Suzuki Bikes List with Price in India

Suzuki brand established a strong charm in the Indian Riding community after “Dhoom” movie in which the Hayabusa was used. Currently, the brand is identified because of its practical “access”.

Which are the best Suzuki bikes in India and what is so special about them? Let’s check out. Suzuki offers 16 bike models to choose from. Access 125 (Rs. 55,976), Burgman Street (Rs. 68,655) and Gixxer (Rs 79,840) are among the popular ones. Do remember that all the mentioned prices are ex showroom prices and the on-road price vary according to the location.

Best Suzuki Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 starts at Rs. 57,647 and the top end variant Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition Disc CBS is priced at Rs. 62,906. Suzuki Access 125 is available in 6 variants and 9 colors. It gives a fuel efficiency of 64 kmpl.

Suzuki has updated the Access 125 with Combined Braking System. Its best suited for rough riders who are hard on their brake. Engine doesn’t result in a quick take off, but the scooter's got enough grunt to give a sense of an impressive performance. Acceleration is smooth and linear. Top speed goes up to 90 kmph without any vibrations and noise. Even with a heavy passenger on the backseat, the new access does not fall short of performance and pulls swiftly. 

 The Suzuki Access 125 recently became the highest-selling 125cc scooter in the country. The bike maker sells almost 40000 units every month.

Suzuki Burgman

Looking at the new Suzuki Burgman, you would instantly remember the old kinetic blaze. However, burgman is a completely different and modern package. Suzuki India launched the bike at Rs 68,000. It comes with a 124cc motor seen on the Access 125 and the fuel efficiency is 53 kmpl.

Ergonomics and the riding position are the major USP for this vehicle. The footboard has plenty of space and there is space to keep your feet in a forward-biased position, quite like a cruiser motorcycle. The position is immediately intuitive, but for riders on a long daily commute, this does help break the monotony of the standard riding position. The seat is long and wide which is comfortable for both passengers. Performance, for the most part, is familiar, because it shares the same engine, chassis and suspension with the Suzuki Access 125.

Suzuki Gixxer

The Gixxer is a decent 154.9cc motorcycle with a bit modern street byke styling. The Y-shaped alloy wheels, mighty fuel tank, well-tailored seats make it visually appealing. It gives fuel efficiency of 64 kmpl. Price start at Rs. 79,840 (Ex-Showroom) and the top end variant Suzuki Gixxer ABS is priced at Rs. 90,059 (Ex-Showroom). Suzuki Gixxer is available in 4 variants and 4 colours.

Overall, the Gixxer remains an extremely comfortable bike, be it on long rides or even a short sprint. The suspension setup, great riding position and cushy seat make it a fun bike to ride in most occasions.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is essentially the Gixxer with the addition of the sporty fairing. Other changes include the top triple clamp and the tip of the unique exhaust, both of which are unique to the SF. It is available in 6 variants and 4 colours

The Suzuki Gixxer SF ABS has been priced at Rs 96,800 for the carburettor-equipped variant, while the Fi variant carries a sticker price of Rs 1,00,630. But, Suzuki has discontinued the non-ABS variant of the Gixxer SF SP range. Priced at Rs 1,00,630, the Gixxer SF SP now comes in black and gold color combination and new graphics on the front cowl and fuel tank as well

The 155cc air-cooled engine, is the same, carrying over all the trademark Suzuki smoothness and refinement. Vibrations from the older model have been reduced by a fair margin which results in nothing to complain.

Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki has launched the new Intruder 150 SP and 150 FI SP at Rs 1.00,500 and Rs 1,07,500. It gives a fuel efficiency of 44 kmpl. The SP variant comes in a matte black paint scheme with red accents and a pillion backrest as standard fitment. Suzuki Intruder is available in 4 variants and 2 colors.

Friendly ergonomics, compact handlebar, and a wide and easily accessible 740 mm seat height gives bike the friendly and comfortable riding position.

The engine is a smooth and comes with a nice torque band with impressive pull. This makes the performance more refined. And the best part about this engine is that it doesn't feel exercised even with the rising acceleration. Suzuki Intruder makes for an entertaining performance on highways especially on long journeys.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki India has launched the 2019 Hayabusa at 13.74 lakh ex showroom and the fuel efficiency is 17 kmpl. This superbike is available in two color patterns. The 2019 Suzuki Hayabusa’s power house is 1,340cc inline-four engine that produces 195PS of power at 9,500rpm and a peak torque of 155Nm at 7,200rpm. Its available in only 1 variant. Suzuki's Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) system helps to choose between one of three engine control maps

Very few of these are sold, as this is a bike assembled only for the special ones. If you are in the market for a performance bike and if you are willing to spend extra time and penny for regular maintenance, then this would be the best option. This is truly an enthusiast’s bike.

Other less popular (In India) models from the Suzuki brand include Suzuki RMZ 450, GSX S750, GSX S 1000, V-strorm 650, Suzuki Hayate, Suzuki GSX R1000R The Suzuki GSX range are typically performance bikes and the price of all of them are in lakhs. Indian two-wheeler market is focused more on cost efficiency, practicality and less maintenance. These are the points where the GSX series scores low and that maybe the reason why they are less popular. However, popularity of Access 125, Burgman, Gixxer and Intruder is constantly increasing in the Indian markets.


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