Honda Bikes List with Price in India

Honda motorbikes and scooters are available in a wide variety. Right from the 100-cc activa to the 1833-cc Gold wing, every product from this brand offers a great value. Activa is ruling the Indian scooter market from the 1990’s.

The late additions like the shine and CB-R have also made a significant impact on the market and have increased the company’s value even more. Activa, Shine, Dio, Hornet, Unicorn, Grazia, Livo, CBR, Dreram Yuga, Aviator and the Navi are amongst the most famous two-wheeler offerings from the brand.

Best Honda Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Honda Activa:

Honda Activa retains its spot as the best-selling two wheelers in India. This bike is available in 100 to 125 cc option. Activa is currently available in 3 configurations Activa 5g, Activa 125 and Activa i. The Activa 5g is a 110-cc scooter, Activa 125 is a 125-cc scooter and Activa i is a 100-cc scooter. All these bikes are best used in city traffic conditions. None of these are the suited for wet road conditions. The only major difference between these 3 configurations is about styling and power on offer. The engine refinement, and ride quality are equally good with all the models. Average fuel consumption for any activa is 60 kmpl. Here is the list of all the activa’s along with a brief review.

Activa 5g is a 110-cc engine which makes 7.96 PS at 7500 rpm. It’s available in 2 variants within a price range of 54,524 to 56,389. This scooter is very well identical to the activa 4g. It has the LED treatment which illuminates more than the previous model. The 5g flaunts a semi digital instrument cluster. The digital gauge shows trip meter, odometer, service reminder, clock, and fuel indicator. The switch gear quality could have been improved. Performance is the same as that of the previous activa models. This means its more than perfect to drive the vehicle in the city. 0-60 kmph is achieved in 10.55 seconds. Activa 5g ergonomically offers the best seating position for both rider and pillion. It has a wonderful suspension which gives a good floating feel over the bumps.

Activa 125 is available in 6 color options and 3 variants within a range of 60,240 to 64,625. It comes with disc brakes as an option. Telescopic suspensions in the front enhances the ride quality. Braking duties are handled by either a 130 mm drum or a 190 mm disc brake for the front wheel and 130 mm drum brake at the rear, assisted by Honda's combi-braking system (CBS). You also have an option of alloy wheels which you don’t get in the regular model. Power delivery is linear with this scooter, but the engine starts to sound after 70 kmph. The 2018 Honda Activa 125 runs on 12-inch wheels up front and 10-inch ones at the back. Suspension on this are telescopic front forks and 3-step adjustable rear suspension.

The activa i comes with a 110-cc engine and is available in 5 color models and only 1 variant of INR 50,867.  It returns an average fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl. It makes 8.03 PS at 7000 rpm. However, there are no alloy wheels on offer. This one is lighter than its 5g sibling by almost 6 kg which makes it even easier to use and leaves more power. The latest facelift gets a new color pattern and a hook to house your shopping bags. Activa-i is offered only in drum brakes, which is a bit of a risk as there is also a lack of ABS. It would be very risky to drive in the wet road conditions. The 4 in 1 lock with the seat opening switch is also offered on this model also.  The active-I offers good driveability with a linear performance. It comes with spring loaded hydraulic type suspension setup.

Honda Shine:

This is the most popular motorbike after splendor, infact this bike overtook the very famous hero passion to be the 4th most sold bike in India. Shine is available in 2 configurations, both of 125 cc engine options. Honda CB shine gives a slightly more average (3-4 kmpl) than its sibling.  Fuel efficiency for any these models is approximately 60 kmpl.

Honda CB shine is one of the best two-wheeler offerings by Honda in the 125-cc segment. This one is available in 4 variants and 6 color options within a range of 57,779 to 63,316. The motorbike is powered by 124.73 cc engine which makes 10.30 PS at 7500 rpm. The average fuel efficiency of this vehicle is 65 kmpl.  The design of this motorbike is pretty standard. However, the quality of materials used in this bike are better than those of the other models. The speedometer is analogue while the odometer trip meter and fuel indicator gets a digital display. The performance of the CB shine is exceptionally well. It pulls beautifully up to 80 kmph after which the performance calms down. Vibrations of the bike could be noticed after 80 kmph. There are starting issues to this bike in the cold mornings. The ride quality of this Honda is great and is its major USP. It absorbs the bumps and potholes really well. Overall, it’s a great fun to drive the CB shine in city traffic conditions.

