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Humara Bajaj is ruling the Indian two-wheeler segment from quite a while. The brand is very famous for its affordable and high-performance vehicles. Right from the legendary scooter to the latest Pulsar RS200 whatever it makes is loved by the Indian customer. Platina offers the best in class fuel efficiency and comfort; The Pulsar has a host of option to cater to every one’s need and the avenger is probably the only well-known affordable cruiser bike in India.


Best Bajaj Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

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Bajaj Pulsar 150:

This bike was once the most favored option by the Indian Youth. The design and the ruggedness of this bajaj made it very special. 19 years after its first launch, it still continues to rule the Indian streets.  The new pulsar retains the same traditional design language and comes with a single tone color. It is available in 10 color options and there are 4 variants on offer. Price range of this vehicle is between 64,998 to 84,470 ex showrooms.

 The 149-cc engine produces 14 PS at 8000 rpm and 13.4 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm and is BS IV compliant. It comes with front disc brakes as standard. The claimed fuel efficiency of this vehicle is 65 kmpl.  The new pulsar uses Evaporative Emission control system which uses the evaporated fuel efficiently for combustion.

The engine sound is lower than the previous model which is a great improvement. Fit finish and design could have been better as the new bike looks very standard.  Bajaj Pulsar 150 is however a very well-rounded package and gives excellent return on investment. Moreover, after sales service network of bajaj is good so that you don’t have a problem for servicing.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

With a price tag of 97,371 ex-showroom, the avenger cruise 220 is available in 2 colors. The 220-cc engine makes 19.03 PS at 8400 rpm and 17.5 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm. The average fuel efficiency is 45 kmpl and the highest speed that bike could attain is 118 kmph. It still retains a lot of design specs from its predecessor. The cruise 220 gets matte black finish for headlight cowl instrument cluster which looks beautiful. 

The engine of the bike however, remains unchanged. The powerful engine, slick gear-box, linear ride quality, and a very comfortable seating position makes driving this bike a very good experience. Even while cruising on highways, it feels stable and confident. Vibrations are not noticed up to triple digit speeds which makes the city driving a stress-free experience.

The suspension setup is tuned for urban driving conditions and is best driven on road. Considering the price range in which this bike is offered, it’s a very good package because cruiser bikes are normally a lot costlier highly on fuel consumption and maintenance but the cruiser 220 manages the perfect balance of power practicality and cost efficiency.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

This bike is the first model to roll out as a combination of KTM and Bajaj and is BS IV compliant. The bike is offered in 2 variants and 4 colors above a price of 1.01 lakhs ex-showroom. The 200-cc engine creates 23.5 PS at 9500 rpm and 18.3 Nm at 8000 rpm. The claimed fuel efficiency is 37 kmpl on average and the top speed is 125 kmph. Design wise this is a completely new bike and no where does it seem to be like its predecessor.

But the engine and performance offered is the same. The USP of this bike is its handling. Vibrations are contained, and power is available in ample whenever you need it. The tires also offer a very good grip which would be of a great use while cornering. 

If you are speed sensitive, then note that the NS 200 is a bit slower than the apache. Braking of this bike is handled by discs at the front and rear, these brakes offer a great confidence while stopping.  Overall the NS 200 Pulsar has a powerful engine, is engaging to drive, and offers decent fuel economy coupled with aggressive pricing. All this makes this bike a very good option.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 220 is a very renowned name amongst the stunt group of India and has a great legacy. The 220 F is available in 5 colors and 2 variants. The bike looks very much similar to the previous model and there are hardly any changes on the exterior which you could catch, other than the slightly different color scheme and instrument cluster.

The price range is from 98,685 to 1.05 lakh INR. The 220-cc engine makes 20.93 PS at 8500 rpm and gives an average fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl. The bike rides extremely well and has a very powerful mid-range performance but you can feel the vibrations at high rev range.

Engine is refined and smooth in operation. Throttle response is quick. The suspension setup also remains the same. The suspension is a bit on a firmer side but that does not make you feel uncomfortable at any point.

Bajaj Pulsar 180

At a price of 85,723 ex-showroom, the pulsar 180 is available in 2 variants and 5 color options. The 178.6-cc engine makes 17.02 PS at 8500 rpm and a peak torque of 14.22 Nm at 6500 rpm. The design language is similar to the 150-cc pulsar but the quality of materials used has improved from the previous generation bike. However, indicator holders could have been better. The fuel tank is huge and could be easily distinguished.

