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Best real-time Voice Changer 2020: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Review

AV Voice Changer

Are you fond of voice mimicking? Turning your voice into celebrity voices or different hundred voices by playing aroundtimbre and pitch can be a real fun. Pranking your friends with those strange voices or just give it a professional shot;this facility can be entertaining. Simply cutting, joining and morphing those voices willbring out an interesting result.

But now the question arises about which voice changer software to choose? The market is flooded with software which claims to change your voice but most are merely a waste of money or simply a killer of time. And it’s obvious that no one wants to fall in this trap.

So here we present to you AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, one such handy tool that will actually deal with issues like this.

About AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is the one stop tool that allows you to basically do anything with your voice. Be it morphing, recording, cutting and mixing those small audio cuts you have gathered to prank your friends or simply form an artistically beautiful piece out of it just for fun. By using this software effectively, you can easily access and modify every peculiar feature about it.

Maybe you want your voice to be deeper to show a masculine voice or a bit higher, simply to do an experiment with the same.

Not just this you can make your voice sound younger, older, feminine,or masculine based on your preferences. It gives you the diversity of voice preferences and voice effects for a wide range of setting combinations which helps to define a unique voice that you can save and use it as per your requirements.

Features provided by AV Voice Changer Features provided by AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer Software does not only change your voice in real time but also gives you a complete package for a home audio workstation to create your own recordings. Below is a list of features by this software.

  • Voice Recorder

This moduleis quite efficient when it comes to recording your voice. It enables you to record as well as preview the file in the same window without having to search for the audio.

Voice Recorder

  • Voice Editor

This featureis a magic tool that basically does everything involving cutting, splitting, copying, applying effects or performing any essential detailed editing operations on your audio.

Voice Editor

  • Voice Morpher

It basically helps to process all selected audio files at once. It facilitates high-quality voice output by analyzing the two characterized features of the human voice, Pitch and Timbre. You can choose among hundreds of ready Nickvoices, aka voice presets, then make adjustment on the Pitch – Timbre graph for more satisfying and realistic results.

Voice Morpher

  • File Morpher


The unique feature that distinguishes AV Voice Changer Software Diamond among the entire voice changer market. File Morpher can process batch of pre-recorded audio files at once and save outputs in any popular audio file formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, APE, etc.

  • Parody Mixer

You must have seen those parody videos with mimicking people’s voices. This tool is quite widely used to serve these types of imitating works.You can add up to 4 target voices and create a mix of those voices for a unique voice output result.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are Voice Comparator, Voice Analyzer, huge library of Voice Effects, Hotkey and many more features that guarantee to meet every need of voice and audio modifying tasks.

Parody Mixer


  • Easy to use

The problem with the majority of software available in the market is their complicated interface. A normal person takes a few times to learn how it’s working. However, with this software, you need not compromise with your comfort. It is one of the easiest software available. The effort required to operate it is almost negligible with no external tool or software assistance.

  • Compatibility with the system

This software claims what it says. Its compatibility with all systems and versions of Windows has been tested and reviewed multiple times.

  •   Easy Access to files

Normally when a recorder is used, it becomes a little difficult to locate the files. But with this software, you need not worry about the loss of files. They are very easy to locate and access as per requirements.

  •   Modern look

Most of the software is obsolete now not only in their work but their personalization fails to attract customers towards them. But this software has a beautiful outlook that is an inviting feature for many viewers.


As per the usage of this software by many customers, as such, no disadvantage has been formulated until now. However, its flat interface irks some of the customers but when it comes to the quality output there is no compromise made with it.


AV Voice Changer has helped people in playing with the voices. Furthermore, it also helps with professional audio projects. So, what more are you waiting for? But still, if you are unsure about this.

Go for the trial version; it will give you a better outlook on this.

Once satisfied go for spending those precious bucks on this versatile software and you will not be disappointed.

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