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Popularly known as “Indian Harley Davidson” bajaj avenger has ruled the Indian two-wheeler market since 2005. This is a made in India cruiser bike. Major USP of this vehicle is its affordability. It is the only cruiser bike to be priced so low. Moreover, it is a lot more practical than any other cruiser’s out there. The maintenance cost is also very less compared to others. Though it has a very small engine as compared to other cruiser bikes, the 220-cc engine on the avenger is enough to handle any Indian road. The 220-cc variant of this vehicle was launched in 2010. It was in 2015 when the bike received major upgrade. Everything from the paint-job to the variants offered were changed. Now the Avenger is available in 2 avatars, one is the street and other is the cruise. The street variant offers some slight design changes to make it easier to drive in the city. Especially the positioning of the handle bars. The cruise variant is basically meant for cruising on highways. In January 2018, the Avenger received a 3rd upgrade which included LED DRL’s, new instrument cluster and minor additions to the body kit. Currently, the street gets an ABS as an option.

Both the bikes retain their family styling. Not much has really changed about the design. However, you can easily differentiate the new avenger 220 from the old model. Among the two, the street attracts more attention because of the aesthetics, paint job, and overall appeal. It gets a matte black treatment all over. The cruise model comes with spoked wheels, a lot of chrome treatment and a back-rest for pillion seat comfort. Both bikes are equipped with clear lens indicators. Unlike the orange one’s from the past. Handle-bars of both the vehicles are different. The digital instrument cluster consists of speedometer, odometer, tripmeter. The fuel-meter is located on the tank. The overall seating comfort is now increased because of the cushioning.  

The Avenger 220 makes 19.03 PS of power at 8400 RPM and 17.5 Nm of torque at 7000 RPM. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Refinement level of this engine is improved in comparison to the previous generation model. It is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes. It has an average fuel efficiency of 45 kmpl and its top speed is 118 kmph. The power delivery of the bike is extremely linear. It feels comfortable up to 100kmph. After which, vibrations are experienced on the tank. It comes with telescopic suspensions at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. This suspension setup filters all the minor undulations. However, the major bumps and potholes can be more troublesome ecause of the low seating position.

The 155 kg bike sits on 17-inch front and 15-inch rear tubeless tires. The ground clearance is 169-mm and the seat height 725-mm. Taller riders may find this seating position too low. The street comes with 3-years warranty. The pulsar engine has been re-tuned for better drivability and reduced NVH. The engine feels adequately powerful for both, city and highway drives. It goes to 100 kmph within a nominal 13-seconds. The clutch feels light and the gearbox shifts well. The Avenger insulates the rider from the poor roads very well. The street comes to rest from 60 kmph in just 1.6-seconds. The cruise model gets raised handle bars which are better for touring. But the street 220’s short handle bars are comfortable to maneuver the bike through the city and from the curved section of roads.

If you are planning to buy this vehicle to go long distances very often, then the cruise 220 would be a great option. However, if more than 70% of your travel is within the city limits and you are very firm about the avengers 220, then you should go for the street model. Maintenance cost of this vehicle is not very high. Company offers first three services free of cost. The Avenger range starts from 84,000 INR and the fuel efficiency is of 45 kmpl. At this price point, avenger offers the best return on investment.

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