It carries the same 5-speed gearbox as the earlier models. The gear shifts are slick. The ergonomics of the bike are designed for a comfortable daily drive and not necessarily long drives. The clip-on handle bars make the bike feel sporty. The digital console looks great on this bike. The wheel base of the bike is now increased, and it now adds up space two both rider and the pillion. The bike rides beautifully around the corners and has a punchy mid-range.

The new suspension setup makes the ride comfortable. It is truly one of the fastest Indian. This 180-cc can make triple digit speeds in a meager 14 seconds. One of the best parts about this vehicle is the tire size. They offer a good stability while cornering but, the bad part about this is that it affects the fuel efficiency negatively. The bike comfortably bridges the gap between the 150 and 200 cc model which means it manages to be sporty and quick enough while being practical and fuel efficient.

Bajaj Dominar 400

The new dominar is priced at 1.74 lakh rupees and is available only in 1 variant. The 373-cc engine makes 40 PS at 8650 rpm and 35 Nm at 7000 rpm. The new dominar looks very similar to the first-generation model. However, the power and torque figures are considerably better than the previous one. The 0-100 can be attained in a meager 7.5 seconds time.

The new engine breathes effortlessly, and the throttle response is quick. The company claims that the bike can go up to 156 kmph. The 6-speed gearbox is slick. The ride quality is pretty stiff. Even at slow speeds, you feel the undulations on the road and if you fail to break before a bump or pothole you may feel the extreme jerk. The major improvement is that the vibrations are very less, and you can comfortably cruise up to 100 kmph without any vibrations.

The seating position is upright. And the pillion may feel more vibrations because the footrest for the pillion don’t come with rubber. The new engine is not BS-IV compliant. The tank capacity of 13 liters offers a very good range. The new bike gets the same old braking system used in the first generation of this model.  Instrument cluster is the most interesting addition.

It features all the standard information like the fuel efficiency, trip meter, etc. There is a secondary digital console on the tank which shows tripmeter, odometer, gear position time. Also, you can now see the dominar logo on the pillion seat. It gets bungy loops to strap luggage securely. If you are planning to buy a touring motorcycle of upto 300 to 400-cc engine, then this is the one of the options you should consider.

Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj Platina ruled the Indian markets for quite some time and the fuel efficiency offered by the bike was its major USP.  The new platina offers electric start as an option and the range is in between 40,500 to 47,405. The 102-cc engine makes 7.9 PS at 7500 rpm.

Company claims the fuel economy to 90 kmpl. Its available in two color options and it comes with DRL’s as standard.  Seats are really soft and long in comparison and the rubber mounted foot rests shut the vibrations.  This bike is all about practicality where it scores great. It has the best in class fuel efficiency and ride quality. This makes the bike a perfect urban companion for daily commute.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

This is the best sports bike on offer by Bajaj Auto. Company sold almost a lakh of these in March 2019. It comes with ABS as an option. Its available within a range of 1.27 to 1.39 lakh rupees and the fuel efficiency is 35 kmpl.  The model though based on the 200 NS platform doesn’t really seem so. It has a completely new design language, a lot of cuts and creases, super aggressive headlights and LED tail lamps. Fuel tank, switchgear and the instrumentation however remain the same as that of the NS. The side panels are distinctive of the RS 200.

This bike gets the same engine as that of the NS model but this one has a fuel injector and that is the reason why performance is more linear. Because of the large tail lamp mounts, new exhaust and other additions, the weight of this bike is up by 20 kg. The engine noise is now better. Even if this bike is heavier, there is no distinction in the performance.

It rides as easily and effortlessly as the NS 200. In fact, it feels more engaging to drive. The tires offer a great confidence while cornering. Overall, this is a very good package if you are looking for a bit sporty design and a durable brand. Moreover, being a bit heavier, the fuel efficiency would be lower than the NS.

Other bikes from the brand are Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, Bajaj CT 100, Bajaj Pulsar 180 F, Bajaj Avenger Street, Bajaj V15, Bajaj Discover 125, Bajaj Platina 110, Bajaj V12, Bajaj Discover 110


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