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Bajaj auto limited company is the biggest two wheeler manufacturing company in India actually this Bajaj company has a poor technology when enter in to the market that’s why this company faced so many struggles form their business rivals, but company was invested huge amount of finance to get the success finally they made high volume products and became cheapest cost scoter manufacturing company in the world.

Bajaj Company was established by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1926 after that his son Mr.Kamalnayan Bajaj has taken reins of business in 1942 the now present chairman of this whole company Mr. Rahul Bajaj is, he took all the responsibilities of the company in his organization, Bajaj company annual turnover gone up from 72million to 100.75 billion.

In April 30, 2017 the company was incorporated as Bajaj aoto limited company (holding company) with the name of Bajaj investment and holding limited. In a same year this company received the certificate of commencement of business and organization. Bajaj company is the second biggest motor cycle manufacturing limited company in India , smaller than Honda motor cycle limited company and this Bajaj company is in fourth place in producing 2-3 wheeler company’s and this company research and development is well known.

Over the last decade, the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Its product range encompasses scooters and motorcycles. Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1.5 billion. 

Technologies and Innovations

Bajaj is well-known brand in India. Bajaj is present in more than 50 countries around the world in Africa, Latin America and South Asia’s dominance, market share is increasing every year Bajaj is market leader in motorcycle segment in Central America, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. In 2009-10, company export of 891,002 units, an increase of more than 15% over the previous year.

Bajaj is based on a common platform i.e. assembly line for most of its products that help company to be economical, both in terms of time and cost. It also has a set of common components, including component DTS-i engine because most of Bajaj bikes are equipped with the patented technology. Quantitative changes common engine allows the production of engines ranging from 150 cc to 220 cc for Pulsar variants, creating distinctive enough between vehicles while gaining efficiency advantages.

With the dynamics in the market, Bajaj has restructured products, channels and project .Bajaj management system is one among influential bike manufacturers in the Asian market and since the company has tasted success in a pilot project in some other parts of the world. Many brilliant innovations are laid forward by the company. Bajaj has revolutionized technology and has been part of some trademark innovations in the motorcycle industry.

The Digital Capacitor Discharge Ignition continuously senses engine speeds, throttle inputs, engine temperature and riding conditions to continuously and seamlessly provide optimum ignition timings. This built in Intelligence in the C.D.I thus provides multiple benefits of a quick start, brisk pick up, high power, high fuel efficiency and low tail pipe emissions in a seamless manner to the rider.

At the heart of every Bajaj motorcycles lies a singular driving force: Technology. The element that keeps every rider, ahead of the rest. Bajaj’s patented technology, DTS i - stands for Digital Twin / Triple Spark Ignition. This essentially uses 2 or 3 spark plugs in the cylinder head coupled with a digital ignition system to augment & exploit lean burn characteristics for faster combustion that results in more torque, reduced tail pipe emissions and improved mileage.

SNS stands for Spring-in-Spring, patented by Bajaj Auto. An engineering break through that utilizes 2 co-axial springs mounted on a shock absorber at the rear in a twin shock set up that helps in delivering a comfortable ride on any terrain. It combines the benefits of long travel suspension and ability to quickly react to varied road surfaces especially for the utility range of motorcycles.

Top Selling Bikes

Bajaj has revolutionized the biking experience. A good thing about the company is the continuous modification and improvement in every model that it has produced. The founders of the company had a motive of developing a company which will lead the biking industry and Bajaj has not disappointed. Following are the top selling models of the company:

  • Bajaj Platina
  • Bajaj Pulsar 180
  • Bajaj Pulsar 200NS
  • Bajaj CT 100
  • Bajaj Pulsar 160NS
  • Bajaj Avenger Street 220
  • Bajaj Discover 125

Build Quality

Bajaj bikes had some quality issues in the past. The consumers were not totally satisfied with the vehicles as they lacked durability and reliability. The Pulsar 180 for instance, is one of the most famous bikes among the customers. It has also recorded highest number of sales. Still, there were some issues which needed attention.

Many consumers have complained about certain bike parts not being of good quality, low mileage than what was promised. The company has taken various measures to improve the overall quality of the bikes. Other than the Pulsar series, other bikes such as Avenger needs serious improvement. The company needs to focus on development of bikes and adding things which are needed by the consumers.


Bajaj, over the last decade has been trying to improve its image. The company is using strategies to improve the overall brand image and to gain brand loyalty from the customers. Today, Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world's fourth largest three and two wheeler manufacturer and the Bajaj brand is well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia. The work done by the current owner and the officials of the company is commendable. No doubt the company provides honest products and services without any façade.

Bajaj still needs to improve a lot. The improvement should definitely come on the quality front. Bajaj is one of the topmost bike manufacturers in the world. Much is expected from the company and it has the potential to be even a bigger success in the market.


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