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A Guide to Safely Invest Your Money in Cryptocurrencies!

In 2008, the whitepaper of the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was released when no one believed that a digital currency could exist and flourish. No one understood the backbone of the digital currency, and that was blockchain technology on which the entire bitcoin network was dependent.

Gradually, blockchain technology started to impress the finance and tech community. It gained the general public’s attention and became a great solution for businesses to manage their data. Earlier, no one was impressed as they didn’t know what a digital currency could become and how it can revolutionize the financial sector.

Now after more than 12 years, it could see what bitcoin does to the market. It resulted in the growth of cryptocurrencies and their market as well, and as of now, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that have entered the market. Now there are stores—both online and brick-and-mortar—that accept cryptocurrency as legal tender.

Moreover, if you take the time to compare various types of retirement accounts, you will find that many IRA options allow individuals to diversify their portfolios with Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. While the crypto market has expanded far beyond what anyone could have expected, bitcoin still remains the first in line with the highest market capitalization.

Currently, cryptocurrencies are on the radar of almost every investor. Investors are so impressed to see the growth of bitcoin in its price and popularity that no one can resist investing in it. People who were the early adopters of bitcoin and invested in it during 2017 are the ones that are reaping the benefits of the best investment decision that they made.  You can also become a bitcoin trader by visiting official bitqt if you are interested in trading. 

So, do you also want to invest in bitcoin? Let’s start the investment journey with cryptocurrencies by learning a complete guide of crypto investments that can help you make an informed and best decision. 


Start by making small investments.

Both the stock and crypto market is extremely volatile, which means that prices of cryptocurrencies rise and fall erratically. It is only recommended to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin if you have complete knowledge about its market, proper plans, strategies and time to look at the market closely. Also, make sure that you have adequate liquid funds for a year or six months that you can undergo without any debts. Once you estimate all the risks and learn how to deal with risks and your emotions, you are ready to invest in bitcoin. But make sure to only invest limited income of yours like 5-10%, and never stockpile your funds in crypto investments.

Select the right cryptocurrency

Now you know that thousands of cryptocurrencies are in the market with different prices and market capitalization. It would be best if you did a lot of research and homework while finding out the right crypto coin to invest in. you should consider the price of cryptocurrency and consider its market capitalization. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies in the market, and after these two, the most popular ones are Binance Coin, Ripple, Litecoin and more. Before making any decision, think hundred times as your mistake can cost you your invested funds; therefore, be careful.

Choose the right crypto exchange.

Crypto exchanges are the places where users can buy, sell, store or hold crypto assets. There are multiple factors that you should consider while choosing the best crypto exchange. You must check about the transaction fee that crypto exchange charges, pros, cons, features, functionality and more factors. Like financial institutions and banks are designed to allow users to store money, loan money, and provide mortgages, the crypto exchanges are designed the same as banks to allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the volatile nature of these cryptocurrencies. 

Find out the right crypto wallet.

Crypto wallets are storage space like software that is designed specially to store the crypto tokens of crypto users. The crypto wallets store public and private keys that are used to send and receive digital tokens. Public key or wallet addresses are the same that can be shared, whereas private keys must never be shared or written anywhere. If anyone gets access to your wallet, they can attack your crypto tokens, and you may lose all your funds. Users can easily send, receive and know about their updated balance of cryptocurrencies. But it is the duty of crypto wallet owner to secure their funds by using appropriate security measures. 


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