Audi Cars List with Price in India

With a very strong branding from celebrities like Virat Kohli, Audi India is now expanding its horizons into the Indian markets. This is the brand made for the riders, enthusiasts, and chauffeur driven audience. Audi has 16 new models in India.

A3, A5, Q3, Q7 are among the popular cars from Audi. 8 new models are yet to come from the brand in the upcoming year. Its very famous for its stylish design language. Each and every model from this brand is a unique offering.

Best Audi Cars in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Audi A3:

This car is available in a 1.3-liter petrol engine and a 1.8-liter diesel engine. The engine makes 150 bhp at 5000-600 rpm and the diesel engine makes 143 bhp at 3500-4000 rpm. Toque figures for the diesel are 320 Nm at 1750-3000 rpm and for the petrol, 250 Nm at 1500 rpm. This one being a premium sedan, is available only in automatic transmission. The sedan recently received a facelift and now looks sharp from the front and retains its family DNA very well.

Dynamic turn indicators are an added feature. The cylinder on demand technology in this new audi shuts the power from two cylinders when idling while brings them back in action when required. The sound insulation in the previous model was better than the current facelift however, you don’t really hear much of the engine grunt most of the times. There is no virtual cockpit and touchscreen infotainment. However, you do have a beautiful MMI with all the features except Android Auto and apple car play. The back seat feels a bit compact. It’s not the best, however, it’s not bad either.

Audi A4:

Audi A4 is available in the same 1.3-liter petrol but a different 1.9-liter diesel engine. The petrol engine makes 147 bhp at 5000-6000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1500-3500 rpm. While the diesel generates 187 bhp at 3800-4200 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 1750-3000 rpm. The quality of materials used inside the cabin is premium. Nowhere in the cabin do you find any hard plastics.

The back-seat comfort is also great. However, accommodating 3 passengers would be a problem because of the rear A/C vents. The steering feedback is excellent. Also, this is the quietest cabin in the segment. The premium sedan is easy to use great to handle and fun to drive. If you are looking for a premium sedan which you can drive daily, then this is the option you have.

Audi A5 and S5:

The new Audi A5 is available in sportback and cabriolet avatar. The sportback is available is 1.9-liter diesel and 2.9-liter petrol engine. The cabriolet is powered only by a 1.9-liter diesel only. The diesel engine makes 187 bhp at 3800-4200 rpm and 400 nm of torque at 1750-3000 rpm. The petrol engine makes 333.11 ps of power and 440 Nm of torque.

The windows of this car are superb. The vitual cockpit and MMI give you a great front seat experience. However, if you are a chauffeur driven, then this is not the car for you because your driver will be having all the fun. The S5 sportback is made for the enthusiasts. The engine grunt is beautiful, Steering offers a wonderful feedback and the ride quality is brilliant.

Audi A6

Audi A6 is available in a 1.7-liter petrol and a 1.9-liter diesel engine options. Its available within the price range of 50 to 56 lakhs. This car features the dual touchscreen and the virtual cockpit. This is a chauffeur driven sedan and that’s why the suspensions are carefully crafted. Gearbox and paddle shifters make driving this car very easy.

Ride quality is the beautiful, none of the potholes filter through. 4 zone climate control adds up to the premium feel of this car. You can recline the front seats to get additional leg room at the rear. Its best driven in comfort mode. Overall, if you are chauffeur driven then this is one of the best cars at a lower price point.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3 prices start at Rs. 34.73 lakh for petrol and goes up to Rs. 34.73 lakh. The prices of Q3 diesel variants start at Rs. 36.53 lakh and the top-end diesel are priced at Rs. 42.88 lakh. Audi Q3 is available in 5 variants and 5 colors.

Petrol engine makes 147.51 bhp at 5000-6000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1500 to 3500 rpm. While the diesel engine makes 147.51 bhp at 3500 to 4000 rpm and 340 Nm at 1750-2750 rpm. There is no cruise control available.

The front grille is unmistakably Audi. The LED treatment to the headlights and tail lamps look fantastic. Leg room would not be adequate for tall passengers. Third passenger may not feel comfortable because of the rear A/C vents. There is no USB port as standard on offer Overall, practicality and luxury are not as high as you may find in some Indian rivals of this cars, however this car has outstanding safety features and drivability.

Audi Q5

Audi Q5 prices start at Rs. 55.27 lakh for petrol and goes upto Rs. 59.96 lakh. The prices of Q5 diesel variants start at Rs. 55.27 lakh and the top-end diesel are priced at Rs. 59.96 lakh. Audi Q5 is available in 4 variants and 5 colors. The petrol engine makes 252 bhp at 5000 to 6000 rpm and 370 Nm of torque at 1600-4500 rpm. Diesel Engine makes 190 bhp at 3800-4000 rpm.

And 400 Nm of torque at 1750-3000 rpm. This car recently received a facelift and looks a lot more similar to its predecessor. This car offers generous amount of leg room and head room at the rear. The rear passengers get a touch light, which is a very cool feature.

The best part about this car is that the you get adjustable lumbar support which is missing out on a lot many cars. The ride quality is great, and the engine refinement is very high. You hear the engine only after 3500 rpm. Dynamic mode spices up your drive. And the 7-speed gear box makes the shifts quickly.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 prices start at Rs. 73.80 lakh for petrol and goes up to Rs. 82.37 lakh. The prices of Q7 diesel variants start at Rs. 77.99 lakh and the top-end diesel is priced at Rs. 85.52 lakh. Audi Q7 is available in 6 variants and 5 colors. Gear shifts of this car are just unnoticeable. Performance is beautiful. Steering is light on highway and confident while cruising. This car offers a host of ergonomic arrangements for all the passengers. The light steering is an advantage in the traffic. Also, in start stop traffic and while overtaking there is no shortage of power. However, the spare tire does take up the boot space.

Audi R8

Audi has managed a perfect mix of sharp design, extreme performance, surprising luxury for a sports car, and exceptional handling. All this really makes this a super car! The company has enhanced one of the best racing machines even more with the current facelift. Though it shares a lot of stuff with its competitors, it has been priced almost a lakh lower than its prime rival Lamborghini. 

Other offerings from this brand include Audi A8, Audi E-Tron. This brand offers all the premium models. Entry level variants like the A3 and Q3 look older in comparison to its other rivals. Features like the touchscreen infotainment, android auto and apple car play are not there in these models and are the least one can expect in a car of more than 25 lakhs.

The ride quality safety features in all the models are phenomenal. Other models are ultimate wonders to drive. Audi A5 and sportback give you the best feel from behind the wheels. Audi A6 is one of the best luxury sedans available at that price point. It feels great at the back seat and is also very stress-free to drive. However, it’s the Audi Q7 which is the ultimate vehicle one can buy.


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