as in the western counterparts, it is still gaining popularity. Baapstore is the most popular and preferred dropshipping platform in India.

What is Baapstore? What is Baapstore?

Baapstore is a huge dropshipping platform that also offers other services to set up the businesses. The company doesn’t force its resellers to achieve individual targets and do not take any commission. So you will not have any pressure to meet targets, you shall start slow and grow big. Apart from this, Baapstore also helps its users build an e-commerce platform.

Dropshipping refers to a business model wherein the store doesn’t keep the products required by consumers. Instead, the items are purchased from supplied by dropshipping provider directly to the end consumers. Baapstore helps the resellers set up and run their own e-commerce business.

There are a very few dropshipping businesses in India, and Baapstore is the most trusted and recommended of them all, running successfully for about 5 years. Parallels can be drawn between Baapstore and Doba. Doba is the most significant drop shipper in the USA. However, Baapstore offers more services than Doba or any other dropshipping application.

Features of Baapstore

Baapstore provides a massive list of the commodities to dropship. Another beautiful thing about Baapstore is that the platform allows for setting up the online store. Following are the main features of Baapstore-

Note: Website, hosting and most of marketing tools are available only to the resellers opting for Gold or Diamond plans.

  • Well-categorized Products

Has sections segregated for buying the commodities. This segregation makes the finding of the product more comfortable and helps the owner to engage in the dropship business of different products.

features of baap store

  • No coding or programming language requires

There is no advanced technical knowledge needed for the user. Baapstore keep things very simple. Anybody, with or without technical knowledge, can start the business right away.

  • Marketing Features

It offers amazing tools for its resellers and helps them build their business. The marketing tools included are:

  1. Generating the coupon code
  2. Affiliate Marketing- having people market the reseller website and pay commissions for the referring affiliates
  3. Lacs of databases for marketing
  4. Gift vouchers
  5. Referral code
  6. Subscription to Newsletters

The marketing options make for a viable option for the business to thrive throughout the year, given any point in time.

baap store features

  • Admin Access

Include the features that are required to design the platform for the e-commerce business. The design sensibilities are pure and inviting to the resellers. The features highlight the ease of access, such as

  1. Adding of new products
  2. Adding of new categories
  3. Add banners
  4. Menu formats
  5. Adding shipping policies and rules
  6. Mentions about return policies
  7. Adding co-admins on the platform
  8. Multi currency option setup
  9. Adding filters for ease of search
  10. Integrating blog links

  • Buyers Guide

Consumers purchase commodities online. Thus, the product page must be buyer friendly. So Baapstore provides the below details to make it easier for the end customer to buy from the reseller.

  • Every product from Baapstore has proper titles, descriptions, seo keywords, options, etc.,
  • Buyers can compare the products before buying
  • Wishlist option
  • Guest checkout without signing in
  • Options for same-day delivery
  • Filters

baap store e commerce features

  • Multi-channel sales option

Baapstore do not restrict and let it’s resellers sell anywhere they want ie., website, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon, eBay, etc. Resellers must ensure that whichever platform they sell Baapstore products at, it should allow ‘self-shipment’ or ‘seller shipment’ option. Every order gets a tracking id when the order is processed.

  • Free Delivery Option

Baapstore has tie-ups with several leading courier companies, over 19000+ pin codes are catered to for delivery, including next-day delivery.

best of baap store

  • White-label Branding:

Buyers only see the reseller’s brand name. The name of Baapstore never comes up on the website or the packages.

Baapstore offers these services at a reasonable pricing as compared to Doba. The services provided by Baapstore are much more intense and economical to the users.

How Baapstore works? how baap store works

Follow these simple steps and get your business ready quickly:

  1. Subscribe any of Baapstore plans and get access to their 10,000+ products at wholesale costs with resell access.
  2. Set the MRP. The products can resell over WhatsApp, Websites and Facebook with more sales and margins.
  3. Inform about the sales along with the buyer’s details. The details can be set to automatic sending to Baapstore for delivery.
  4. Baapstore sends items directly to the buyers on resellers’ behalf.

Pricing of Subscription Packs product acess baap store

Baapstore has three drop shipping packages available- Bronze (₹17,495), Gold (₹35,988), and Diamond (₹59,899), at one-time fees and minimal yearly recurring fee.

Offerings depend on the package and to get all the services, it’s best for resellers to subscribe to highest pack. It includes everything from unlimited product access, free deliveries, website, returns, etc.,

Products Pricing of Baapstore  website features pack baap store

Baapstore has very competitively priced products, you will not see these products at this cost anywhere else unless you buy products in bulk from the manufacturers. The handkerchiefs for instance costs just ₹10.Others include electronic items such as charging cables, chargers, USB lights, generic chargers, SIM card ejectors, OTG adaptor, and AUX cable. These are some of the lowest priced electronic phone accessories one can find anywhere.

Apart from this some fun phone accessory such as waterproof phone pouches, mobile stands, pop stands,ring stands, floral mobile stands. Other fun products include fidget spinners, funky mobile stands, smiley sets, USB lights.These products are some of the best-selling products over Baapstore and sold at a very low price in comparison with other retail websites such as Amazon.

tools pricing baap store

Apart from these the clothes and footwear sold over Baapstore are also very competitively priced in comparison with Amazon. Even the shipping prices are less with the initial cost of the cloth and footwear, thereby making it a stellar deal.The clothing and footwear include everything from t-shirts to shirts, from casual shoes to formal shoes. From Kurtis to western wear. These cater to both Men and Women.

These are a few examples of how low cost the Baapstore prices are. The resellers can easily make a very good profit by selling these.The resellers can even download the products data without subscribing to the package to verify the claims made by Baapstore. Thus, Baapxtore gives the resellers a chance to verify each and everything before actually paying for the subscription.

Final Word on Subscription Packages

While an American company like Doba charges about 70,000rs per annum only for the dropshipping access, Baapstore provides much more than for a much lesser costs. It seems to be priced friendly for Indian resellers.

Apart from this, Doba also charges a commission on the deliveries and sales made whereas Baapstore do not take any commission from the sale. This gives higher margin to the resellers.

Baapstore’s motto is to help resellers run their online businesses smoothly. All services come with one single subscription from Baapstore. The Premium package (Diamond) is one of the highly recommended subscription packages from Baapstore.

Final Word on Products’ Pricing

Based on our in depth analysis, we can say that you will not get the Baapstore’s products at that low cost anywhere else. Usually if you want to buy and sell products at this cost, you will have to directly buy in bulk consignments from manufacturers.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking about starting your own Dropshipping business, Baapstore is the best. Go for it blindly. You can easily sell with 100% margin and hardly require 50-100 orders to get back the subscription fee and soon it will become profitable. Only make sure that you do good marketing of the products.

Bonus: Recession-Proof Model

Baapstore is a recession-proof model since it models a relationship between available delivery team and retailers, and online selling. This ever-thriving business, combined with services provided by Baapstore, makes for a delightful concoction of a thriving business.

Baapstore buys and store most of the products for online resellers at wholesale cost, who can sell the products at their own retail price. Their motto is to let resellers earn maximum profit without actually investing in a lot of necessities of the online business.

Go for it without thinking much. 

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