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10 Best Apps like Netflix For Watching Online Shows, Movies & More

Apps like Netflix

You most likely already realize that Netflix is a marvelous streaming alternative for viewing your preferred shows and films on your TV and your PC or versatile electronic gadgets.  However, there are some sites like Netflix that feature similar quality content for you to watch.

With more than 10,000 TV shows and motion pictures to browse, Netflix is one of the most important mainstream streaming administrations out there today.

Be that as it may, it’s not your lone streaming site – not by any stretch of the imagination. There are a few other options – both free and paid – that can expand your film and TV show viewership significantly.

One reason people love Netflix is the direct result of its affordable cost. At under $15 every month, it offers probably the biggest choice of motion pictures, TV and more for economical watchers.

In any case, there are numerous Netflix options that can give you similar extraordinary advantages (a large number of shows and motion pictures) at a comparable cost. A few alternatives are even accessible for nothing.

Here is the twenty-one of the top gushing options to Netflix that can assist you with finding a simple method to set aside enormous cash on your month to month TV bill.



Android | iOS

In several ways, Hulu is akin to Netflix. This provides dozens of TV shows and movies for at a cheap rate of  $5.99 a month. Hulu programs do come with advertisements though. You will watch their shows and films without advertisements for an improved price of $11.99 a month.

One advantage of Hulu’s services is that they broadcast most of the latest season Sitcoms the day after they appear on prime time Television, while Netflix typically only presents episodes of the past season. Hulu includes basic TV series and films, children’s shows, sports shows and more but they are restricted to one streaming device at a time

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu also provides an update service named Hulu With Live TV, which costs $44.99 a month.

The Live TV bundle provides all the standard features of the Hulu bundle such as the opportunity to live broadcast over 50 of the biggest live and on-demand networks as well as a range of sports networks, news channels, and much more.

Amazon prime Video

Amazon Prime video

Android | iOS

When you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can get totally free access to Amazon Prime Video. And if you aren’t, you can get it at just $8.99 a month,  Personally, I would have suggested joining Amazon Prime and having the free Amazon Prime Video option for the simple reason that if you are an Amazon Prime member you get free two-day shipping on all orders.

The site offers a wide variety of shows and movies including:

  • Popular TV shows and movies
  • Amazon original shows
  • Exercise and workout videos
  • Kids TV shows and movies
  • Documentaries
  • A wide variety of sports shows

And other choices too. One wonderful thing about Amazon Prime opposed to Netflix is that it provides rather more films and tv shows: about 18,000 compared to roughly 10,000 of Netflix.

Sling TV

Android | iOS

Sling TV is somewhat similar to a cable tv that permits you to pick a bundle of link channels at a comparatively moderate cost. Sling offers three bundles: The Orange Package, the Blue Package, and the Combination Orange/Blue bundle. Here are the details on each.

Sling TV Orange Package

The Sling Orange bundle is just $20 every month and offers about 28 channels including The Food Network, HGTV, ESPN 1, 2, and 3 (for you avid watchers) and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Sling TV Blue Package

Sling’s Blue Package can be got at $25 per with as many as 44 channels. The channels on Sling Blue are not quite the same as the channels on Sling Orange. A portion of the Sling Blue contributions incorporates the History Channel, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Bravo and AMC.

You can also get a mix of the two bundles for $40 every month; a $5 markdown from the standard buy costs. Another decent feature of Sling TV is that there are no establishment charges or rental expenses. You can essentially stream from your TV, tablet, or PC.

Sling is unquestionably an exceptional player in the streaming alternative market with its alluring cable channel packs.


Android | iOS

Pureflix offers an alternate choice of motion pictures that centers around “family disposed and healthy entertainment for all ages”.  The organization shares for the most part Christian based motion pictures and TV shows, while giving access to more than 2,000 titles at present.