Honda CB Shine SP is available within the price range of 63,539 to 68,333. It comes with the same 124.73 cc engine which makes 10.30 PS at 7500 rpm. This bike is available in 6 color options and 4 variants. The fuel efficiency is 65 kmpl which is higher than its sibling. The only difference between these tw models is that the SP model comes with a 5 speed gearbox and the other model comes with a 4 speed gear-box.

Honda Dio:

This scooter was very famous amongst youngsters because of is design. It was wide, fuel efficient, stylish and best for city commute. These were some of the USP’s of this vehicle. It runs on a 109.19 cc engine which makes 8.11 PS of power at 7000 rpm. Honda Dio is available in 2 variants and the fuel efficiency figure for this vehicle is 55 kmpl. This honda scooter is currently in its second generation and it retains its USP of stylish design coupled with the practicality of the activa.

Its very easy to drive on the highways. And in the city traffic conditions this bike easily returns a fuel efficiency of 40 to 45 kmpl. New Dio is available in a range of 52,831 to 54,831. INR.  This bike feels very easy to drive even with two passengers on board. The engine responds very well to the throttle inputs which makes urban overtakes very easy. However, push this bike hard and you will notice the lack of power. Its best driven in the city traffics only. The vibrations can be noticed while cruising at higher speeds on highways. And this is definitely not the ideal vehicle to round the corners.

Honda CB Hornet

This bike is an effort from Honda in the premium 150 cc segment bikes. CB hornet is one of the most refined 150-cc motor bikes. Its powered by a 162.71 cc engine which makes 150.09 PS at 8500 rpm. Hornet returns an average fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl in the city traffic conditions and up to 50 kmpl on highways. The engine is the same as that used in the Unicorn 160, but here it is tweaked to give more power. The digital info meter is the same one from the Unicorn.

The switch gear also remains the same as that of the Unicorn and feels a bit out dated. The suspensions absorb minor undulations well. The ride quality is good, and the power is served linearly. This bike is not bad for cruising however its also not the best. It just does the job well.  Round the corners, Hornet feels comfortable because of the light weight and high power. However, the pricing of this motorcycle is a bit higher in the comparison. Its available within the range of 86,000 to 94,500.

Honda Unicorn

This is one of the oldest and most loved 150-cc bikes from Honda. Even the Hornet uses the same engine as that of this bike. Its available in 2 configurations, one is 150cc engine and the other 160 cc engine option. The 160-cc bike looks more modern and stylish while the 150-cc model retains its standard look.

The 150 cc Unicorn is available within the prize range of 71,739 to 76,027. It has an average fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl in the city traffic conditions and 55 kmpl on the highway. It churns out 12.9 PS at 8000 rpm. Peak torque of 12.80 Nm is available at 5500 rpm. The built quality of this bike is average, but it would last long. The switch gears could have improved. Its best driven anywhere. It absorbs the small bumps and potholes. The ride quality is extremely smooth.

The engine though of smaller capacity feels powerful at all times. Highway stability is not bad. The handle lever positioning is very well to give the best ergonomic position to the driver. Suspension setup is smooth. The tires allow a decent sense of confidence while cornering. It clearly stands out compared to its Hero and Bajaj rivals.

The 160 cc Unicorn is available in two variants and five color options to choose from. The range of this motorcycle is from 75,566 to 77,775 INR. It churns out 14.01 PS of power at 8000 rpm. And gives an average fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl.  This motorbike is lighter than the 150-cc unicorn also, it makes more power. The engine is very smooth and refined. The mid-range of this vehicle is very comfortable, and it does not feel stretched when revved hard. Seating on the unicorn is comfortable. It feels a bit uncomfortable around the twists and corners. CB Unicorn is more powerful than the trigger.

Other famous offerings from the brand include Honda Grazia, CBR 250 R, Livo, X-blade, Dream Yuga, CBR 300 R, Aviator, Navi, CD 110, CBR 1000 RR, Honda Cliq, Dream Neo, Honda Gold wing,


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