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10 Best Alternative Applications for The Monkey App

Best Apps like The Monkey App

Ben Pasternak and Turner are the co-founder of Monkey . The two met years ago as the kids on the Internet. After that they finally met in person at Apple’s app developer conference, in 2015. The app is a platform where you can have lots of laughs with the people around you. It is a stunning app for having an amusing chat with some interesting people and making some delightful stuff. It allows you to meet with a number of people for exchanging their ideas and making some friends.

The Monkey app lets you make calls and divide your feelings with others for real time. You can even accept a call from your loving ones and also can neglect a  call if someone does not attract you, as it’s your decision whose call to be received and whose to be rejected. Monkey helps you to meet people in trees that ally to your interests and allows you to add people you like. It authorizes you to have conversation with your new friends through different trees. 

According to a mobile app investigative company App Annie,Monkey has been downloaded around three million times since it launched in November 2016, and also attracted an average of 300,000 monthly active users during the year 2017. It is very popular among teens and young adults.

According to App Annie, Monkey was the number-one app downloaded by the teenagers right from its launching, and has generally remained among the  top 10 chatting apps ever since. The current status of the app is that it’s the ninth most trending app among those age groups. 

Similar to the above one there are several  chatting apps available where you can increase your connections and create a vast network of your dear ones.

Here are some best Alternatives for  Monkey App:


Chatroulette - app like monkey

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Chatroulette is another social media app similar to the Monkey app that lets its users connect with one another using the webcams and microphones featured in it. It is one of the most liked and widely used video calling apps that lets its users to aimlessly talk to strangers who are using this app on their devices.This video chatting app helps the client and users to easily talk with strangers from all over the world.

If you do not like somebody over here, you can just break the contact with that particular person. Without putting any efforts the users can manage all the stuff with simple taps. There are a number of people using this app for their own purposes of fun and excitement. It has connected people from different cities as well as different countries. You can easily make connections with the single as well as committed individuals on this app and share your feelings and thoughts using your camera.

It is exactly a dating app where you can do flirt, friendship, chatting, dating, and a lot more. There is no age restriction on this social media app so people with almost all ages use it for their entertainment purposes.

 Fav Talk

fav talk - app like monkey

Fav Talk is an app that lets you to create contact with a huge amount of community who have the same interest as yours.With the support of this app, you can increase the span of your dearest  people and exchange your ideas and thinking with them. This app allows you to simply chat with them anytime you want . You can also find a match with people having the same view of thinking.

It allows you to choose people according in order to start a conversation and have a talk with them. You can also get more info about the people and their interests for a better knowledge. It provides relatively user-friendly settings so that you can easily change the settings as per your choice and also provides some special commands as well. You can even manage settings to allow or disallow people who are searching you.

It delivers a quite varied and unique feature of adding people as whenever they find you, he or she will automatically be added to your chat list. Thus Fav Talk has made it easier enough to chat with people having similar interests.


meochat - app like monkey

MeowChat is a bomb of fun and happiness. It is a fun place to meet with new individuals from all corners of the world and do chat with them smoothly. It is a place where thousands of people meet and exchange their thoughts with each other to make a bond of friendship between them. This chatting app  contains a huge society of people that visit and settle on this platform for making some astonishing discovery of some captivating people.

It allows you to find some amazing buddies from all over the world and chat instantly with the strangers  right on the platform installed on your device. MeowChat also allows you to discover people around you as well as from the entire world, and you can easily approach them with simple swipes.

It permits you to chat and play with your friends in a personal chat room. MeowChat deals with  proper safety and protection features from others by making you chat privately with any of your friends. You can comfortably share your stuff, inner feelings, taste, and many other aspects. 

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Omeglit.com provides a safe place to meet new individuals around you as well as from all across the world in a brief manner. It is a worldwide used dating app that enables you to come in contact with lots of interesting people and start a conversation with them. It has some intensified features that permits its users to talk freely and rightly in a secured  scenario.

This app is occupied with an abundance of exciting people, and you can effortlessly contact them and start a conversation anytime according to your convenience . It ensures that you stay safe and chat securely. It showcases a great way to connect people around you .

There are more interesting facts about this app that helps you confront something great. You can choose anyone for sharing your thoughts and pick anyone randomly to start a meaningful as well as meaningless conversation without any hesitation . 

Stranger Chat – Anonymous Chat

stranger chat - app like monkey

Stranger Chat, probably known as Anonymous Chat is one of the best means for enjoying random chatting for free of cost with strangers. The app allows its users to create contact with random ones,staying anonymous all the time and this feature is installed in it for user’s safety. There is no need for  the users to create an account and that is the authenticity of the application which  makes it trending among the people because there is no need of providing your detailed information.