At their membership cost ($10.99 every month or $99 yearly – new watchers get the initial month free) you can see Pureflix films and TV shows on up to six devices one after another. They permit access on the entirety of the standard gadgets; TVs, PCs, cell phones, and so on and are taking a shot at creating a perfect gaming console before the finish of 2017.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access

Android | iOS

CBS All Access permits you to stream CBS shows and CBS facilitated games – both current episodes and old episodes. CBS All Access as of now offers four distinctive membership plans:

  • The month to month plan with restricted plugs for $5.99 every month
  • The month to month plan without any ads for $9.99 every month
  • The yearly compensation plan with restricted advertisements for $59.99 every year
  • The yearly compensation plan without any plugs for $99.99 every year

Choosing the annual plan will spare you a couple of bucks regardless of whether you pick the business plan or the no-business plan.

This could be a show-streaming option for you in the event that you like a great deal of CBS shows, for example, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, CSI, Survivor, and others. Old and New episodes are accessible for all shows, despite the fact that they may have just certain periods of specific shows accessible at some random time.



Android | iOS

Premium cable networks are presently offering the option to live-stream their shows and motion pictures independently of cable operators.

Showtime, for example, permits you to buy into Showtime motion pictures and TV for just $10.99 every month. At this cost, you gain admittance to all present and past episodes of Showtime original series including some sports offerings.

You can watch on your TV, PC, or tablet and it’s all ad-free viewing. The rundown of supported gadgets is sufficiently long to fit practically any watcher.



Android | iOS

If it is safe to say that you are a fanatic of HBO top picks, for example, Game of Thrones or VEEP then we can assume in this case that HBO Now may be a decent streaming choice for you. For just $14.99 per month (they do offer a student discount package at $9.99 every month) you can observe all new and past episodes of your most loved HBO motion pictures and unique shows also.

HBO Now can be used by a wide variety of phones, tablets, TVs, and Mac and Windows 7 or later PCs also. HBO NOW is an independent membership service from HBO that gives you access to everything HBO offers. That incorporates all TV shows — unique and authorized — all motion pictures, all game content, all narratives. Whatever cable users get with HBO, you get with HBO NOW.

Hallmark Movies Now

Android | iOS

Previously called “Feeln”, Hallmark Movies Now centers around offering motion pictures and TV shows that the whole family can watch together. Alongside the exemplary Hallmark films, the streaming company additionally offers effective family-friendly TV shows, for example, Last Man Standing, The Golden Girls, Home Improvement, Frasier, and The Middle.

The organization’s “lighter side of anticipation and mystery” films are additionally accessible with their streaming package. For just $5.99 every month or $59.99 every year, you can gain access to Hallmark Movies Now on an assortment of gadgets like tablet, phone, PC and TV gadgets.



Fandor considers itself the connecting link between “mainstream and cult” movies and media. The streaming company, which was established in 2011 and includes about 6,000 titles, has an assortment of all types of films for genuine movie buffs.

As we looked through the contributions, we found a pleasant collection of movies some people don’t even know about like works of art from a bygone era, for example, Marriage Italian Style with Sophia Loren.

The company includes a  number of categories, for example, Cult, Comedy, Drama, Documentaries and that’s only the beginning. Be that as it may, under every category you’ll discover a large group of movies you’ve likely never known about except if you’re a genuine film buff.

The expense? Ten dollars for each month or ninety dollars each year in the event that you purchase a yearly membership.


Android | iOS

The slogan on the MUBI streaming site is “Cult, classic, independent and award-winning films from around the world.” MUBI runs a little distinctively that many streaming sites. The expense is just $5.99 every month, except they rotate a choice of 30 motion pictures every day. “A hand-picked choice of the best movies”, they call it.

In this way, a film will be rotated out in a day with a new film being added. The movies are available for 30 days.  In case you’re pop-culture oriented works of art and outside the box films (they offer both new movies and old classics) this could be a pleasant site for you.  MUBI is accessible on the vast majority of the ordinary streaming gadgets: MAC and PC, iPhone and iPad, Android telephones and tablets, and on most shrewd TVs.