As soon as the people get connected and stored in your contact list , then the  users can easily send text messages, voice messages and can send even videos as well. Utmost entertainment functionalities are being provided by this application.

The  application is very user-friendly and is not at all a tough work even for the new users to understand the messaging way in it. Stranger Chat in brief contains those connecting tools that can guide anyone in communicating with the real strange people and making those people a part of your life without paying anything.


azar - app like monkey

Azar is another exciting social networking application that helps its users to communicate  with millions of strangers  across the globe. It is a platform for coming across and connecting with real and existing people only. No tricksters and fictitious systems are not involved in this app as the registration process of Azar enables only existing people to become a unit of its chatting family.

The app offers random video chatting with the unknown ones. As you proceed, you will be first mandetorised to create an account of yours and after that you can get the authority to discover and and make connections with thousands of new people around the world with just a swipe of the finger. 

The updated Azar’s Region Preference and Instant Voice and Text Translator system ensures that no hurdles are arised   while you are talking with other people so that everything goes in a smooth manner.

Hello Chat

hello app - app like monkey

Hello, Chat is also a random video chatting app that offers a protected means of creating links with the strange people who are living nearby you or even miles away from you. Unknown from our radar there are thousands of people in the world who apparently have the same interests, thinking styles and hobbies  as you have. You alone will be unable to have access with those strangers but this random chatting application licenses you to meet random strangers and get fraternized as here you will meet the people like you.

This video chatting app is designed to be benefited in multiple areas like making friends,having face to face communication, arranging dates and much more. However, all this doesn’t  mean  that Hello Chat is a dating or match-making application, it entirely depends on you how you use it and for what purpose you use it -for finding friends or finding your better half.

 Stranger Chat

stranger chat - app like monkey

As the name suggests, Stranger Chat is an application that offers an amusing way for the people to connect with the ones who are alien to us, without displaying any of our personal data at all. Stranger Chat maintains the feature of keeping its users anonymous and that’s why most of the people like to use this application for communicating instantly with people from different cultures and nations of the world. It authorizes its users to get a brief idea about the people from different countries.

Making friendship with the ones which you are already in touch with is somewhat easy but chatting with any stranger is something that creates a feeling of hesitation but this app has removed all the feeling of shilly-shallying.

It will also help you to enjoy the additional functions like who has seen your message, who is typing the message at the moment, and sent status and likewise many other features that you have noticed into Whatsapp. The biggest merit as well as demerit of using Stranger Chat is that it doesn’t ask for creation of an account for entering into the application.


omega - app like monkey

The Internet has successfully created an enormous world of its own and this fictitious and intangible world is full of interesting and lovely people who are looking for the people like you to do chatting to make the auxiliary time productive. Omegle is such a chatting platform that helps in boosting the communication with strangers and gives them the chance to talk with each other and make friends if they find the conversation effective.

The advantage of using  the Omegle chatting app is that it allows its users to choose the language in which they are comfortable to chat. That system of Omegle lets its users chat with those strangers who are living nearby them as well as far away from them. To make a meaningful impact, you can even set a message that can introduce you in a brief manner and  that will also  work as your profile status. 


random talk - app like monkey

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As the name itself depicts ,RandomTalk is a random chatting app that lets its users stay in touch with the strangers remaining anonymous all the time. Willingly it will give you the chance to gain more info about the people from different nations and cultures. It is a great way to exchange happiness and create connections with strangers .  If you are interested in chatting with random people then RandomTalk is the amazing means for that.

This app will always give you the assurance that you are chatting with real people only. The best thing about this app is that it provides a lot of communication types like fun chat, time pass, gossip, secret chatting, chat on any particular topic and many more. Unending chatting options are being provided by this random chatting application.


Gapita is a free source project to talk to strangers and make new friends circle. When you use the app, it comes with the feature of  picking someone else at random and allows you to talk with them. Keeping your safety in mind, chats are kept anonymous unless you tell someone who you are , and you can stop a chat at any time if you want . It is absolutely free and requires no registration .Its aim is to build the chatting experience as fast, easy and best by using random text chat, as cheerful, fun and successful as possible.



Although the above chatting applications are meant for sharing thoughts , having conversations ,fun , time pass and for much more, apart from these the security aspect of the users is also noticed very well. These chatting applications have been created by keeping each and every aspect in mind so that their users don’t come across any difficulty and have a delightful messaging experience .All the above listed apps are very similar to the Monkey app that gives you a thrilling experience of exploring the random ones and having deep conversations with them.


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