Popcorn Flix

Android | iOS

Popcorn Flix is by all accounts one of the most well known free streaming destinations out there. They have a wide assortment of categories, including satire, show, narratives, and family/children’s films.

Going through the family/kids segment (the genre that helps take most decisions at our home) we didn’t see much as intrigued about. They appeared to have a lot of choices, yet the vast majority of them were kid’s shows we’d never known about.

Note: The site has a pleasant assortment of movies in every type, anyway Popcorn Flix has a bounty of “adult audience” films, even in its narratives segment. I unquestionably would prevent children’s entrance to the site in the event that you can make sense of an approach to do as such.

Pluto TV

Pluto Tv

Android | iOS

Pluto TV offers free live streaming of more than 75 channels. With categories, such as the likes of, News, Comedy, Geek and Gaming, Entertainment, Music and Radio, and a lot more, you’ll probably never be done with Pluto. The company is synchronized to work with a wide range of gadgets, for example, MAC and Windows PC PCs, Android, Apple gadgets, and a few kinds of brilliant TVs.

We were slightly amazed to discover fun channels on Pluto, for example, the MST3K channel, the Classic TV channel, and the Classic Toons Channel. Pluto has its own Pluto Movies station also. We need to state this was the free streaming alternative that appeared to offer the maximum variety to us.


Viewster is another free streaming choice – with the added quirk that you don’t need to register to watch. Simply click on a film title and you’re in.

The site has an incredible assortment of kinds including:

  • Classic motion pictures
  • Anime
  • Science fiction
  • Activity
  • Experience
  • Narratives
  • Spine chiller
  • War
  • Western

What’s more, there is a different genre which includes Korean dramas. Something we truly appreciated about Viewster was the host of old parody movies it offered, for example, Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy.

The quality is reasonable, yet not what you would discover with Netflix or other paid-for streaming sites. Also, since the organization is situated in Switzerland, you’ll likely discover a lot of films you’ve never known about.

Be that as it may, Viewster is becoming an increasingly popular choice that permits people to stream motion pictures legally without paying for them.

Classic Cinema Online


Classic Cinema Online is an extraordinary hotspot for wonderful motion pictures in the event that you like the bygone era. As we looked through their collection, we discovered old classes, for example, the 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea alongside a large group of movies I hadn’t known about.

Whatever your classic film type taste is; action, adventure, dramatization, war, western – this site has something for everybody.

They even have a “family” segment including old movies, for example, the 1940 rendition of Pinocchio and musicals, for example, 1936’s great “We should Sing Again”.

The nature of the picture quality shifted from film to film, however, a large portion of the movies we looked at on the site was of entirely acceptable quality.

You won’t discover high definition quality by all means since they show movies from an old era. Yet most were endurable and came without a great deal of the grain and other issues you can see with free film collections.

Snag Films

Snag Films is a free streaming site that highlights more than 2,000 motion pictures, TV shows, narratives, and parody shorts.

Their show types were not the same as what you’ll discover on most streaming destinations. A few genres incorporate-

  • Youth and education
  • Athletes and their triumphs
  • Human rights and justice issues
  • Refugee and immigrant stories

Other genres include Veterans and the Military, History Lessons, and Political Battlegrounds. There’s a lot to watch on Snag Films and most of it is stuff you likely won’t find anywhere else.

While quite a bit of what they share is instructive, you’ll also discover some entertaining pieces on the site. They offer a little choice of satire shorts, children and family shows, and nature and wildlife shows/series.

Once more, mostly everything on the site was not the same as what you’ll discover somewhere else. It was pleasant seeing such a large number of titles we’d never known about. In case you’re hoping to stream different things, this could be a decent site to look at.


Netflix is an extraordinary site for expanding your TV choices, and at around ten dollars a month it’s a substantially more economical alternative than satellite TV. In any case, Netflix shouldn’t become your solitary alternative for streaming your top choices shows and motion pictures.

In case you’re hoping to cushion your wallet by spending less on TV, consider one of the many streaming choices out there for watching shows, motion pictures, narratives/documentaries, and more at a range of prices.

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